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What is Dragon*Con's stand on Scalzi's Convention Harassment Policy?

"We reserve the right to ask you to leave the convention
and refuse to refund your membership money
if you are behaving - in technical terms - like a jerk."  <- this is not reassuring.
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Boosting the signal from the dragonconrooms comm, this is abt a hotel changing hands!

"IMPORTANT: The Holiday Inn Express Buckhead has changed ownership and is now the Quality Suites Buckhead Village. All reservations made under former management will be honored. Unfortunately, during the conversion there was a problem with their reservations system. Because of this attendees will need to e-mail John Welch at johnw@wxhotels.com with their original reservation confirmation number and the dates of their arrival and departure to reconfirm their stay. Please take action immediately, as the hotel will open up available reservations in 7 - 10 days."

This was on the D*C FB page.
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Robert (RJ) Haddy from SyFy's Face Off, Season 2 will be joining the Costuming Track this year to discuss makeup, costuming, puppetry, and what it was like to compete on Face Off.
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These tips are more specifically aimed at Dragoncon goers. :)

Again, if you have any tips, or spot anything that needs to be changed, please reply, and I will edit the post accordingly, and also give you credit. :)
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Here's the link to the general con and D*C tips that I update and re-post every year:


(The second list, of suggestions made, will be updated and posted asap.)

As always, please feel free to reply with more helpful tips. :)
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I really wanna know who is responsible for the decision to use Passkey.

I'm not kidding around either.  I want someone in the D*C offices to answer this question.

Every year, it crashes.  I don't know who's paying these incompetent jerk, but it needs to stop and better solution found.
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Anyone know if you book a reservation for 2 ppl but actually have 4 staying in the room... how will they know? I know if you book double beds and say you have 4 ppl the price goes way up. Any suggestions?


Sep. 10th, 2011 12:49 pm
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I plan to fly in from Massachusetts. I'm wondering if anyone has had good luck finding cheap flights.
I also and wondering how one gets to the con without a car from the airport. :)
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Post your General D*C Information questions and needs here.
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What do all of you think is the best time time pick up pre-reg badges on Thursday? I was considering going and queueing up before registration opens, but I wonder if that is just going to get me caught in a giant initial backlog. Would it be better to go a few hours after reg starts?

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I'm sure there is a map somewhere of this, but what are the pedestrian bridges locations for the hotels?

Hilton - 2nd floor to get to Marriott 
Marriott - 
Hyatt - 


Not sure they all have bridges, but I think they do.  You'd think after 4 years I'd get this straight...
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Hello everyone!

We are looking to stock our room with some munchies and booze (for more efficient con attendance, although I do remember an excellent breakfast joint from my last DC) and I am wondering if there is a grocery/convenience store and a liquor store within walking distance of the host hotels. Preferably one that is open after 11 since our flights get in late on Thursday night. We aren't going to have a car so it needs to be within a mile or so. Also another silly question, do grocery stores in Georgia sell alcohol? We have weird laws in Colorado and they can't. It's stupid.

Thanks for the help everyone!
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I put together a list of possibly helpful places from what I know and Google. I welcome any suggestions others have to change this list. Also, keep in mind that most Atlanta stores are smaller and often have reduced stock. If you're going to get something for a costume, especially if you're unsure if it might be carried at a smaller place, I highly recommend taking a couple minutes to call the store.

Fabric, craft, costume store, home improvement, grocery, convenience stores, liquor )
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Hey everyone. This is the first year that my friends and I will be staying on site for the convention instead of commuting from my sister's house in Roswell. I know that the hotels we're in charge for their wireless access, but I was wondering if there were some hot spot alternatives around the con?

I saw the post about Boingo from the 15th of July, but I am not trying to sign up for a service. (Though if it's a cheaper option...it might be worth it)

Some of us have smart phones and date plans so that won't be an issue, however I was hoping that some site-vets might know of some good places to snag some quick wifi access during a quiet hour or two.

Any suggestions or alternatives to paying 20+ dollars for 10 minutes of email checking are appreciated.
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Wondering if

A) If there going to be a "Handicap Services" Registration area for Thursday and if so, where will it be and when will it open.

B) If there is a separate registration area, do we/must we bring our "assistant" so they can get the shiny sticker on their badge too??

C) If there IS NOT going to be one, where is THAT one going to be on Thursday and when will it be opened??

thank you and can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*insert fan girl squeel*
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Looking at the just released maps of the Sheraton, Registration is shown to be in the large Georgia 2-12. Pre-Registration is shown as being in a much smaller area of the Capitol Ballroom, with Main Programming in the rest of that room. Pre-Reg is where you would go with your blue postcard, right? Has Pre-Reg always been in a separate room from on-site registration? Am I misunderstanding the map? I know they'll direct me to the correct line, but I'm kinda OCD and would feel better knowing ahead of time. :-)
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Is there somewhere that I can find a list of what tracks are being held in which hotels? I could look at some of the posted schedules but I want a list that says Alternate History- Westin, Star Wars- Marriott, etc. Anyone have a clue where I can find this simple info?

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Given that registration opens for pre-regs at 10am, is it possible to pick up someone else's badge if they can't be there?  My wife has classes at Georgia State University into the afternoon, and it would be more convenient if I could pick up both of our badges at once.  I know that in the past, a signed note from the other person was enough to give permission.

Is there a way to do that this year?

Thanks!  See you in a few days.


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