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The Stargate programming is now part of the new Military SciFi Media track, which also includes B5, Farscape, and Battlestar Galactica. The comm needs a new tag for this new track, please and thanks.

There also needs to be a tag for the Horror track.
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I did a new blog on Dragon Con last night stating that as of today, we are three weeks out from the convention.  I also gave an update what I have been doing.  I also created a convention playlist all about my blogs.  

Please be sure to check these out

1.My latest Vlog


2. My Convention playlist.  I have some stuff from last year's show

I am still looking for people to interview for the show.

What would you like to see me cover this year without bother the major panelists?
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Hereos and Villains ball Flyer 2014

It's back and tentatively scheduled! The Heroes and Villain's Ball at Dragon Con is the place to be. Hosted by the Video Gaming Track and BritTrack with DJ Jennocide spinning!

Come out for a night of fun, photos, dancing, and mixing with goodies and baddies alike, as we call a truce for an evening of fun! PHOTO SELFIE Contest Details TBA!!

Sheraton, Grandballroom

Time: 10:00pm

Show up in a costume! You'll get pictures taken of you!

RSVP: Click the Link --> https://www.facebook.com/events/312627795561017

When you are done RSVPing....do this....
Invite Friends
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Flyer Panelist AppThe BritTrack Panelist Application is Up! Want to be a panelist for the BritTrack? Then complete the application.... It's due by July 15th! http://british.dragoncon.org/2014-panelist-application/
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Does the Dragon*Con schedule grid exist in spreadsheet format instead of pdf? There's never enough information on it and I like to add information. Some of the panel titles really don't tell me anything and there isn't any room to write notes.

Also, I need a larger font and I want to print it landscape on legal paper so I can actually read it. So the column headings won't print in the same place as the pdf.

I've tried PDF converters and they don't work for me.

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I'm linking to my two con tips posts here. Please reply to the individual posts with any further suggestions, updates, changes in info, that sort of thing. :) As I see the replies, I'll edit the info into the post, with credit given as always. :)

Dragoncon tips (and con tips in general) here:


And part two is here:


As always, I hope that these tips are of help. :) Enjoy the con!
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As promised, here's the ASFC track's schedule, on our web page here.

NOTE: There is one panel that is not on that page:

B5: Gathering of the Babblers
A much requested Babylon 5 fan forum! Come listen as Bill McIntire, Shaun Rosado, and Maggie MacAlpine discuss funny hair, ancient aliens, psychics and more, wrapped up in a five mile long space station, all alone in the night; Sat 2:30pm; A703[M]
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I sent a few comments and suggestions to the feedback address provided in the nice-looking Dragon*Con app for iPhone and iPad, and got a thoughtful response back, very quickly, from the developers.

One of the nice pieces of news is that they expect to release an update, probably this weekend, that will enable users to have their schedule and other settings synced between their devices. That means we'll be able to browse and make selections on the iPad where it's easier to see everything, and then carry around just the iPhone (or iPod touch, if you're going that route) with your info automagically transferred.

A cool new feature (at least, if it was there before, I don't recall it) is the "Friends" tab. You can give your friends a code, and they get access to your schedule and whatever contact info you choose to share. Note that you have to generate a new friend code for each person you'd like to share with. I suggested that a) I'd rather be able to generate one code and give it to everyone, and b) if they can't do this, they should make it crystal clear that that won't work, but they quite reasonably responded that they want to err on the side of security.
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Here's the link to the general con and D*C tips that I update and re-post every year:


(The second list, of suggestions made, will be updated and posted asap.)

As always, please feel free to reply with more helpful tips. :)
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Greetings all!

I am the new head minion for the American Sci-Fi Classics track, where clever geeks and awesome guests talk about sci-fi TV and movies from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.We have a new track director this year, the illustrious Joe Crowe. If you've come to the ASFC track before, especially our "Stump the Geeks" panels, you know Joe.

I've been asked by Joe to put out a sneak peak at what you can expect from our new line-up this year:

8 Bits of Awesome
Bring your controllers as we take a loving look back at the golden age of video games. How Pac-Man fever infected everything from music to cartoons.

Manimal & Friends: Quickly Canceled Sci-Fi TV
Some of the most fun sci-fi TV came on two times, then nevermore. We’ll show the love for your favorite one-season wonders and ours (Manimal. Sweet Manimal.)

Agents of S.P.Y.F.I.
Join our double-oh status panelists as they take a look at all things Spy-Fi; movies and TV, serious and spoof -- and the 50th anniversary of a little film containing a guy named Bond, James Bond.

Zombie Night!
Join our zombie experts (do they have PhZs?) to watch an undead movie classic!

