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Dragoncon has canceled the Tolkien track. Terrible!

And I've heard that the Whedon'verse track has been canceled as well.
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Hey guys,

This is up on the Whedon Universe facebook page right now: https://www.facebook.com/pages/WhedonUniverse-Track-DragonCon/135458403136510

"This year at Whedon Universe we're trying to give you the best of both worlds by providing time and space for new content as well as addressing some complaints you've had about past years. We are going to be splitting up the two Whedon musicals and doing one each year. We'd like your opinion about which show we should start with. We hope that by doing this our shows will remain fresh and that we won't have as many problems with lines and security. Thank you for your support!"

The link for the survey is at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/W7C59RL

If you have an opinion about which of the two shows you would like to see this year, please go to the survey link and vote. If you have opinions about the decision to only do one show a year, they are probably best left on the facebook page so that the track director can see them.

Full Disclosure: I am passing on this announcement with absolutely no authority within the Whedontrack. I am not a staff member of the Whedontrack, but I am a cast member and props mistress for the Dr. Horrible show and of course I love that one best, but both shows are phenomenal and are presented by enthusiastic and talented casts. I am sorry that we will not be performing both shows as we have done in the past.
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I want to know how many of you are going to D*C and how many of you are cosplaying this year and what you’re going as. You don’t have to reply to this, you can send me a private message or even an e-mail to HeatherMairiPhotography@gmail.com.

Part A: For the ladies:
I’ve been to Dragon*Con the last few years, this will be my.. 4th year I think. May be 3rd. I don’t remember. ANYWAY! I love taking pictures of cosplayers, but there’s always so many, I miss a lot. Especially when I do panels, but I don’t know if I want to do any this year, unless something really catches my attention.

However, this year, I want to shift my focus from taking pictures of just really great costumes, to having an actual theme and I want it to be Female Cosplayers of Dragon*Con. I’m sick of all of us getting shit for being female and dressing up as amazing characters and being grilled over and over again about how much we know about said character and being forced to prove ourselves over and over again because of our love.

Being a fan of video games or comics/graphic novels/manga, anime etc. does not mean we have to know every little detail of every little universe. Unfortunately, there are many who dont’ agree with this.

I'm looking for a multitude of costumes and fandoms, but I really want to aim for video game/comic book cosplays. This is the one area, where as a female, we are given the most attitude.

Even if you're not cosplaying as a comic or video game character and you want to be involved, please, get in touch with me. I will not reject anybody! (kids are also welcome)

Which brings me to

Part B of the Objective: For the guys

I would also like to find some guys who will be attending DC13 who don’t give a shit if a female knows every single detail of a character, game, comic, movie etc. etc. but loves the fact that they (the females) are willing to show their love for something, regardless of the ridicule and crap dealt out by those that are too insecure with themselves to open to the idea that females can be gamers - whether table top, card, RPG, first person, or comic nerds.

If anyone is willing to help out with this, please send an email to HeatherMairiPhotography@gmail.com for more details or any questions you might have. I’m still planning this out, but there’s quite a few things I would like to do with this project.

Heather Ryan

Just a quick note: I've been getting a lot of responses for this project (yay!), so I have to ask if you want to be a part of this, please don't just post in a comment to someone else. I might miss it, and I don't want to do that.

Also, if you've noticed I haven't checked in with someone yet, please keep chatter to a minimum. Once I've checked in with a person, chat to your hearts content. I just want to make sure everyone who says they want to be a part of this, gets checked in.
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Here is a list of all the academic panels at Dragon*Con that have been organized by the Comics and Popular Arts Conference group. This year's programming would not have been possible without my co-organizer, R. Scott Nokes, our Programming Chair, Damien Williams, and our Programming Committee: Dennis LoRusso, Stephanie Noell, Vickie Willis, and Robin Zebrowski. And of course, all of the fantastic track heads.

