Sep. 10th, 2012

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Were there any this year? We've all heard or seen the problems in the past few years that prompted the heightened badge checking. This year I haven't heard of any conflicts, which would be great if true. Anyone?
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Now that the dust has settled a bit, this is a follow-up to [ profile] zarathud's post on running at Dragon*Con.  I'm curious to see how many people braved the heat, humidity, and hills of Atlanta over the weekend, and who might like to get together to run next year.  While I wasn't able to meet up with anyone through LJ this time around, on Monday morning I asked someone who was heading out for a run if I could join him, so I did get at least one D*Con running partner.  

I would head up to Piedmont Park and around midtown Atlanta, doing 4 to 6 miles a day on Thursday, Friday, and Monday (Saturday and Sunday were just too busy, although I know a group of folks runs the parade route before thing kick off).  Doing a half marathon's worth of running over the long weekend is pretty straightforward; it might be a good goal for an informal Dragon*Con running club, maybe even something we could use to benefit a D*C charity.  Thoughts?

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Does anyone know where they have a list of all the costume contest winners?  Looking for the Hallway contest winners online and can not find anything, thanks.
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I saw after the convention that Aaron Douglas had been added to the line up but I didn't see him on the BSG panel I saw or in the Walk of Fame or anything on the app.  Did anyone else get to see him?  Just curious.  :)


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