Jun. 10th, 2011

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I have a couple of friends coming this year, their first time. They are trying to find somewhere to stay. They don't mind travelling in to the con, but are looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful. Could anyone give me any ideas to pass onto them.

Many thanks!
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 Sorry if this has been answered already. With the changes to the badge pickup, how does that affect the ability to pick up badges for others? In the past you needed a photocopy of their ID and a signed note from them giving you permission. Is that still sufficient, provided I also have their barcode postcard?
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I am looking for two tickets for the weekend for Dragon Con...anyone not going?

Feel free to contact me if you can!

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Hi there,

I'm trying to get an idea of how many UK folk will be coming to D*C this year. I'm including Ireland, even though you're not UK'ers, but you still get the BBC :D

If you are, or if you know, anyone who is coming to D*C this year, and you're travelling from the UK, please let me know.

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So the current rumor is that the Doctor Who season 6.5 premiere will be on 9/3.

What would it take to have someone maybe on Brit Track get a big ballroom and a feed to BBC:America so we can have the biggest Doctor Who viewing party since NYC?

Would other folks be interested in something like this? I think it'd be pretty awesome to watch the premiere with a couple hundred of my closest Whovians.
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Staying at the Hyatt this year and need to know where the closest High Life dealer is. I am working tons of overtime to make it to DRAGON*CON and need some ice cold High Life to have a good time. No light beer please.

For I am Unruly. Look for my coming to the west.


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