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Seeking GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) participants from any year(s) as well as their friends/family/enablers to come see how many Sock Monkey aficionados we can get in one photo. You are required to wear something sock monkey themed - a full costume, your own sock monkey high fashion, or just a hat or paper plate mask. Cosplay is welcome as long as you have a sock monkey somewhere on you; as are kale dragons, GISHBOTs, etc. Hopefully we can get a BIG crowd and send the pics to the GISHWHES crew (including Misha Collins of course)! Plus as a bonus you get to meet up with other participants - I'll be meeting one of my 2013 teammates for the first time! (You can come to the meet just to watch or take pics if you don't want to be in the photo or don't have anything sock monkey. But we're GISHWHESians - we laugh heartily at being weird in public and/or making DIY sock monkey gear!)

Here is the FB event for ease but you do not have to RSVP there if you don't use FB.
Location/ Date/Time: Hardy Ivy Park, Saturday 12:30 pm
The time and location are open to change if there are significant problems for multiple attendees. If you have questions etc feel free to ask me. I'm looking into having some 1" buttons available (at cost, with any excess donated to Random Acts) if that's interesting.


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