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So for the 10th year we will once again be hosting authors at our booth for signings. Some new names and some familiar faces. As usual you don't have to buy a book but it sure does help.

Author signings at The Missing Volume       Booth 2505, 2507, 2604 level 2 AmericasMart

2:30 PM                        Michael Z Williamson and Gail Sanders

11 AM                           Laura Ann Gilman
1 PM                            Clay and Susan Griffith
2:30 PM                        Jana Oliver
4 PM                            Mike Resnick
6 PM                            Jim Butcher

Noon                            Jonathan Maberry
10:30 AM                      Joel Sheppard
2 PM                            Timothy Zahn
4 PM                            Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
6 PM                            John Ringo

11 AM                           Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta
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Once again we will be hosting writers for signings in our booth. I will post the list with names and times as soon as the final program has been released. We will be in booth # 2604, 2505, 2507 on the second floor of the AmericasMart. We will have several new writers with us this year and we will several books that will be fresh off the press.  We will also be announcing signings on twitter and you can follow us @missingvolume to keep up with it during the convention.
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Hey guys and gals! I am so excited to be going this year after a three year absence. I've been unemployed for just as long and was getting pretty depressed, especially since my mom died in November. So I re-enrolled in college and am waiting to hear if I was accepted into the program I applied to. As a sort of reward and a gift from my father, he bought me a ticket to this year's convention.
So I have a few questions since some things have changed since I last attended. The registration line has been moved correct? And is no longer at the Hyatt? Was it different last year and how did everyone find that experience?
I had surgery on my knee a few months ago and I am doing much better, but it still hurts if I sit at certain angles for too long. Standing doesn't really bother me too much. Would it be a bother to make an inquiry to Disability Services about seating on an end seat so I can shift my leg if I need to? Sitting in the middle of a row sometimes locks up my legs and they can become very painful. I don't want to bother them for something that might not seem to be a big deal. I would even be fine with sitting in the back, but I know that they usually try to push everyone as close to the front, which squashes us all together.
Also, when I went there was a vendor that sold Lovecraft inspired items, such as books, toys, games, and art. Does anyone remember what their name is and if they are going to be there again?
Finally, I noticed Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) is going to be there as a vendor! Did anyone from this community visit their booth last year and did you notice if they were selling any of their shirts that they usually sell through the Trading Post?
Thanks for any replies! Also if I don't answer right away, it's because I have a test in the morning (which I should be studying for), but I will be back in the afternoon.
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Lookin at the map it looks that there's a habitrail from the main hotels to the new Vendor rooms. So my question(s) is: Is it a wheelchair accessable route? Or go by way of the streets the only way? Is it possible for a video showing the routes?
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Once again the The Missing Volume will be having authors signing at their booth in the Marriott Marques ballroom at booths 614,615  against the back wall of the room. 


3 PM                 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Noon                 Brandon Sanderson

2 PM                 Alethea Kontis

3 PM                 Tim Zahn

4 PM                 Jonathan Maberry

5 PM                 Carole Nelson Douglas 


11 AM               Cinda Williams Chima and Jana Oliver

1:30 PM             Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris

4 PM                 John Ringo


11 AM               Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta

We will have books available for purchase for all the writers listed and for lots of other writers attending the convention. Drop us a note between now and Monday night if you see a book on our website you want us to bring for you to buy. And yes once again we will be joined by our friend, Pop Culture Caps by alternativeXchange so if books are not your thing come by anyway and check out the cool stuff they have. 

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I haven't forgotten about posting the schedule for this year, I'm just waiting on a few more writers to confirm signing times and crossing fingers that a few new releases will make it to the show on time. We will have several new writers signing for us along with writers that have signed with us before. We will have flyers available at the show so stop by the booths 614, 615 along the back wall in the Marquis Ballroom for the full and most up to date signing information. 

Also if you are looking for signed books by writers that will not be at the convention you can hit my website  The Missing Volume and see what I have available and I will be happy to bring it to the convention for you to purchase there. 
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Each year, Weyrfest runs a weekend-long raffle (which we do as a firelizard hatching -- super-cute and everyone seems to love it). We usually have between around 15 and 20 prizes, with extra-sweet goodies to the winners of our costume contest. (The raffle is perfectly legal: no one buys tickets! It's just something we do as a thank you to our awesome attendees.)

