Aug. 26th, 2010

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(Mea Culpa to any and all West Coast folk for my earlier spoilery post)

D*C Favorites Arc Attack, upset over being sent home Wed night from America's Got Talent, has put up the entire band and intellectual property up for sale on eBay.

Want a guest badge for 2011? Here's your chance!
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The meter just turned to seven days. Officially a week to go...
We could really use that Trek Track schedule now!
Please? Pretty please?

I get antsy enough in the last week...

*entering panic mode*
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So, I heard that the lines for people who Pre-Registered open at 10AM on Thursday - is that true?

That's not my real question though. So, my friend and I are getting down there pretty early, since we basically live in Atlanta. We want to register, get settled in the hotel, and have all the stressful stuff out of the way. However, one of our other friends probably won't be able to get down there until very late thursday night or early friday morning.

So I'm wondering... Is there a way to get her badge for her? If so, what stuff would I need from her to do it? I've always done Ticketmaster, which was its own line if I remember correctly. So I'm not really sure what I need. Is it just the yellow card I got in the mail? If I have her yellow card, is that enough to get her badge?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I looked on the Dragon*con website and didn't see anything about this.
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7 days until we're setting up the track room in the Marriott, L401-403! 

8 days until Dragon*Con 2010 kicks off! 

We tried to post the schedule on LJ, but it's too big, so head over to and check it out. It's still *tentative* as we all know...things change when we're at the con, but hopefully you'll be able to find us!

SW@D*C, sponsored by
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Hi, folks,

Bring your on-going crafty projects to the Alternate History Track Sewing and Craft Circle, Sunday, 10 AM in Westin, International C (the Alt History Track room).

All fandoms are welcome and discussion is encouraged!

For those of you who don't have a craft project and would like to work on one, the following kits will be available for FREE at the panel on a first come, first served basis so that you can make accessories for the Grand Pirate and Time Travelers' Ball...or whatever else you'll be attending on Sunday night (*wink*):

Available kits )
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Dragon*Con draws people from all over the world, and it also brings films.  Our line up this year includes an array of shorts, comedies, animations, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror madness for the pass holders of Dragon*Con 2010.

We Atlantans are proud to feature the Georgian filmmakers who are representing at the Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival.

Four Days at Dragon*Con  Written/Produced by Gordon Ray, Jack Walsh; Directed by Jack Walsh
Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man   Written by Brandon McCormick, Charlie Wetzel, Nick Kirk; Directed by Brandon McCormick; Produced by Brandon McCormick, Nick Kirk
Help! Tangent Man!  Written/Directed/Produced by Mark Smith
Necromance  Written/Directed by Matthew Munson; Produced by Blake Myers, Matthew Munson
Nothin' Noble  Written/Directed by Derek Underwood; Produced by Kathleen Hovan, Derek Underwood, Tyler Reid, Lia Towers
Party Sauce  Written/Produced by Greg Culberson, Jason Beck; Directed by Jason Beck
Pushin' Up Daisies Written by Patrick Franklin, Robert Wagstaff; Directed by Patrick Franklin; Produced by Patrick Franklin, Andy Rusk
The Tedious Existence of Terrell B. Howell  Written By Kelly Young-Silverman, Michael H. Harper; Directed By David Marshall Silverman; Produced by Kelly Young-Silverman, David Marshall Silverman
This Side Up  Written/Directed by Eric Blue; Produced by Eric Blue, Scott Salamon
Window Pains  Written, Directed, Produced by Paul Allen Tillery IV

Check our schedule and line up to plan your movies into your Dragon*Con adventure, only seven days away!
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Hi everyone! Since we're so close to the convention, I thought I'd give a fast run down of some of the cool things going on in the WoT track this year.

We have two big events this year. The first is the TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT preview panel. ToM is the 13th Wheel of Time novel and it will be released in November of this year. We're going to have the premiere of the ToM book trailer, followed by co author Brandon Sanderson reading an excerpt (probably from the prologue). Then we'll have time for a short Q&A. This will take place Saturday at 1PM in Hanover C-E in the Hyatt.

Our other big event is our annual "A Night at the Winespring Inn" party. This year will feature live performances by Pandora Celtica and the Gypsy Nomads. We'll also have Wheel of Time themed gaming, period dance lessons and a special door prize courtesy of Tor Books. This will take place Saturday at 10PM in Regency V in the Hyatt.

