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...in record time this year!!

All of the available space in the parade has been reserved.  Thanks to everyone who regsitered to march with us!

We are keeping a Wait List.  While there is no guarantee you'll get into the parade as a result of being on the Wait List, we urge you to sign up if you wanted to march but missed the window.

Go here to get on the Wait List http://tinyurl.com/dcparade2017waitlist

Thanks again!
JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade
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If you'd like to participate in the 2017 Parade, now's the time to sign up to march!

Our parade will roll down Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta on Saturday, September 2 at 10 AM sharp, rain or shine!

We accept individual and group (2 or more people under one name) entries as well as parade vehicles on the same form.  You must be a member of Dragon Con to participate in the parade. Registration will remain open until all space has been reserved at which time it will close with little to no warning.

We will contact you privately if we have any questions or concerns about your entry.

Separate, final vehicle confirmations will be sent June 30.  Remember to send us photographs of your vehicle(s) at dc_parade (at) dragoncon (dot)org.

When you successfully register, two (2) things will happen, you’ll receive a response screen letting you know your information has been received and you’ll also receive an auto-reply email containing the information you entered.

If your registration was not successful (information was missing or incorrectly filled out), you should see the form again with instructions regarding what to fix at the top of the page. Correct the entry and submit again.

If you have any problems registering or need to make a change to your entry, email us at dc_parade (at) dragoncon (dot)org.

Click it or cut and paste this URL into your browser to register:  http://tinyurl.com/dcparade2017

Can't wait to see you all at the parade this year!
JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade
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All of the space in the parade has been reserved for both participants and vehicles. The registration form has been disabled. WOW!

GROUP LEADERS - please review the number of spaces you reserved and let us know if any of the spaces can be returned 'to inventory'. Also, please remind your group members that they DO NOT need to sign up individually, and ask that they contact me directly if they did.

Sorry for the lack of a 2 minute warning, an influx of entries including a couple of new groups put us over the mark in seconds.

Thank you to all who registered.  More information coming as the year progresses.

JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

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I gotta say, I am almost speechless. We are down to a few hundred spaces for participants.

PLEASE - if you are signed up to march with a group (e.g., 501st, Prydon Academy, Dark Hunters, a gaming group, Ghostbusters, Periodic Table, Marriott Carpet, Eternals, etc.) DO NOT SIGN UP INDIVIDUALLY. If you have done that, please let me know ASAP so I can free up the double reserved space. dc_parade at dragoncon.org.

JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

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FIRST UPDATE. VEHICLE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.I will be confirming the vehicles registered so far to verify that all vehicle slots have been reserved. Please contact me via PM or email (dc_parade at dragoncon dot org) if you would like to be placed on the Wait List for parade vehicles.

BREAKING... Yes, parade reg is open and you have heard the call. Oh my, have you heard the call. smile emoticon REQUEST FOR REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS, if you are part of a group that is or will be registered PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER YOURSELF as an individual marcher as well. It's a double count and unnecessarily freezes space. Trust me, your parade participation is assured in the numbers registered by your group. Let me know ASAP if this pertains to you so I can free up the space you reserved.

JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

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IT'S OPEN! Go for it!

Everyone, apologies for the late opening of the reg form Internet troubles. :(

Here's the link to sign up for the parade!


JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

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Parade registration opens this coming Monday morning, February 15!  Once again we'll be using an online form.  The process is quick and easy.  I'll be posting the link to the form here and in our other social media and forums on Monday morning around 9:00 AM.  I wanted to share a few basic reminders with everyone before Monday.


1) Remember that parade participation is for Dragon Con members only. If you are not planning on purchasing a 2016 membership that includes Saturday (parade day), please do not register to reserve space (that might otherwise go to a DC member) in our parade. Member badges must be worn on parade morning.

2) Remember that commercial entries are only accepted in the parade IF you are a Dragon Con sponsor. If you want to advertise your company or products/services but are not already a sponsor, please do not register for our parade at this time. Contact me if you'd like information on sponsorship.

