Sep. 2nd, 2013

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Post your Photos and Photo Requests under this post. If the pics are not work safe, post them elsewhere, and post a link back to them with appropriate warnings. You can also use [ profile] dragoncon_photo and the DC Wiki. Please avoid crossposting...use links instead
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Post under here for Lost and Found items
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Post anything that does not fit under the other master posts here. Please remember that a moratorium on For Sale Postings is now in effect. Such posts will be yanked from comments. If abuse becomes a problem this master post will be removed.
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The Post Con Control Mode has now gone into effect.

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, FOR SALE POSTS ARE BANNED AND WILL REMAIN SO DURING THE POST CON PERIOD. There's currently no timetable set for allowing general for sale posts again(D*C vendors who had a booth dont come under the moratorium), but it will be at least October. People need time for their wallets to recover from the con.

Certain D*C Senior and Track Directors have been granted posting preapproval. All know that this is a privilege and not a right and are subject to having posts yanked and losing the privilege same as anyone else.

Certain posts in the mod queue may be allowed thru as conditions warrant. Any posts in the mod queue that belong under the master posts will be automatically rejected.

Post Con Control Mode will remain in effect until traffic returns to normal offseason levels.

Thank you again everyone for a great con and already looking forward to next year!!


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