Aug. 7th, 2010

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There was a post a while ago for people who were planning on wearing costumes from Legend of the Seeker. I tentatively signed up for that group. I now know that I'll have my costume finished by then. I want to do that group for the parade, but I'm not sure if I should sign up alone or if we'll be signing as a group. Are any of you guys around here and know what the plan is?
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I've been failing at livejournal recently. Reposted from earlier, hopefully with a working lj cut this time.

I was going through my costumes and I came across a few pieces that I'm unlikely to use again, for various reasons. So in hopes of having a little more spending money, I'm offering them for sale here. Shipping would be $10 for each item and I'm happy to combine shipping, although  two items might end up being a little more expensive. Prices are negotiable if you think I'm charging too much for something.

item descriptions and pictures behind the cut )
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I've collected a lot of geekery over the years and have decided to let a lot of it go! Sci-Fi, fantasy, anime, Star Wars, Star Trek, comics, action figures, toys, Disney, 80s/90s collectibles, trading cards, Comic Con promos, geek clothing, pins, keychains, plushies and a whooole lot more!

See a sampling of items and a link to my shop after the jump! )
Edit: Now with sample pics (widget wasn't working).
Edit #2: Now with 100 more items listed at!
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As the day draws near and I start to think about who's autograph I want and am I willing to pay for it and if I am how am I going to pay for it and how many people can I afford to get one from  ect. ect.  
I became curious about what type of items most people get signed .  Are pictures the default item?  I guess I'm thinking those are kind of boring and you bring them home and do what?? with them.  I'm trying to get some more interesting ideas, any suggestions?  
  I'm talking from anything , star trek, true blood,  any comic people , I dream of jeannie , you name it  I'm just interested in some things people have had signed or seen other people get signed they thought was a good idea.
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I know this is posted elsewhere on the net, in other forms.  I know this is probably not news for some people.  So just forgive me if you're one of those people.  Also, the things I'm going to say may not apply or be possible for everyone. So, appy polly loggies for that as well.

DragonCon doesn't *have* to cost a crapload of money.  Here are a few suggestions:

1)Volunteer for staff.  Sacrificing about 25 hours of your time over the con is a 'barter economy' way of saving the cost of a membership.  It's also fun, a way of seeing the con from a different perspective, and a way to give back to something that helps give YOU a good time every year.  The con almost always can use help.

2)Find people to share a room.  Yes, the main hotel rates are pricey.  But the con rate (about $175 nightly) can be whittled down considerably by being split among several people.

3)Make a budget--fun on a budget isn't so much fun for a lot of people, but I've always been more willing to tighten my belt a little and still go than stay home from D*Con entirely.

4) Pack snacks and utilize the Con Suite for food--You probably won't get every meal taken care of this way, but it'll help.

5)Park at a MARTA station--the valet parking prices at the host hotels are freaking insane, and some of the other parking options around downtown ATL are hazardous to your health.  I suggest parking at, say, Dunwoody station, and riding the train up to Peachtree Station, which puts you right at the mall underneath the Hyatt and Marriott. I said, this isn't really news.  I just know *i* don't have a lot of money, and I hate seeing people think they can't go to D*Con just because of cash.  I know it's sometimes just not possible, I know.  But sometimes it is, even if it doesn't seem to be.
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It's not too late to sign up. Pierre Bernard is back this year with new poster/ art work.
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Greetings and BRAAAAAAAINS!

I will be your DJ at the zombie prom this year.
I have been attending con since 1997 and DJing since 2004. However, I have never done an event of this scale before so I'm really excited for the opportunity.
I have been building my set for months, so I already have the essentials and most of everything laid out including thriller and a few songs from selected zombie movie soundtracks. That being said, I will be playing for 2 and a half hours and I really want to make sure I have something for everybody as i put the finishing touches on my set. I probably wont be in any position to take requests at the party, so I thought I would give people a chance to make requests ahead of time. Just to keep things from getting terribly disorganized, I am trying to focus mostly on 80s music, zombie movie soundtracks, and dance music. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments and I will do my best to add a variety of your ideas to the set. I'm really excited about this and I look forward to moving your asses!!!!!
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Hello everyone,

We are driving up from Florida to the Con and are wondering if we are coming I-75/85 North, is there an easier way to get to the Marriott than the 248C Exit?  We have done that the last couple of times and it has been a beast to try and get off at that exit.  Is there another one that we can take and just travel towards Peachtree St?

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Just a heads-up...In this thread I inquired about hotels and managed to secure a room at the Hilton. After looking at the rest of the convention expenses I have concluded that Dragon*Con is far too expensive for my budget to handle this year. I have recently canceled my reservation, so if someone out there would like to secure a room at the Hilton you may very well find one open!

I would still like to attend this con in the future, but for now the high cost has turned me away. Perhaps next year I will be in a more suitable situation to be able to attend for the first time.
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We are a group of people that are planning to dress up as character from the animated nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: the last air binder. Our goal is to get as many different characters from the show as possible. We want everyone from Aang to “The Cabbage Merchant”, if it was in the show at any time you can be it. We are looking to have some fun with this and spend some time with people that share a common interest.
You can see what we have going on right now at our LJ or Yahoo Group


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