We'll have our annual costume contest, judged by Brandon Sanderson, Sunday at 4PM in A601-A602. The grand prize this year will be a hard back first edition of THE GATHERING STORM, the 12th WoT novel, signed the members of "Team Jordan": author Brandon Sanderson, editor Harriet McDougal and continuity editors Maria Simons and Alan Romanczuk.

As always, we'll be holding multiple discussion panels about the WoT setting, characters and plot. We'll also have two trivia contests, a "Simon Says" game featuring the sword forms and our insanely popular "Are you a Darkfriend?" game. You can see our full schedule on our very pretty new official website.

You can contact me via email at

See you all there!

EDIT: I forgot about the parade! If you've got a WoT costume and you'd like to march with us in the parade, please me at the Kennesaw room of the Hyatt at 9AM on Saturday. I'll give you your ribbons and we'll walk over to the muster point together at about 9:15. If you miss us, you can still meet us at the muster point in Woodruff Park.  We just meet early since so many people are from out of town and don't know how to find Woodruff Park on their own.

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If anyone remembers last year, we had a shortage of dress forms to display costumes on for our panel. We had an awesome turn out, from quite a few awesome ladies last year, that hauled their dress forms in for us!

If you're making a short drive, or don't mind packing up a dress form for our panel, we'd be VERY appreciative!

There will be two panels for Advanced Costuming: Friday at 11:30 am and Sunday at 11:30 am.

If you ARE willing to donate your dress form for the weekend, the best time to drop it off will be Friday between 10:00 and 11:00 at arriott L506 - L507 1, (the same room from last year).

Please be assured, that your dress form will be COMPLETELY safe, and locked in the room when panels are not going on. When panels will be going on, your dress form will be under close monitoring by Tolkien Track staff. If you'd like to pick them back up and drop them back off after and before each of the panels, that's excellent too!

We appreciate anything anyone can do for us and the costuming community! I also thank the girls, again, that allowed us to borrow their dress forms last year! You guys were wonderful!
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A few questions... just because it's my first time at this con. :)

1) Does the Hyatt have free wireless in the rooms? If no, where can I get wireless? I know there's something for $9.95 to have wireless on your computer in that region of Atlanta but I can't remember the link for it or anything. Fail on my part, but I NEED internet access during the con so this is a bit of an issue.

2) To get to the airport/hotel and vice-versa I use MARTA from the airport to the Peach Tree Center Station for $2.00. Please let me know if I'm wrong.

3) Any advice. I've read a LOT of forum threads on what to do when it's your first time and such, but anything is helpful.
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Prepping up for con, and feeling the pinch of the economy like everyone else. but I do have shiny things to offer. specifically chainmail lanyards (and some other things)


Im taking orders for them to be delivered at D*Con. I can work all sorts of combinations, but if Im short on a color, I can let you know post haste. I have time to get more delivered, but I'll have to pass along the shipping costs.

color (up to 3) $60
silver $50
round silver (the one in the middle) $35

and a few other odds and ends worth looking at

feel free to email me
Read more... )
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Edit: All memberships are tentatively spoken for. Thank you all SO much!

OK, I know this is horrifically last minute, but my friends and I find ourselves unable to attend this year, and, so, have three badges up for grabs. Four, possibly, if I don't hear back from someone about the one. I'd like to get the $70 paid for each, and the transfer fee is your responsibility.
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You MUST have a DragonCon membership badge for the Guinness attempt. You will not be permitted into the room unless we see a badge. There will also be no audience. If you're not participating, we cannot allow you into the room.

For superhero and Star Trek attempts:

1. Please be in costume. You will not be permitted to enter the room if you are not in full costume.
a. Does not have to be homemade. Feel free to use store bought. I did.
b. Cross-gender is fine.
c. Don't stress if the color isn't "just right" or a decoration isn't exact. Guinness won't be judging costume abilities.
d. For both attempts, costumes from print, TV, and movies are acceptable.
e. Do NOT make up a superhero or Star Trek costume.

2. Please expect to be in the room until the attempt is over. There is no in-and-out unless it is an emergency (like your back teeth are floating and your bladder is about to explode). We're planning on things to do in the room, so you aren't just being led into a big ballroom with no stimulation.

