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RL is a PITA at the moment, hence the late post. I'm linking to last year's post w/ the 2 links here:


As always, suggestions, updates, corrections, additions, subtractions are welcomed! I'll edit asap and give credit, of course. :)
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What is Dragon*Con's stand on Scalzi's Convention Harassment Policy?

"We reserve the right to ask you to leave the convention
and refuse to refund your membership money
if you are behaving - in technical terms - like a jerk."  <- this is not reassuring.
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Here's the link to the general con and D*C tips that I update and re-post every year:


(The second list, of suggestions made, will be updated and posted asap.)

As always, please feel free to reply with more helpful tips. :)
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I'd like to thank the Dragon*Con and hotel staff for the badge/card-key checking this year. I didn't see any problems like we had last year, and the staff checking the badges was for the most part polite but firm. I really appreciated it and fully enjoyed the vibe of the con this year.

Also props for the bar code scanning system for badge pickup. I waited in line for about an hour which was tons better than the last 7 or so years :)

Please do it again next year!
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The question about taking food and drink into the hotels made me wonder: Are you allowed to eat and drink in the rooms where the con panels are held? At least, before the panel starts? Some cons allow it, some don't. I have a vague memory of reading somewhere that it's not allowed at D*C, but I haven't been able to find any info to back that up. I'd understand if it's not allowed, because of the trash problem caused by people who don't clean up after themselves. I assume it's OK while waiting in line, since I've read a lot of accounts of folks drinking while waiting to get into a panel. Is that the case?
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I am considering walking around D*C in uncrowded areas[1] carrying a significant static electrical charge. In what way might I label myself to unambiguously and immediately identify that touching me[1] would be a Bad Idea? A shirt that says "Danger: High Voltage" seems quite ambiguous (due to the song by the same name) and potentially interpreted as simply humorous.

[1] Sparse enough that I can guarantee that neither will I accidentally touch anyone nor will anyone accidentally touch me. It's intentional touching that worries me.
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I've seen some worry on this community about getting in to see the Shatner/Nimoy panel (or one of the others, but this panel seems to be the most worrisome). If you are worried about getting the Best Seat Ever Omg, you should probably go ahead and continue making whatever camping plans you're working on (that won't get you kicked out by the hotel). However, if you just want to make sure you'll be in the room, read on for some advice/thoughts.

Read more... )
My gut feeling is that everyone who wants to get into any of these panels is going to be able to do so with fairly little drama. (I could be wrong, of course, but that's just my feeling.)

I've posted a couple more items in comments, but I want to put them here as well:
General lining-up/clearing info )
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I am new to D*C, actually this will also be my first con (yes, let's get all the laughter out now folks! :) ), and would like a little clarification, please. Hopefully, this will not be too many questions.

I have head & read the term Froggy & assume this is a company that does some of the professional photo ops at the con. Are there others? What if I don't want to have a photo op but maybe have something signed?  How does that work?

What about panels? Is there any advice that you would give or something that every D*C vet would love to tell newbies, even in general? This is all new to me so any help is appreciated.

ETA: Thank you to everyone who has responded so far. I don't have much computer time over the next week, but I will try to respond to everyone as quickly as possible.
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We all know of people who aren't the best at being social or playing well with others. So post your "con etiquette" list here, or your favorite.
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So, when does everyone decide to change into their risque costumes? Just wondering what a safe time would be that wouldn't scar the eyes of youngsters.
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Just wondering if tripods are allowed or universally not allowed?(for the panels)
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I've seen vids on youtube so I assume it's allowed to take your Video Camera to DC. Here's the question. Is there anything they 'wont' let you record with your video camera?

I kind of doubt I could record parts of or any of the wrestling show I want to go to, but that would be neat if they allow it.

Thanks as always.
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I apologize if this is an oft-asked question, but can somebody please clarify the dress code rules for me? The con site really only says "be decent, follow Georgia law". Georgia law really only says "cover your naughty bits". Does this mean that underwear and pasties (and paint) is acceptable? If so, does that apply to all day? Just after a certain hour? ...I'd really rather not get thrown out of the con, especially as I have a performance Saturday night. I'd definitely rather be onstage than arrested or in jail or something. :(

Also, if anybody here is familiar with full body airbrushing, I'd like to talk to you about removal - I want it to stay on well during the day (while I'm walking around), but I need it to ALL be GONE by Saturday night. Totally removed. Definitely can't do my performance if I'm still blue. Does airbrushed body paint generally come off as it's supposed to? No staining? For reference, this is the brand of paint I'm using. It says it comes off with rubbing alcohol. Has anybody had experience with this (or any) paint?

(If worse comes to worst, I'll probably just do the costume on Sunday, but I'd really like to do it Saturday if I can.)

Thanks for the help! ♥

PS: Since I'm posting here anyway, I'll just toss out that you should all definitely come to our Rocky Horror Picture Show performance on the Saturday of the con - we got moved to Saturday (from Sunday), so "I'd totally come, but I can't because we're leaving!" is no excuse anymore. ;)
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The post on peace bonding made me think...if one has a permit one can openly (or concealed) carry a handgun pretty much anywhere these days in Atlanta (at least, pertaining to the con).

How is D*C, security and the hotel staff going to deal with, ohhh.. costumers in Wild West outfits with real .44s, loaded and completely legal? Or the GI Joe with a real 9mm strapped to his/her side.

Or just the average everyday con attendee, with a legal .38 stuck in their belt?



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