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Wanted to post this seperately:

Hotel reservation and roommate request posts are still redirected over to [livejournal.com profile] dragonconrooms, which is still in business and still running strong.

General posts and questions about hotels are still fine, but reservation and roomie posts will still be yanked even with this community in open mode.

Thanks everyone.
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This is Miyah Sundermeyer again and I am posting a vlog on youtube for people coming to Dragon Con for the first time.  I had some tips.

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I did a new blog on Dragon Con last night stating that as of today, we are three weeks out from the convention.  I also gave an update what I have been doing.  I also created a convention playlist all about my blogs.  

Please be sure to check these out

1.My latest Vlog


2. My Convention playlist.  I have some stuff from last year's show

I am still looking for people to interview for the show.

What would you like to see me cover this year without bother the major panelists?
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Does anyone know the 2013 Hyatt Passkey link for use tomorrow?
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Boosting the signal from the dragonconrooms comm, this is abt a hotel changing hands!

"IMPORTANT: The Holiday Inn Express Buckhead has changed ownership and is now the Quality Suites Buckhead Village. All reservations made under former management will be honored. Unfortunately, during the conversion there was a problem with their reservations system. Because of this attendees will need to e-mail John Welch at johnw@wxhotels.com with their original reservation confirmation number and the dates of their arrival and departure to reconfirm their stay. Please take action immediately, as the hotel will open up available reservations in 7 - 10 days."

This was on the D*C FB page.
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I'm not completely sure how it is decided WHICH room you get at the Marriott upon check-in. Like, is it possible to say 'Can I get a room that's as high as possible?' or vice versa? I'm assuming it's based on what is available/clean when you get there and are ready to check-in. I'm mainly asking because I'm arriving Thursday (to avoid the Friday madness!!!!) and would love to be able to have a room that's fairly close to the ground (just in case the elevators were annoying and I decided to use the stairs instead) or one that's extremely high up because, if I remember correctly, the elevator bay in the Marriott for the upper levels goes to a smaller number of levels than the other elevators bays, thus the odds for shorter elevator wait times would be increased. 
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Saw several posts in the mod queue and on Facebook concerning email messages from Passkey concerning Marriott reservations along the lines of this:

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 16:49:36 -0400 (EDT)From: Dragon Con 2012 Reply-To: xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for selecting the Atlanta Marriott Marquis for your stay during the Dragon Con Conference.

At this time I am getting ready to cancel all reservations with declined Credit cards, please contact Marriott reservation TODAY July 19th, at 866-469-5475 to update your credit card information are your reservation will be cancel. Once your reservation is canceled it will not be reinstated at the group rate.

So we dont have umpteen different posts on this same subject, I'm going to consolidate things under this master post. If any solution or resolution is found on this matter, I'll update this post and/or post another to get the word out.

If you have a post waiting in the mod queue on this, it'll be rejected but with a message directing you here. This way the discussion will be in one place rather than a dozen.

UPDATE: From the comments and from Facebook, apparently this email was sent out in error; as you could see from the poor grammar on it, it wasnt even finished before it was sent out. I would strongly urge that if you received this mail to go ahead and call and reconfirm your reservations and related charges and make sure all is in order if you havent already done so.

Thanks everyone.


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