3. Please listen to staff giving instructions.

4. Be patient, please. We have to get each of you counted individually, and that will take some time.

5. Although we do have a door shut time, please remember that room is limited. Rooms will shut either at the specified time or when we reach capacity. Get there as early as possible!!

6. Magic numbers for Star Trek is 543 and for superhero it is 1,245.

7. The Star Trek attempt will have an expert there to check costumes. My guess is it is more for the non-human races and for outright bad Federation costumes (plain red shirt and jeans/shorts is a no). Again, it is not to judge your abilities, but to make sure those coming into the attempt have the correct costumes (we wouldn't want a Star Wars character coming into the attempt).

8. Please don't ask if this or that character is acceptable for superheroes. If it is "instantly recognizable" as GUINNESS states, then you're good to go. We're hoping to include some information on some of the more obscure characters that are bound to show up, but remember that in the end it is not DragonCon or those in charge of the attempt that have final say in your costume being acceptable. Guinness will review the photos, and if they don't know the character then they won't count it. If we get 1,250 into the room, and there's six characters that appeared in one comic 30 years ago, that will cost us the record. They are not used to people that spend years making costumes, and if you Google other attempts, you will see an ocean of store bought costumes. INSTANTLY RECOGNIZABLE is our mantra.

9. For Star Trek the costume can be any race and any variation of Federation uniforms as long as they were in print, TV, or movie.

10. Please don't be overly creative with costume tweaks. Unless there was a zombie in Star Trek, don't zombify the costume. Cross-gender is fine, but please, please keep the costumes official.

Door times:

Superhero doors will open at 1:00 (possibly earlier if we can) and will shut at 2:30 or when room is full. Get there as early as you can!! Once the doors are shut, that's it, and no more will be permitted inside. Fire marshal can be pesky about safety.

Star Trek doors will open at 7:30 (earlier if the room is cleared from previous use) and will shut at 9-9:15. Again, the doors could close earlier if the room fills, so get there as soon as you can. It's the same room as the Star Trek party, so not only will there be stuff to do during the event, there will be a party afterward.

If there are any changes or questions, please check with the information booth. Please spread this to the various messages boards for me. There's already been some misinformation on a few boards (so I've been told), and I'm trying to make sure everyone knows the requirements. I can't, however, visit every board, so your help would be most appreciated. :)

Also, if you have questions about the Steampunk photo shoot, direct those to that track. I don't know anything about it. I do know I'll be hanging around to check out the costumes, though. :)

Thank you and see you there!!
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Thinks its hilarious that QMx/ Austin Browncoats are selling 5 items that fit the criteria of the official D*C photo hunt.

7. A dead Red Shirt* (BC>RS)
20. Someone wearing Jayne’s orange hat* (we are the official seller of these)
21. Doctor Horrible* (Maquettes)
22. Two Cylon Sixes* (Maquettes)
29. Any vampire costume not Twilight related (Sunnydale high shirt)

Now to find where our booth is ;)
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so my son has finally talked me into getting us avatar costumes, but i have no idea were to find them and me and sewing machines are mortal enemies :)  could someone please help me out or if you have an old costume you would like to sell let me know.  thanks so much.
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Next weekend will be my first Dragon*Con ever and I could NOT be more excited! I have a few questions that I haven’t been able to easily locate in other posts:


1.       Do you have to have a badge for the parties? If you don’t have a badge will there be other parties you can get into?

2.       Should I buy a badge before or after the parade Saturday morning? I probably can’t get one before that…

3.       I’d like to do this as cheaply as possible (I know some things are unavoidable, though). Any tips on how to navigate this weekend on the cheap?

4.       I’m starting to get to understand the tracks, etc. I want all things Whedonverse this weekend. Any recommendations? Also, it will only be myself and another friend of mine going. Any Whedon peeps who want to meet up and bev up, holler!

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As I posted in this entry:, everyone is welcome to join in this year's vid.

That said, the official Friday filming has been cancelled.

As always, anyone is invited to be in the vid, you just have to show up to one of the times I'm recording.

