Apr. 12th, 2012

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Hello fellow Avatar fans!!! I'm a dedicated Katara cosplayer and was wondering if there was going to be some sort of meetup of ATLA / LoK cosplayers this year. I remember there was one on Sunday last year, but I completely missed it. :(
I'm hoping someone more experienced might have information about a possible meetup or photo shoot for this year. I would love to actually get in on one and meet other Avatar fans. All I've really seen in the past is a few cosplayers at random times while we wander around between panels and such. It sucks, cause we missed an excellent Aang and Blue Spirit cosplay the first time we went.
I plan to go as Fire Nation Katara this year and have my trusty plush Appa in tow. (Appa will be bringing a friend with him as well: Foo Foo Cuddlypoops!) So, if there are any Avatar cosplayers out there that are planning a meetup or photo shoot at some point, I would love to join you! :)
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So I tried to get a room at the Hyatt this year but of course pass key screwed me over. I've been calling once a week hoping to get An available room but it looks like nobody has cancelled. Has anyone had any luck and do i still stand a chance :( I really want a room at the Hyatt. When do people usually start canceling?


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