I always bring a boatload of books, signed book plates, graphic novels, hand crafts, and other dragony-type good stuff, but of course we love to get a few extra goodies; last year, for example, Michael Whelan was kind enough to donate a couple of posters.

I realize we're getting down to the wire, but I was hoping there might be some purveyors of dragon-type stuff -- shoulder dragons, jewelry, sculptures, prints -- who would be willing to kick in something small to our little track. Even pens, bookmarks, and t-shirts would be great. We always put out business cards from our donors, and plug the business/website when we give away a donated prize.

I can never remember, off the top of my head, the names of the regular dealers, but if any of them (or even any of you crafty folk!) are reading and feeling generous, please get in touch with me at pern[at]dragoncon[dot]org. Thank you so much!

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Pop Culture Caps by alternativeXchange will once again be vending at DragonCon. We'll have a great assortment of various charms of pop culture icons available, but here's your chance to ask for the obscure ones. Want a specific character? Let us know and we'll try to have one in time for the show. We can usually fulfill most requests; however, all items are made with original images so there has to be something out there that can be cannibalized (cards, stickers, magazine clippings, etc).

So, check us out: http://www.popculturecaps.com

We'll be at booths: 614, 615 - Marquis Ballroom with our good friends at The Missing Volume.
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Hi Everyone, 

Many of you have probably already started to receive your Progress Report in the mail, but for those of you that can't wait, it is now online!

You can download the file at: http://advertising.dragoncon.org/publications/progress-report/

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These tips are more specifically aimed at Dragoncon goers. :)

Again, if you have any tips, or spot anything that needs to be changed, please reply, and I will edit the post accordingly, and also give you credit. :)
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Hi, I'm Bill Meeks and once again I'll be covering Dragon*Con for Bleeding Cool. Bleeding Cool is a Comics/TV/Film website that is in Technorati's top 5 entertainment sites and gets over 1,000,000 uniques per month.

I'm trying to raise some funds to improve the quality and turnaround time on the coverage by having a hotel room on site. I set up an Indiegogo to fund it here:

Indiegogo: Help Send Bleeding Cool to Dragon*Con

You can give whatever you'd like and you'll a 'Special Thanks' in all of our coverage as well as access to all the raw images we take (last year we took about 3,000 pictures) that you can use for whatever purposes you'd like. A little more will also net you some souvenir from the convention (or a beer on me if you are coming to the con).

We are also offering full sponsorships at $50 per day, which will get you an ad right at the front of a certain day's videos. We aim to put out 4-6 videos per days and our videos last year averaged around 2,000/video. Based on interviews we already have set up I expect our views to double this year if not triple.

So, thanks if anybody can help make our coverage even better this year, and we'll see you at the con!

Bill Meeks
Bleeding Cool
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I would like to be a dealer, anyone know if it's full? I've read everywhere they fill up fast but no official answer if it's full now or not.
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THere was a dealer selling bathrobes....a few in fact but this one had the robes hanging on the wall behind their stall. They had Star Wars and DC comics robes. Any way, they had a pre-order for the DC robes (I ordered my wife a Wonder Woman robe) and said they would be shipping them out mid november if I remember correctly. Does anyone know the name of these guys? I have the receipt but there's no info on it and I still havent received the robe. Any help would be appreciated as Christmas will be here before you know it and this was supposed to be a gift. Their stall was in the downstairs dealer room and on the second row if I remember correctly. THey also had a rack with some bowling shirts in front of their stall.

Thanks for any help.