1-Saturday, directly after the parade, 10th floor of the Marriott


2-Sunday, 9:30am, 10th floor of the Marriott

Some Rules:

-Costumes are not required, but are encouraged
-Wear any costume you'd like
-Don't worry, I will NOT put your name in the credits. Even so, if you're worried about privacy, etc, wear a mask for the vid. :)
-Bring a friend! The more the merrier (feel free to pass this on)
-The times listed are the only times. I'm sorry if you aren't a morning person, but if you want to be in the vid, you need to drag yourself out of bed for one of those shoots. :)
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I recently wrote up a big long list of tips and info for some Dragon*Con attendees that I know on Facebook, and I've gotten a few requests to post it here to Livejournal, so here it is!

This list is actually geared towards those who have been to conventions before, or who are even veteran con-goers...Dragon*Con is a lot different than many other sci-fi/fantasy/anime cons, and so the following tips are for those who already know about the basics of conventions. These tips are for experienced con-goers who are new to Dragon*Con specifically. If you're a new con-goer or have not had much experience with conventions, check out the following fantastic newcomer resources :)
(feel free to link to good basic guides that I've missed...I know there's a few other good ones out there!)

And without further ado...Dragon*Con Guide for Con Veterans )

I told you it was long. I hope that some of that info might be of use. If anyone has anything else that con-goers will encounter or have to consider that they may not have dealt with at other conventions, please add your own advice :) I've been going to conventions for 10 years, and even for me, Dragon*Con is an entirely different sort of beast!
And in my opinion, it's the best sort of beast ;)
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What's the deal with the Best Western Atlanta Airport East ?  A kind someone posted info on this hotel a few days ago that it still has rooms available for next weekend.  I'm not sure about this hotel, so if anyone has some good intel on this location it'd be a boon !
  Also, anyone have any good intel on the Extended Stay Deluxe on 3967 Peachtree ?  I already have reservations there, but just curious as to why this hotel is already booked up, versus the Best Western Airport East which is still available for the same dates.  The ES Deluxe is about 9 miles away from Downtown, while this Best Western is about 6 miles away and it reputedly has 24hr. shuttle service to MARTA.  Thanks all.
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Hi! I have two one membership for sale. Memberships have sold.  Thanks everyone!
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Alright, true believers, we're one week out from con now, and I know some of you out there are still dying to march in the parade but don't yet have a group with which to march. Your answer? Elemental, my dear Watson.

Yes, it's true. While many slots have filled up since my last post, there are still some elements available in the Periodic Table Parade Group. This will be my last post on the subject, as I work like a crazy person for the next few days and then head to con, but I wanted to give you all one more chance to peruse the spreadsheet and pick an element.

I mean, come on, Hydrogen is still available! Who wouldn't want to be number one?

And don't forget Radon, the one noble gas left unclaimed. Who wouldn't want to be nobility?

So come and march with us! It's sure to be a blast! Pick your poison, make a quick t-shirt or other fun costume, and rock on!

(Remember, please put your atomic name, symbol, number, and weight on the front of your costume. Other than that, anything goes! And yes, a piece of paper taped to the front of a shirt counts.)

Spreadsheet of available elements is here: Linkie, linkie!

Pictures of last year's costumes are here: Pictures!
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... was just looking on the membership page, and it doesn't state what credit cards are accepted. Can someone clue me in? *grin*
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In an effort to cut down on folk having to read through our list at Con, here is a .pdf of my spreadsheet, with all of our sayings. Yes, we're up to 28 pages, with around 1400 total. All spelling errors are entirely my own fat-fingered fault. Both The Guild and any FF/Serenity sayings in italics are new to the list (and there's a ton of 'em).

You have two choices, should you want to let me know ahead of time that you'd like one:
1) Fill out the custom lanyard section on our website (, then lanyards, then custom lanyards). We don't have all the sayings up as clickables, yet, but this way you could pay for them through Paypal. Anyone who chooses this method will get a little something extra when they pick up, to make up for the shipping cost ($2.00).
2) Send me an email and let me know which one(s) you'd like. I can then either invoice you through PayPal, or you can pay at Con. I'm good with whatever works for you!

If you let us know ahead of time, your lanyards will be waiting for you when we get into town on Wednesday. Not to worry, we'll have several lists at our booth for your casual perusal, should you choose to watch yours being made. ;-)
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