4th Annual
Comics and Popular Arts Conference

Read more... )
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Hi folks - SO excited about Dragon*Con. I am a con newbie and I will also be travelling to the US from London so I am an Atlanta newbie too. Lots of excitement for me *snoopy dance*. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any HP meet ups and/or any Joss Whedon or LoTR related meet ups that are generally open for people interested in those areas. I would love to meet some people who are also a teensy bit obsessed with all things nerdtastic but I am not sure how you find out about all of the different meet ups without being v active in a particular fandom...any hints/tips/advice much appreciate - I will be in Atlanta from Wednesday evening.
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Whedon cosplayers, here's what you've been waiting for! The official categories and info are now posted. We're also looking for a few awesome people to be judges.


Melissa (Whedon Universe Staffer)
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Just heard from a friend that the Saturday-night Shindig (Whedonverse track) got scrubbed this year!!! Someone please tell me this is just an unsubstantiated rumour, and if it is not, somebody please tell me where I can reach the organisers and let 'em have it!!!!
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There were SCADS of pix from the Browncoats Redemption shoot....does anyone have any or know when the 'official' ones will be posted?

we had people in nearly EVERY shoot...LOL

hit me up on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/#!/The.Bellakitty if you have any we could tag in...

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Please join us for the 3rd annual

Comics and Popular Arts Conference at Dragon*Con!

Conference Program and Information

This is a peer-reviewed academic conference devoted to the scholarly study of comics, pop culture, and all things Dragon*Con. It takes place at the Con, across 7 different tracks.

Hope to see you there!
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BUT!  We are continuing to podcast our "Forty Days of DragonCon".  Recently we've spoken with the following Track Directors:

Wayne with Whedonverse www.theuniquegeek.com/40-days-of-dragoncon-2010-day-15-wayne-whedon-universe

Derek with DarkFantasy www.theuniquegeek.com/40-days-of-dragoncon-day-33-derek-dark-fantasy

Caro with BritTrack www.theuniquegeek.com/40-days-of-dragoncon-2010-day-30-caro-brittrack

Sue with Sci Fi and Fantasy Literature  www.theuniquegeek.com/40-days-of-dragoncon-2010-day-22-sue-sci-fi-and-fantasy-literature

Rain with Science www.theuniquegeek.com/40-days-of-dragoncon-2010-day-18-rain-space-track

Van (Author, Panelists and Comics Guy :) )  www.theuniquegeek.com/40-days-of-dragoncon-2010-day-27-van-plaxico

Notes and updates: 

- Most of the bands play in the Hyatt and the Marriott.  Other than parties in the other hotels. :

Also, psst!  Go tell Jon to buy Leigh a cosmo.  She deserves it! :D
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Next weekend will be my first Dragon*Con ever and I could NOT be more excited! I have a few questions that I haven’t been able to easily locate in other posts:


1.       Do you have to have a badge for the parties? If you don’t have a badge will there be other parties you can get into?

2.       Should I buy a badge before or after the parade Saturday morning? I probably can’t get one before that…

3.       I’d like to do this as cheaply as possible (I know some things are unavoidable, though). Any tips on how to navigate this weekend on the cheap?

4.       I’m starting to get to understand the tracks, etc. I want all things Whedonverse this weekend. Any recommendations? Also, it will only be myself and another friend of mine going. Any Whedon peeps who want to meet up and bev up, holler!

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I am pleased to announce the 2010 programming schedule for The Whedon Universe Track at Dragon*Con!  Remember that all events are tentative and subject up to and including at Dragon*Con. 



Wayne Hutchinson
Whedon Universe Track Director

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Well, some of the cast and crew of ye olde Redemption are at Phoenix Comicon, and they shared this brand new preview with the crowd there. Since they're obviously still a bit busy with the con, I'll share it here! Take a peak, and be sure to come see the premiere at the big show (that's Dragon*Con, silly - pending approval and scheduling and all that, of course) this fall if you're so inclined. Please note that I'm just an interested fan. I have nothing to do with the production of Redemption.

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Hi Everyone! Your Friendly neighborhood Whedon Universe Track Director here. I wanted to remind you that we are curently accepting your nominations for our annual Top 10 countdown this year and the subject is... TOP 10 FIGHT SCENES IN THE WHEDON UNIVERSE! You don't need to submit a complete list of 10 so if there is one scene that really has you thinking then let us know. We'll even accept a partial list but please no more than 10 because our attention span doesn't last that long. If this sounds like something your want to be a part of then go to our forums and submit your nominations using the link below:


If you need to register for our forums then send us a note at info AT whedonuniverse DOT com and I'll get you signed up. You can also reply to this Live Journal topic with your choices as well.

