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This is my yearly posting to remind you that If you are planning on buying a multi-day membership for Dragon Con ONSITE at the Convention, please consider filling out the Pre Data Entry form located here http://www.dragoncon.org/dc_pde_barcode.php
This will save them time entering your data into the system and dramatically reduce the time.

Also, bring cash. I mean actual dollar bills and such. Preferably in exact change. This will save you the time of dealing with the credit card machines which puts you at the mercy of Yet Another Digital System That Can Fail.
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The app is ok, but I'm a little old school. I recall that last year I found the complete schedule somewhere in the Googleverse. Does anyone know if the schedule will be posted on Google Calendar/Docs/etc?
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Since they aren't listed on the DC site, can folks give an idea of what regular rooms cost this year at each of the five host hotels, please and thanks?
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Hey everyone...

apologies for my slow start this year...as usual reality keeps interfering...

As I say every one of the past few years, much slower here and in Livejournal land overall if your initials arent GRRM or ONTD. We're smaller, but place will continue on.

Community is is open mode and will stay that way prob till right after con to handle the smaller but still potent post con crunch.

[livejournal.com profile] dragonconrooms is still very active and in business so head there if you have room or roomie needs. I'll allow last minute room postings when they shut down for con; till then, please head there.

Will get stuff up to date fast as I can, but may take a bit. If you spot anything that needs fixing let me know.

Thanks everyone.

EDIT: Will fix link for Pocket Program when it is available. Daily Dragon isnt updating for this year yet best I can tell.
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The Stargate programming is now part of the new Military SciFi Media track, which also includes B5, Farscape, and Battlestar Galactica. The comm needs a new tag for this new track, please and thanks.

There also needs to be a tag for the Horror track.
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Looks like the start of a good schedule for all photoshoots. I suspect that one needs a Google account to access this?

ETA: seems that one doen't need to be logged in to Google to view the spreadsheet.
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It's "Ask DCTV" time again!

For those of you who don't know, Dragon Con TV (http://dragoncontv.org/) is the group that makes videos to entertain you while you're waiting in line to get a ticket or waiting for a panel or waiting for the Masquerade to start. One of the things we do are bumpers, those bits with white text on a black background. We make a lot of those each year, and because we're lazy, we recruit you to help us make them.

"But Stephen," you ask, "how can I help make bumpers?" Easy: ask us something. Previously we've been asked what to do with new fans who aren't familiar with old fandom, if we wanted to build a snowman, and which Star Trek series is best to watch while cuddling.

To ask DCTV, post a question as a reply to this message. End your question with the name or alias you'd like us to use when we credit you with the question. If you don't give us a name, we'll use your username or else make something up to call you.

Some general advice: You can post more than one question, though we'll probably only use at most one of them. Take a minute and look through previous questions if you want to make sure you're asking us a new one. Examples of old questions include, but are not limited to: why is there con funk? What should I eat at con? How do I get that sexy sexy guest to notice me?
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Hi guys,

I am a big musicals fan and the Annie 2014 remake has kinda sparked an interest in me. I am looking for six people who would be insane enough to do an Annie costuming thing with me. It would be helpful if one knew how to do a cartwheel and one a forward tuck. Reply to me with your FB name and I will dump you in the Annie group. You can decide if the idea is too whacky and you want to leave or if you love the idea.

To be clear, I am looking for fans of Annie, both old and newer versions. :D
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I was talking today to a friend, who I will be going to Dragoncon with. I was copying and pasting the guest announcements and they seem to be no name authors, lawyers, and other weird categories. There has been almost nothing in the way of well known actors, and pretty much nothing in the way of sci fi actors. Has there been a big shift lately in priorities of guests or in Dragoncon leadership to explain this change?
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i didnt realize that the thread i commented on was as old as it was so i apologize for necroposting like that, but i was wondering if it would be possible to get the smaller badge that is given to on stie buyers instead of the large badge that is usually given to pre reg. i pre regged mine but i actually like the smaller badge better. if so this would be great, but if not no biggie, i just like the smaller badge better is all.
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All of the space in the parade has been reserved for both participants and vehicles. The registration form has been disabled. WOW!

GROUP LEADERS - please review the number of spaces you reserved and let us know if any of the spaces can be returned 'to inventory'. Also, please remind your group members that they DO NOT need to sign up individually, and ask that they contact me directly if they did.

Sorry for the lack of a 2 minute warning, an influx of entries including a couple of new groups put us over the mark in seconds.

Thank you to all who registered.  More information coming as the year progresses.

JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

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I gotta say, I am almost speechless. We are down to a few hundred spaces for participants.

PLEASE - if you are signed up to march with a group (e.g., 501st, Prydon Academy, Dark Hunters, a gaming group, Ghostbusters, Periodic Table, Marriott Carpet, Eternals, etc.) DO NOT SIGN UP INDIVIDUALLY. If you have done that, please let me know ASAP so I can free up the double reserved space. dc_parade at dragoncon.org.

JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

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FIRST UPDATE. VEHICLE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.I will be confirming the vehicles registered so far to verify that all vehicle slots have been reserved. Please contact me via PM or email (dc_parade at dragoncon dot org) if you would like to be placed on the Wait List for parade vehicles.

BREAKING... Yes, parade reg is open and you have heard the call. Oh my, have you heard the call. smile emoticon REQUEST FOR REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS, if you are part of a group that is or will be registered PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER YOURSELF as an individual marcher as well. It's a double count and unnecessarily freezes space. Trust me, your parade participation is assured in the numbers registered by your group. Let me know ASAP if this pertains to you so I can free up the space you reserved.

JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

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IT'S OPEN! Go for it!

Everyone, apologies for the late opening of the reg form Internet troubles. :(

Here's the link to sign up for the parade!


JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

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Parade registration opens this coming Monday morning, February 15!  Once again we'll be using an online form.  The process is quick and easy.  I'll be posting the link to the form here and in our other social media and forums on Monday morning around 9:00 AM.  I wanted to share a few basic reminders with everyone before Monday.


1) Remember that parade participation is for Dragon Con members only. If you are not planning on purchasing a 2016 membership that includes Saturday (parade day), please do not register to reserve space (that might otherwise go to a DC member) in our parade. Member badges must be worn on parade morning.

2) Remember that commercial entries are only accepted in the parade IF you are a Dragon Con sponsor. If you want to advertise your company or products/services but are not already a sponsor, please do not register for our parade at this time. Contact me if you'd like information on sponsorship.

3) Remember to double check that your information entered in the form is correct. The form has changed just a little bit from last year. We're asking for your (legal) First & Last name this year because there are lots of instances where people couldn't remember which name (fan or otherwise) they used to register. We figure if the registration is under your legal name, it'll lessen the stress all the way around. If this is a problem for you, contact me. :) Feel free to make liberal use of the Comment section on the form, especially if you are entering an original costume.

4) Remember to check for the 'confirmation screen' that will be returned to you after you successfully submit the form. It acknowledges receipt of your registration request. We review all entries on a daily basis. If we have a question or concern about your entry, you'll get an email from us. If you DO NOT hear back from us (no email) within a week of registering, everything is good to go with your participation. So, email from us = potential problem :( and NO email from us = all is right with the world and you are registered for the parade :).

5) Remember that registration will stay open until we have filled all the space in the parade. Still don't panic if you haven't registered on Day 1. Do keep in mind if things go as they did last year, it might only take a couple of months to hit our cap. We'll try to give as many updates/warnings as possible when the spaces start to dwindle down for both participants and vehicles.

INDIVIDUALS: You do NOT have to belong to a group to march. Register yourself and we'll make sure you march in the right section of the parade. However if you ARE a member of a group (501st, Dark Hunters, etc.) please DO NOT register as an individual saying you'll be marching with XYZ group - your participation is taken care of in the group's registration.

GROUPS & GROUP LEADERS: When you register, provide your best estimate of the number of people and vehicles (if any) you believe will be in your parade group. Some group leads use previous years' actual participation numbers to base their estimates on. Please do not base your estimate on how popular you believe your group will be (especially for brand new groups). As long as we have unclaimed space, we can adjust your numbers if needed.

More to come in the next months. LOTS more!

Follow us:
- on Twitter @DragonConParade
- in Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/groups/dragonconparade/
- at Yahoo Groups  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dc_parade/info
- here in LiveJournal AND on the Dragon Con web site

Feel free to email me if you have questions about the parade. dc_parade(at)dragoncon(dot)org,
JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade
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Hey all.....

Guess i shouldnt be surprised but some jackwipe posted a big SW spoiler in one of the major DC facebook groups...

To guard against that happeming in here, which admittedly is very unlikely, ive switched moderated mode back on for a while so i can at least stop one in the queue. Our preapproved folk are good enough folk to avoid doing things like that. My worry is a troll wandering in.

Well prob stay in mod mode till at least after the new year...

Thanks everyone.


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