3) Remember to double check that your information entered in the form is correct. The form has changed just a little bit from last year. We're asking for your (legal) First & Last name this year because there are lots of instances where people couldn't remember which name (fan or otherwise) they used to register. We figure if the registration is under your legal name, it'll lessen the stress all the way around. If this is a problem for you, contact me. :) Feel free to make liberal use of the Comment section on the form, especially if you are entering an original costume.

4) Remember to check for the 'confirmation screen' that will be returned to you after you successfully submit the form. It acknowledges receipt of your registration request. We review all entries on a daily basis. If we have a question or concern about your entry, you'll get an email from us. If you DO NOT hear back from us (no email) within a week of registering, everything is good to go with your participation. So, email from us = potential problem :( and NO email from us = all is right with the world and you are registered for the parade :).

5) Remember that registration will stay open until we have filled all the space in the parade. Still don't panic if you haven't registered on Day 1. Do keep in mind if things go as they did last year, it might only take a couple of months to hit our cap. We'll try to give as many updates/warnings as possible when the spaces start to dwindle down for both participants and vehicles.

INDIVIDUALS: You do NOT have to belong to a group to march. Register yourself and we'll make sure you march in the right section of the parade. However if you ARE a member of a group (501st, Dark Hunters, etc.) please DO NOT register as an individual saying you'll be marching with XYZ group - your participation is taken care of in the group's registration.

GROUPS & GROUP LEADERS: When you register, provide your best estimate of the number of people and vehicles (if any) you believe will be in your parade group. Some group leads use previous years' actual participation numbers to base their estimates on. Please do not base your estimate on how popular you believe your group will be (especially for brand new groups). As long as we have unclaimed space, we can adjust your numbers if needed.

More to come in the next months. LOTS more!

Follow us:
- on Twitter @DragonConParade
- in Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/groups/dragonconparade/
- at Yahoo Groups  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dc_parade/info
- here in LiveJournal AND on the Dragon Con web site

Feel free to email me if you have questions about the parade. dc_parade(at)dragoncon(dot)org,
JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade
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We would like to thank EVERYONE who participated and volunteered to help get the parade on the road Saturday morning! Thank you all for tackling the new location and route most valiantly and looking so fantastic while doing so. :)   We truly appreciate our participants' patience and forgiveness when there were glitches in coordinating. Oh, the war stories we could tell...but cannot and would not. ;) We hope you'll join us again in 2016.


I would appreciate feedback about your experiences (good and bad) and any suggestions you might have via EMAIL ONLY (please) to dc_parade(at)dragoncon.org .

JP :)

Director, Dragon Con Parade

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IT IS OFFICIAL! The shiny new parade route is finalized and announced to the world. Posting the map here as well.

The route begins at Peachtree Street NE and Linden Avenue and continues South on Peachtree until we get to Andrew Young International Blvd. (at the Westin) and we take a left turn to Peachtree Center Avenue. That's our final turn - it's just a jump to the left - and we're headed for the parade's end in front of the Marriott Marquis.  :)

Our new staging area is the entire block of Peachtree Street from Linden to North Avenue, plus the private parking lot & garage that is immediately beside the North Avenue Presbyterian Church (sits on the corner of Peachtree and North Avenue). Unless you are a parade participant, we ask that you stay clear that area, including lining the sidewalks of the block. Thanks!

Details of when and how to get to staging for participants and parade vehicles, and what to do when you get there, will be included in the annual "TMI" email that will go out early next week.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

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Click on this url  http://tinyurl.com/dcparade2015final to see the list of everyone who made it into the Parade before registration closed on Monday, April 13. If you contacted us via email about being in the Parade after that date, you are on our radar should spots open up.  Please note that we can no longer accept any additional people or vehicles on our unofficial 'wait list'.

What happens next?

Group contacts: if you have available (unclaimed) space within the numbers you reserved, please contact me ASAP! Please, please, please.

Vehicle owners:  if you registered a vehicle for the Parade, please verify you will be bringing that vehicle.  Some of you noted you were unsure about having a vehicle but wanted to register one just in case.

Everyone on the list:  this is your 2015 confirmation.  If you have any questions or need to make changes (with the exception of upping your reserved numbers), feel free to contact us via email.  dc_parade(at)dragoncon(dot)  You will be receiving an email about a week or so before con that contains all of the details you'll need to participate.  We'll announce when the email has been sent.

