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I did a new blog on Dragon Con last night stating that as of today, we are three weeks out from the convention.  I also gave an update what I have been doing.  I also created a convention playlist all about my blogs.  

Please be sure to check these out

1.My latest Vlog


2. My Convention playlist.  I have some stuff from last year's show

I am still looking for people to interview for the show.

What would you like to see me cover this year without bother the major panelists?
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Hi everyone:
As I said before I am working on a series of vlogs on youtube.  Every year I like to do a series of episodes at Dragon Con.  I have been promoting my blogs on twitter and facebook.  I am also starting to promote them on this communities because it revolves around the above.   So here is a link to my latest information on Dragon Con.

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ARTC celebrates its 25th year at Dragon*Con!

A staple since the beginnings of the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe! Join us as we bring you audio drama for a modern time or, as we like to call it, New Old-Time Radio!

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Just noticed that you can now download the progress reports from the Dragoncon website if you are too excited and can't wait for the mail!
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On what day? Saturday September 04 2010

When and Where for Which Event........

Super Heroes - Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel the Peachtree Ballroom (8th floor). 
Doors open at 1:00 and you need to be there no later than 12:15pm for you

Star Trek - Sheraton Grand Ballroom. Doors are tentatively scheduled to open
around 7:30pm and will by no later than 8:00pm. You need to be there no later
than 7:00 for you assignment.

What we need that only YOU can provide,

YOU! we need YOU there to help pull this off. it takes a LOT of people to do a
varied array of tasks and duties that need to be accomplished in a very short
time frame to get those participants in the spaces, counted, in place and
documented. Roughly for every 40 people in the attempt we need ONE Volunteer
person for them. Given the fact that the Super Heroes Record is currently at
1245 people that's a lot of YOU that we need. Given the fact that current Star
Trek Record is around a 500 some odd that was set by some other con earlier this
year we want to CRUSH that record since this con stole the idea of setting World
Records from us in the first place, so again that is going to take a lot of YOU.

You need to be polite, a problem solver, a logical thinker,and sense of humor
wouldn't hurt.

You do NOT need a costume for either of these. You do get to be some of the few
and far between people that get to witness these things which are not open to
the general public or to Dragon*Con attendees who are not participating in the
attempts. There are other perks and advantages to Volunteering that will be
made known in a later email and just prior to attempts.

Some have already contacted me about this and if I have already spoken with you,
you are good to go. If you have not spoken to me yet and want to Volunteer for
both of these or for one or the other please email me at
eaves(dot)mike(at)gmail(dot)com with SE Staff in the Subject line.

Both of these are going to be an amazing time and here is your chance to not
only be in on them but to help make them happen and put Dragon*Con in the World
Records book.

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Returning for their 24th consecutive appearance, the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company fills your convention experience with tales of the macabre, guaranteed to chill and inspire your imagination.

Two complete shows!

Friday night, September 3, 7:00PM, Regency VI-VII
Feature Presentation: The House Across the Way by Kelley S. Ceccato.  With special guest violinist Paul Mercer!
When smallpox descends upon the Caudle house, it claims the life of young Hope, a beautiful young girl of ten with blue eyes and auburn hair who played the fiddle and loved to sing.  Years later, when death strikes the nearby Dasher house, a grieving music teacher must find a way to cope with the loss of his father and is aided by Hope's mother and two sisters. With the Caudle sisters pursuing George Dasher and his inheritance, his attention is drawn to the mysterious Caudle house. Who maintains the property?  What of the rumors of a woman in a black dress and bonnet seen in the dead of night?  And who is peering through the windows of the House Across the Way? They say she's a haint.

Also, The Proper Thing To Do by William Alan Ritch and Brad Linaweaver
It was not your typical alien invasion.  No death rays.  No destruction of cities.  The aliens were killing us with kindness!  How do you handle unexpected and unwanted Guests?  What is the proper thing to do?

Sunday night, September 5, 7:00PM, Regency VI-VII
Feature Presentation: At the Mountains of Madness by H. P. Lovecraft, adapted for audio by Brad Strickland.  Music by The Ghosts Project (Paul Mercer and Davis Petterson)!
Master horror writer H. P. Lovecraft was born 120 years ago and today his cult of Cthulhu enthusiasts has spread across the globe, much as he predicted the Great Old Ones themselves would do when the stars were right. Join ARTC as we celebrate the birth of one of our favorite and most popular writers!  In this classic horror story, an old man consents to a radio interview. In that interview a number of terrible truths come out. The truth about an expedition to Antarctica in the 1920's where everyone died horribly. The truth about an attempt to find the expedition's mysterious killers. The truth about a desolate plateau in the heart of a frozen continent. The truth about life and intelligence on the planet Earth. And the truth about the prehistoric horror that still waits lurking — At the Mountains of Madness.

Also, Time and Time Again by H. Beam Piper, adapted for audio by Ron N. Butler
Major Allan Hartley lies in the snow, dying of burns and radiation poisoning.  A victim of the nuclear bomb that destroyed Buffalo, New York in the early days of the Third World War.  He drifts into darkness.  When he awakens he is in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 1945.  In his childhood home.  In his bedroom.  In his thirteen-year-old body.  He must struggle to retain his sanity as he learns that you can live your life — Time and Time Again.

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Excited about the World Record attempts at Dragon*Con?
Don't have a costumes but still want to be a part of it?
Want to make a whole bunch of new friends?
Here is your chance, the Special Events Team is in need of about 30-35 people total for both events. You need to be a outgoing, polite,a problem solver, and some Red Cross training wouldn't hurt.  Better hurry though positions are filling up fast.

