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Aug. 1st, 2015 10:12 am
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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the slowmess on my end. As the pattern has been the past few years, real life keeps interfering with con readiness. This year, my brother is getting hitched next weekend and have had to deal with that and other less pleasant family stuff.

As memtioned in past years, weve quieted back down to olden days with social media now run by Facebook and Twitter and eclipsing LJ; in a few years theyll likely be succeeded by something else. Despite that, this place will continue.

Since its much quieter and we domt get the outside spam post we did back in our high traffic days, ive turned the community back into open mode where your post shows immediately. Of course moderated mode can be reinstated at any time and while ive eased off a bit on the graphics limits, i still reserve the right to pull posts if they get too graphics heavy, beyone PG-13, etc., but i wont be quite as strict especially when we get out of con time.

Over the weekend, ill do the usual annual postings and set up for con. Even with our new traffic reality, well still prob go the master post route post con.

Thanks everyone.
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