Can't wait to see you all at con!
JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade
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As of 12:11 AM Eastern, Monday April 13, PARADE REGISTRATION FOR 2015 IS CLOSED.  We have reached our cap.  Thanks to all who signed up to march with us this year.  We are in process of taking down the online form.  In the meantime, no entries made past the above specified time stamp will be accepted.  Questions can be directed to me at dc_parade (at) dragoncon (dot) org.

Director, Dragon Con Parade


Apr. 12th, 2015 07:24 pm
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Last call, ladies and gentlemen.  Last call.

That's right - there are only 25 more spaces available in the 2015 Parade. If you are planning on marching and have NOT signed up yet - do it now .  tinyurl.com/dcparade2015

Once these spaces are claimed, registration will close without further notice or warning. If you have questions or a concern about registering for the 2015 Parade, email me at dc_parade (at) dragoncon (dot) org.

JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

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If you want to march with us, sign up NOW. http://tinyurl.com/dcparade2015

The parade is filling up faster than it did last year. You remember when we closed registration in early June, surprising all of us? Well, this year we may be shutting her down even earlier. Registration is subject to closure without any notifications (even though we try to give some warnings). Once we hit our maximum number, it's done.

As far as parade vehicles are concerned, unless we already have you on our radar or your vehicle was registered before March 21, we are at capacity. Full up. (This does NOT include motorcycles/motor scooters, Mobie-based vehicles, and people powered vehicles that can be staged with marchers.)

Reminding everyone again - if you are marching with a registered group (e.g., 501st, Prydon Academy, 405th, 76th, Skeptics, Kenyon's Minions, N7 Elite, etc. - so many groups!), DO NOT register yourself as an individual marcher. Your space in the parade is secured as part of the group's registration. If you've done so - please contact me so I can reclaim the duplicate space.

And remember, you can follow us on Twitter (@DragonConParade), join our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/dragonconparade/) and/or our Yahoo Group (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dc_parade/info) to get the most up-to-date information about the parade.

JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade
dc_parade (at) dragoncon.org

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This is a follow up to my earlier announcement asking potential parade vehicle owners who had not previously registered to contact me before doing so.

Our vehicle cap has been met.  If you have a vehicle you'd like considered, I am keeping a wait list and will be pleased to put you on it.  You MUST email me directly about this dc_parade (at) dragoncon.org.

We are in process of disabling the vehicle question on the reg form however this serves as the official cut off notice and no vehicles registered via the online form after this announcement will be automatically accepted.

Thank you,


Director, Dragon Con Parade

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Hi All,

We have come to the part of our program where I start begging people to do the following (Caps for emphasis, not screaming):

1. IF YOU ARE PART OF A REGISTERED GROUP, DO NOT SIGN UP INDIVIDUALLY. :)  Your space in the parade is already secured through your group's reservation. If you have done so (signed yourself up as well), that makes for a duplicate reservation and very likely takes the space away from someone else. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP so I can release the space for another potential participant. Email me at dc_parade (at) dragoncon.org.

2. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET REGISTERED BUT INTEND TO AND WANT TO ENTER A VEHICLE (car, truck, bus, float or other large motorized something), CONTACT ME FIRST TO DISCUSS. We are currently skirting our max on vehicles and I now need to review all vehicles of this type. Motorcycles, mini/go carts, bicycles, people powered vehicles and the like (things that can be staged with marchers) are still okay to add without prior discussion. Email me at dc_parade (at) dragoncon.org.

3. IF YOU REQUESTED MORE SPACES FOR YOUR GROUP THAN YOU REASONABLY BELIEVE YOU'LL END UP NEEDING, JUST TO BE SURE (and I know, it's early in the year), LET ME KNOW HOW MANY SPACES YOU COULD POSSIBLY RELEASE. Also, as the year progresses, if there is a change in your status (need to cancel or reduce your estimate, etc.) - please let me know as soon as you do. Email me at dc_parade (at) dragoncon.org.

4. REMEMBER THAT ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE DRAGON CON MEMBERS BY PARADE MORNING AND BADGES MUST BE DISPLAYED/WORN DURING THE PARADE. If you weren't clear on this and are NOT joining Dragon Con 2015, you definitely need to give up any space you've already reserved in the parade. Email me at dc_parade (at) dragoncon.org.