If this is you please email me at eaves(dot)mike(at)gmail(dot)com with SE Staff in the Subject and why you think you have the right stuff to pull off the logistical challenges of not one but 2 World Records in ONE day in the body. This are NOT  First Come First Serve positions but  Best of the Best positions that have special perks and rewards for those that can do this.
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Hey, gang! This is a repost of my schedule, just 'cause we're actually close to the con and all. :) After missing last year, I'm back at D*C, with five count 'em five sets. The pocket program has most of them listed in Filk, rather than Live Concerts, so I thought I'd put them all here for those who care. :) Remember that the musicians' tables are at the Marriott this year, but all of these performances are at the Hyatt.
  • Friday 8:30 p.m., Intl N
  • Saturday, 7:00 p.m., Awards Banquet, Regency VI-VII
  • Saturday 10:00 p.m., Intl N-South
  • Sunday 3:30 p.m., Concourse Stage
  • Sunday, 7:00 p.m., Regency V
It's a little frustrating that the filk concerts are not automatically lumped in with the live concerts, given that [a] we're not dead and [b] if you don't know to look for 'em, you'd hardly know that such excellent performers as Marc Gunn, Pandora Celtica, and the Bedlam Bards are here. The pocket program has all the Filk information on pages 24 and 25, and I heartily recommend you check us out.

Many thanks, and see you at Dragon*Con!
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I've done up the Main programming track into Google Calendar, just in case anyone with an Android phone wants to add it to their calendar. If anyone wants to do any of the other tracks, please post the links here.

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I really should have let Skeptics Track announce this since they have closer ties to him then we do - but - they haven't done so yet, so I am!

ADAM SAVAGE, co-host of the MythBusters TV show will be coming to Dragon*Con in 2009!!

That's right folks. The word just came in although the rumors have been circulating since Tuesday when Adam posted it on his twitter page. (that's a pretty big give-a-way!) It's now been confirmed and the craziness can begin. Throw out the schedules, things are moving around. lol You know jonnyX is plotting already. Could Adam Savage be an Evil Genius? Okay, we know he's an evil genius but could he become one our OUR Evil Geniuses?!

We don't really know yet how this will impact the Science Schedule. Depending on how involved he wants to be, Skeptics may have full ownership. More info when we get details!

(Grant, Tori, Kari must have had good things to say about us!)

Sorry for the scoop Derek!

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Basic Cinematography – Going From YouTube to Cinema.

An invaluable seminar for anyone who wants to know the basics. Covers framing for shots, the basic theory of composition, what "the line" is and what happens when it's crossed, and how to light a scene. With panelist Hunter Cressall.

Saturday 5:30 PM in the Hyatt.

For a complete list of panels, click here.
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Hey guys!

I'm working on putting together a schedule for the "Unofficial Pirate Track". What is the "Unofficial Pirate Track"? It's basically a schedule of all events during the DragonCon weekend that are piratey. I will be printing up small 1/4 page schedules that will be available at various points including Three Quarter Ale's and the Brobdingnagian Bards' fan/merch tables.

I need some help though, if you have any photoshoots or meetups planned throughout the weekend, that aren't on the Official DragonCon Program, please let me know about them, so I can add them to the schedule/track!

This is what I've got going on thus far!

9:00pm - Emerald Rose and Rum Runners - Mariott Atrium

2:00pm - Brobdingnagian Bards - Hyatt Concourse
3:30pm - Three Quarter Ale - Hyatt Concourse
6:30pm - The Rum Runners - Hyatt Concourse
10:00pm - Brobdingnagian Bards - Hyatt International North Ballroom

10:00am - DragonCon Parade - Woodruff Park (meet between 9:00 - 9:30)
12:00pm- Abney Park Acoustic Pirate Sing-Along - Hyatt Concourse
2:30pm - Making Costuming a Cinch, Corseting 101 - Mariott M103-105
4:30pm Crewe of the Black Pearl's Interactive Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (TBA)
7:00pm Crewe of the Black Pearl's Interactive Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (TBA)
7:00pm - The Pirate's Life for Me, Buccaneer Costuming - Mariott M103-105
9:30pm Crewe of the Black Pearl's Interactive Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End (TBA)
10:00pm - Pirates of the Burning Sea Video Game Party - Mariott A601-602

11:00am - Three Quarter Ale - Hyatt Concourse
2:00pm - Calling all Jack Sparrows! "Davy Jones' Locker" Photoshoot - Mariott 10th Floor Common Area
2:00pm - The Rum Runners - Hyatt Concourse
4:00pm - The Stylish Embrace & Waist Training, The Wear and Feeding of Your Corset - Mariott M103-105
11:00 - Official Pirate Party (with Pirate Costume Contest) - Hyatt Regency 6-7
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Dragon*Con has been contacted by NBC/Universal and asked to remove our Heroes guests from our program panels. They have agreed to allow the Heroes guests to participate in autograph sessions.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to resolve this with the studio, and do not believe it will be resolved in time for the Convention this year. Therefore, per NBC/Universal's request, we have removed the guests from the Heroes panels.
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When I said I would have the full schedule to you all today.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, you are going to have to wait for the full PDF containing all of the lovely descriptions, and listing of the guests, and the gaming schedule, and the beautiful, wonderful maps, until tomorrow.

HOWEVER... I thought you guys might like to have this instead:


It's a full spreadsheet of the schedule in grid format, in Google Docs, so you can all export it to whatever format you want and feel free to bastardize your own personal copy!

*insert mad applause here*

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program (while I go back to madly typsetting the rest of the book!)

~Cassy Gordon
Senior Director
Public Relations

PS I am going to try to keep the Google Doc updated with schedule changes, but I am going to probably not get to it until middle of this week. And they will all be on the Daily Dragon, starting Tuesday, I believe.


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