Here We Go Again: Sci-Fi Movie Remakes
Remakes, reboots, and re-imaginings. Which ones were good ideas, and which were regrettable regurgitations?

Ahead to the Past! Time Travel in TV and Movies
Talk about classic time travel TV and movies, from Time Tunnel to Voyagers to Back to the Future, as we look to the future, for that is where we will spend the rest of our lives.

And there will be more! We've got Farscape guests! Babylon 5 guests! Games! Contests! We also have a Facebook group, and will be putting out a call for people who want to volunteer to speak on fan panels once the full schedule is released into the wild.

And calling all arty types! We want logos for this track. It has to say "American Sci-Fi Classics" on it. We'd like one 80s-style, and one 70s-style. Send 'em to revolutionsfjoe@gmail.com. We'll sing of your greatness like dwarves!


Feb. 27th, 2012 03:12 pm
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So I had patiently been waiting for a year when D*Con would have a glorious masquerade and that happened last year....yeah and I didn't get to attend D*Con for the first time in a few years. So, with hotel already booked and tickets about to be purchased for this year does anyone know if there is a possibility for another masquerade this year??
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Just wondering how many folks who are gamers would be interested in something like a flea market/swap meet for gaming stuff at Dragon Con? Nothing to compete with the dealers. Do it after dealer's hours on Friday night and/or Saturday night for 2-4 hours. Most gamers I know,myself included have loads of old gaming stuff that other folks might be interested in. And loads of other gaming conventions have these. I normally take the money I make from my sales and spend it with the dealers, and so do most of the others I know who do it. What would it take to have something like this in the gaming area at Dragon Con? You could charge a slight fee for tables, which would bring in more money for the Con and  gaming. Have it set up for gaming stuff only....not just general sci-fi/fantasy stuff which would be available in the dealer's room I can't be the only one who attends DC that thinks this would be a cool thing.
Who do I need to talk to about setting something like this up? How do I go about contacting them? And is anyone else interested in something like this?

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Here is a list of all the academic panels at Dragon*Con that have been organized by the Comics and Popular Arts Conference group. This year's programming would not have been possible without my co-organizer, R. Scott Nokes, our Programming Chair, Damien Williams, and our Programming Committee: Dennis LoRusso, Stephanie Noell, Vickie Willis, and Robin Zebrowski. And of course, all of the fantastic track heads.

4th Annual
Comics and Popular Arts Conference

Read more... )
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Hey, all! Just wanted to say Hi, hope you have a safe trip to Atlanta this week, and here are my scheduled concerts for Dragon*Con:
  • Friday 8:30 p.m. - Hyatt International South Ballroom
  • Saturday 7:00 p.m. -- Hyatt International South Ballroom
  • Sunday 11:00 a.m. - Hyatt Concourse Stage
  • Sunday 8:30 p.m. - Hyatt International North Ballroom
This schedule is subject to change, and I'm also unofficially on a Babylon 5 panel sometime Sunday. I'll have more updates here, at my own LJ, and at my musicians' table over at the Marriott. Hope to see you there!
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The Daily Dragon's been getting some questions about the Pocket Program and schedule changes. Eugie's tied up with a whole bunch of stuff, so I told her I'd post some info that might be helpful. I'm the layout guru. :)

First, here's the link to the Daily Dragon online. If you have a question, checking there is a good place to start.

The links to the most recent Pocket Program and grid can be found HERE on the Daily Dragon website. Any updated versions will be posted there. NOTE: The Walk of Fame information on page 58 is currently incorrect. The whole Walk of Fame will be in the Hilton (not in the Marriott).

Schedule changes are HERE. This page will be updated throughout the weekend. Most of these changes will also appear in the print version that's distributed at the con. They'll also be included in The D*C Late Show broadcast each morning on D*CTV. Also, the schedule in the D*C mobile app will be updated as often as possible.

Keep in mind that we don't make the schedules; we just report 'em. When it comes to complaints about schedule changes, we're not the droid you're looking for. ;)
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ARTC celebrates its 25th year at Dragon*Con!

A staple since the beginnings of the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe! Join us as we bring you audio drama for a modern time or, as we like to call it, New Old-Time Radio!

Read more... )
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Not sure if this was posted here yet. Figured some may not have seen the Facebook post. I assume most everyone knows about the smartphone app that has the schedule in that can be downloaded now. But Friday, DragonCon announced on Facebook that if you don't have a smartphone, you can access the early schedule online with this url: http://m.core-apps.com/dragoncon11/

I've tried it out a lot. It is really, really slow and doesn't always work as planned. Try clicking things multiple times. But it is seriously awesome to have this the week before the con.


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