Thanks everyone! :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade
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Click on the link and fill out the form.  Double check that the information you entered is correct and hit the “Submit” button.  You will receive a confirmation screen that acknowledges the receipt of your information and tell you how to keep in touch with us.  If the confirmation doesn’t show up, scroll - because it might be hiding just out of your current screen view.  You can print the confirmation for your records.

Registration will remain open until all available space has been claimed/reserved OR August 3, whichever occurs first. This means that like last year, registration is subject to early closure with little or no notice.

The link: http://tinyurl.com/dcparade2015

Stay tuned here and keep up with the latest information about the parade as we make announcements throughout the year:
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/groups/dragonconparade/
TWITTER @Dragonconparade
YAHOO GROUPS https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dc_parade/info

If you have questions or run into a problem while trying to register, email us at dc_parade (at) dragoncon.org.

Can't wait to see you all there!
JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade
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The emails, better known as the "TMI" mails, that contain parade section assignments and
other parade details are on their way to all the registered participants in my database. 

Reminder:  Only individually registered participants and group contacts get the email.
If you are a member of a registered group you will not receive one.  Check with your group

If you did not receive one but believe you should have, please contact me
at dc_parade (at) dragoncon.org.

If you have any questions after reading through the email and the attachments,
please contact me at dc_parade (at) dragoncon.org.

I got bounced email address notifications from the following participants.  Please contact
me at dc_parade (at) dragoncon.org to correct the address so I can send you the TMI mail.

Kay Santora (Jackal Soldiers)
Susan Legra (Sanderson Sisters) 
Cindy (How to Train Your Dragon)  

Michael Morimino (Ghostbusters or Portal)

Zoltan Hawes (Arkham Batman)   

I need a final costume decision or further descriptions so I can assign you and/or your group 
to a parade section and get your TMI mail to you. Please contact me at dc_parade (at) dragoncon.org.

Amber (nothing noted in costume type but will be playing music)

Baker (TBD)

Bobby Hunter (TBD)

Brother Rebel (Brohinian)

Desiree Haltorn (Desiree)

James Sommer (Disney or Superhero)

Mark Whitaker (Tall Dude) 

So excited about the parade this year! It's going to be killer. :) Can't wait to see everyone in...YIKES!...
just a week! 

Thank you all for making the parade the huge and wonderful event that it is. 
You are the parade! 

JP :) 
Director, Dragon Con Parade 
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Hi everyone:
As I said before I am working on a series of vlogs on youtube.  Every year I like to do a series of episodes at Dragon Con.  I have been promoting my blogs on twitter and facebook.  I am also starting to promote them on this communities because it revolves around the above.   So here is a link to my latest information on Dragon Con.

[identity profile] taknflyte.livejournal.com
We'll be using the route we introduced last year!  Lots of excellent viewing spots to grab.

The route map is in process of being uploaded to the Dragon Con web site.  Keep checking our pages at http://dragoncon.org/?q=be_in_the_parade for the latest information and tips about how to enjoy the parade.  If you are a registered parade participant, all of the information you'll need to participate is coming your way in August in an email.

For those new to the parade, our route winds through downtown Atlanta and is approximately 3/4 mile long.  We start at the intersection of Spring Street and West Peachtree Place and move onto Ivan Allen Blvd, heading East to Peachtree Street.  Once on Peachtree Street, we head SOUTH for approximately 6 blocks to Andrew Young Blvd. We continue one block East on Andrew Young to Peachtree Center Avenue and head North toward the Marriott Marquis where the parade ends.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Director, Dragon Con Parade
dc_parade (at) dragoncon (dot) org
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Hi everyone:
I will be at Dragon Con this year as a regular guest working on my blogs by shooting interviews of regular attendees and of main events.   I am an amateur and I just started doing my blog work last year at Dragon con and I had loads and loads of fun.

What I would like to do is to show you some links of the stuff that I am working on.  If you would like to meet up at the convention to do some blog work with me, please be sure to send me a PM and we will meet.








Please be sure to check these out and subscribe to my youtube channel


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