Jun. 10th, 2012

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For Sale Posts are now allowed again.

Below are the rules; please read them before posting your stuff...

1) The subject header of your post MUST start with the words FOR SALE.

2) LEGAL items only, please

3) Items must be available at least nationally within the US.

Offline local garage sales=NO; available only in your home area=NO. Items must be available at least nationwide in the US. Less than that, you're better off using locally oriented LJ communities.

4) Aside from a very short text only description of what you're selling, all details, graphics, videos, and any other constructs MUST be behind a link or lj-cut. Any work unsafe graphics within a link or lj-cut must be preceded with an appropriate warning.

5) AUCTION/FOR SALE LINKS - A link to ONE auction listing or summary of stuff for sale PER SELLER with just basic text information is allowed outside of a lj-cut, but nothing beyond that. Members can get pictures and more in depth info at the auction/for sale page or behind the cut.

This rule is to prevent someone listing umpteen or so items on eBay or elsewhere then trying to make several seperate post for each item, thereby de facto spamming up the community. Get your stuff organized and then list or link it in one post; dont post some items, then try to seperately post more items 30 seconds later.

6) Caveat Emptor. Any and all promises and/or guarantees on for sale posts are the full and complete responsibility of the buyer and seller. The [livejournal.com profile] dragoncon community, all maintainers and moderators, Dragoncon the convention, and Livejournal are not and cannot be held responsible for any promises or guarantees made on for sale items.

This was one of the major reasons it took so long to reallow for sale posts a few years ago. Back when we polled on this, a few of you brought up the responsibility issue on for sale posts and trying to figure out a way to handle that has been a major roadblock.
In short, transactions on anything listed here are the full and absolute responsibility of the buyer and seller only. The community, the maintainers and moderators, the convention, or Livejournal will offer no guarantees or promises on for sale items listed in here. If you cannot work under that, dont post anything for sale in here or buy anything listed for sale in here. The first time a for sale post becomes a major problem for the community will be the last time it becomes a problem for the community because in such an event for sale posts will be then permanently banned.

7) After posting, Sellers must wait a minimum of fourteen(14) days before posting another for sale post. This minimum may be extended if conditions warrant

This was another stumbling block: how to prevent someone making a post of items one day then turning around the next day and posting another list. Since most eBay auctions(which are the primary exchange method of for sale items
in the community) run 7 or 10 days, 14 days was the number I came up with so that a few active sellers dont shut others out.

8) Posts may be yanked if the For Sale items fall outside the above perview. For Sale posts may be banned at anytime without warning or notice if they become a problem here in the community.

9) BADGES/MEMBERSHIPS: Since badges quite obviously affect the con directly, badge transfers are subject to their own rules as follows:

b) Account for the $20 transfer fee in your post
c) No graphics of any kind period(you dont need any to post a badge transfer
d) Keep it short and sweet...people sometimes get a lot wordier than necessary to explain a badge transfer...just stay with the heart of the matter and avoid extraneous stuff

When we get closer in to the convention and things really pick up in here, for sale posts will likely be herded into master posts placed at regular intervals since it will be quite busy in the community. After the con, there will likely be a moratorium reinstated to help with the post con crunch in here.

One method I recommend is post a short paragraph and link back to your own LJ for the main sales info.

Thanks again everyone for your patience.

Screened comments allowed.
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Hi I have A Toph Costume and  Hank Venture Batman costume for sale as well as Buffy Collectibles, thanks for looking:

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I'm a big fan of stuff, but I'm trying to downsize in hopes that I'll be able to get back to Dragon*Con with a bit of cash.  Here's hoping I can get my daughter to her first con in her Yoda costume this year!  (Yes, I made her a Yoda costume because that's how big of a nerd I am, hehe).

If you want a few things, I'm definitely willing to cut down on prices if you bundle.  If it says new, it's still wrapped in the package.  First person to order gets a free Best of Blondie CD!

Send me an email sentimental13@gmail.com or comment with any questions.  Thanks!
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