Here is a shining example of why Joss' fight scenes are so awesome. All the work and attention to detail that goes into it. This is just a rehearsal from the film Serenity and it by itself is compelling to watch!

You've got just a few weeks as the voting ends on Friday June 18th. Good Luck!

Wayne Hutchinson
Track Director
Whedon Universe Track
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My friend and I were doing Buffy and Faith, respectively, with a big group, but most everyone else dropped out due to time issues, so we wanted to see if anyone else was going to be doing BtVS/Angel costumes that wanted to meet up.

Anyone else planning Buffy/Angel costumes?
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We are very excited to announce that Luke Perry has been added to the guest schedule for 2010.  II for one am personally excited as I always love to see someone from the originalBuffy the Vampire Slayer movie attend the Con.  Luke was also phenomenal in the Post Apocalyptic series Jeremiah.

Click here for details on Luke Perry

Stay tuned to the Dragon*Con website and Whedon Universe track forums for more information on guests and upcoming events


Wayne Hutchinson
Whedon Universe Track Director
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Well another Dragon*Con has come to a close and now it's time to rest and prepare for the con crud and start uploading photos. Before I do that though I have a lot of gratitude to express.  

I want to first and foremost give a huge thank you to all of the fans of the Whedon Universe track that share their ideas and input with us throughout the year to help with some of the programming.  Also to those of you that stand in the lines to see your favorite shows or guest you deserve a huge thank you for being patient with us while we get you seated and situated for each of these events.

I would also like to thank the Whedon Universe Staff - Melissa, James, Javier, Meg, Megi, and Ziggy for really going above and beyond when it counted the most.  You guys are  truly what makes it all work and I thank you for your efforts year round and at Con.  You definitely live up to the phrase "Hire people smarter than you"

I would also like to thank the Southeastern Browncoats for organizing the Shindig this year.  You guys are made of win!  Thank you Emerald Rose and The Bedlam Bards for playing the Shindig and keeping the 'Verse alive in song!  It was truly a great experience on Saturday Night

A very very very special thanks to DCTV.  You guys keep an anxious crowd very well entertained while we load the rooms (Fang Friends FTW). The Late show is made of win.  I watched every one and it should be a regular thing.  Keep those great ideas flowing!

...and thanks to all of those wonderful and very professional people who manage and organize Dragon*Con who support me and my staff each year with large rooms, tech, crowd control, security, water,  and all of the very important details that make us look like seasoned professionals.  

I managed to capture some of the fun we had on TwitPic this weekend and you can go here to see it.


Thanks again to everyone that was a part of the track.  Hope to see you all again next year in 2010.

-Wayne Hutchinson
Whedon Universe Track  Director
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I feel way creepy for having to do this, but I've had no luck on my own. I am trying to get the last name of a guy that I befriended at con this year.

Nevermind, guys. In the two days this sat in the queue, I asked around and pieced it together myself. Thanks, though!! :)

In the meantime, I DO have another question for the lovely community (delete if this isn't okay, mods!):

Does anybody know where I can get information about the Doctor Horrible group that performs at Dragoncon? I'd love to get in on that action, especially since I'm already a seasoned shadowcaster, but when I went to check about auditions last spring they had already cast everything, and now I can't find any information about it. I know it might be a bit early for this, being the week after con, but I'd take any information you might have. :)

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Hi everyone.  Aside from all the programming and planning that's going on we've been working hard lately to bring you a new and improved website for the track.  We hope this change will make it easier for us to add information and for you to access it especially during the con.  Take a look and enjoy. 


Wayne Hutchinson
Whedon Universe Track Director
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Just wondering if there is going to be another showing of "Dr Horrible Sing- Along Blog" or the "Buffy Sing Along" this yr? It was great seeing the crowd sing with the musical and would love to see the show again with everyone. Any idea?


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