Sep. 9th, 2011 02:22 pm
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I didn't have any issues with Froggys this year, but I was wondering if anyone had gotten their JPG version of their pictures emailed to them yet? Does anyone have a general idea of when they're supposed to email them out? Thanks!
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Hey guys. I know some people don't think to do it but you all should google the different dealers that were at Dragon*Con. Just find the dealers list still on the Dragon*Con website and google the names. Even if they didn't have business cards at the con with their websites quite a few DO have them. Support these guys and be sure to let them know how you came across them! Also, some of the sites that were posted on the dragon*con dealers page seem to not exist anymore such as http://www.grannywitchsfaeriecottage.com/

This has been a friendly reminder from your friendly neighborhood engineering officer.
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It's happened to us all. We need make-up or wig supplies and we either lost of forgot to pack it. Or we just can't get our make-up to work...or our wig totally got flattened while in transit. Many times we just have to deal...but this year, the infamous EMM DIVINE will be set up in the HYATT and on call...ready to help you out!

Emm is a professional make-up artist and hair-stylist and she'll be bringing lots of extra necessary supplies and will also be available to help with hair/wig/make-up if you need her.


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Booth signings at The Missing Volume in the Mariott Marques ballroom in booths 614,615


10:30 AM             Tracy Hickman and Howard Taylor

1 PM                      Mark Van Name and Patrick Vanner

2 PM                      Larry Correia and Michael Z Williamson

4 PM                      Eric Flint and Mary Robinette Kowal

6 PM                      Rachel Caine


11 AM                   Laura Anne Gilman and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

2PM                       John Ringo and Howard Taylor

4PM                       Ann and Jeff VanderMeer

6PM                       Jana Oliver


10:30AM              Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta

2PM                       Tim Zahn

And if you want a book from the website please message me through the website no later than 7am Wed.  www.themissingvolume.com  
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Once again The Missing Volume is hosting signings at the booth during the convention.  As to the TBAs on the schedule I am still waiting on confirmations from a few more writers that their time slots are good for them. So I will be updating this posts or you can stop by the booth for the final signing schedule. We can be found  on the Exhibit level in the Marques ballroom against the back wall in booths 614,615. 




10:30 AM TBA and Howard Taylor

1 PM Mark Van Name and Patrick Vanner

2 PM Larry Correia and Michael Z Williamson

4 PM Eric Flint and Mary Robinette Kowal

6 PM Rachel Caine and TBA


11 AM Laura Anne Gilman

2PM John Ringo and Howard Taylor

4PM Ann and Jeff VanderMeer

6PM Jana Oliver


10:30AM Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta

2PM Tim Zahn

I will be selling new books for several of the guests at the con and I will be bringing signed and collectable books for sale as well. If you would like to see what I have available for sale you can check my website www.themissingvolume.com .  If you see something on the website you would like me to bring to the show please drop me a message ASAP so I can get it make sure it gets packed in the truck by Wed early AM. 

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Just in case there are some of you that didn't receive an email regarding your photo-op with Illumina. Below is the email I received. Also, this will also effect any panels Jim Beaver was scheduled to be on. I believe the Friday panel for Supernatural has already been cancelled, but please double check that as the schedule has changed quite a bit since the last time I looked.

Hello, Everyone!

I have an update for you on Jim Beaver, who will now be arriving on Sat afternoon due to a shooting schedule going late Friday night.  We WILL have the Supernatural Cast photo as planned, but be prepared for the session to possibly start late due to travel delays.  We do need to move Jim's Sat solo to Monday morning and his Sat. duo with Misha to Monday morning.  Please see the schedule below.

I understand that this may be a problem for anyone who is leaving on Sunday night or Monday morning.

Please write to me here and we will work with you to either, move you to the new Monday sessions or cancel and refund those sessions to you.  We are giving priority to our advance customers to move their solo Jim Beaver to the Sunday session.

Due to panels and other scheduling issues at the show, we can only move the sessions to Monday, HOWEVER, photos taken that morning WILL be available that day and the actors will stay and sign until 1:30 on Monday.

We regret the inconvenience, but are very happy that Jim is going to work all night, fly all day and get to meet all of his fans, so show him some love!  And we want to thank Misha Collins for being willing to stay an extra day to help us re-schedule.

The new solo on Monday is at 9:30  to 10:00 am and the duo with Misha is from 10:00 to 10:30am.

Thanks again, write to me here with any questions.


New photo op schedule )


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