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RL is a PITA at the moment, hence the late post. I'm linking to last year's post w/ the 2 links here:


As always, suggestions, updates, corrections, additions, subtractions are welcomed! I'll edit asap and give credit, of course. :)
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This is Miyah Sundermeyer again and I am posting a vlog on youtube for people coming to Dragon Con for the first time.  I had some tips.

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Were there any this year? We've all heard or seen the problems in the past few years that prompted the heightened badge checking. This year I haven't heard of any conflicts, which would be great if true. Anyone?
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Here's the link to the general con and D*C tips that I update and re-post every year:


(The second list, of suggestions made, will be updated and posted asap.)

As always, please feel free to reply with more helpful tips. :)
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Anyone know if you book a reservation for 2 ppl but actually have 4 staying in the room... how will they know? I know if you book double beds and say you have 4 ppl the price goes way up. Any suggestions?
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I'd like to thank the Dragon*Con and hotel staff for the badge/card-key checking this year. I didn't see any problems like we had last year, and the staff checking the badges was for the most part polite but firm. I really appreciated it and fully enjoyed the vibe of the con this year.

Also props for the bar code scanning system for badge pickup. I waited in line for about an hour which was tons better than the last 7 or so years :)

Please do it again next year!
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Will be in transit to con today and tomorrow so community is entering Master Post Mode similar to last year.

Moderation queue is now frozen.

Moratorium on For Sale Posts is now ON and will be so till well after the con. You can still use the FOR SALE Master Post from a few days ago as long as items are delivered at the con.

Following same Master Post Setup as last year.

Will try open mode during the con again but as it was last year it'll prob be Thursday and open mode is not guaranteed to last the entire con.

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Hey all!  Another noob here.  This will be my first Dragon*Con, although I've been to other conventions.  First, I want to thank everyone for all the great posts and good advice.  Second, I've been following the debate over people sharing badges instead of buying their own.  I agree that anyone going to the con should buy their own, since otherwise they're using con services and space without paying for them.  But, what about people who book a double room and then crowd three or more people into it?  Isn't that using hotel services without paying the hotel for them?  Plus, sharing badges is just a violation of con ettiquette or policy.  Adding extra, unpaid people to a room is (I think) a violation of the law and also contributes to the overcrowding at the con, since it can mean that more people are staying at a hotel than the Fire Marshall would allow.  I know packing a room is an old fan tradition, but does that make it any better than sharing a badge?  As far as I can tell, no one addressed this in the badge sharing posts.  From my experience at other cons, it seems to me that packing a room is acceptable to a lot of fans, while badge sharing is not.  Why is that?
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Can you still pick up someone else's badge through pre-reg ?
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Hi guys,

I was checking the Star Wars @ DC website (http://www.swatdc.com/) and it says Carrie Fisher will have two panels on Fri/Sun at 10am.

And it got me to thinking-- how early can someone show up for the panel to get a good seat?

If the panel time was earlier-- say 8am-- how early could one show up? And if hers is at ten, are there panels before her or can I show up at like 8am to get a good seat?

My other question is about the Lightsaber training listed on the site. It says it's for kids but what if you're a grown up Padawan (lol)?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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Last year perusing through the fan photos on the Dragon*Con website I found a photo of myself from the men in kilts/ leaf blower and tried to copy and save, but unfortunately I could not because this person made it where I had to buy that photo. Which is why I am making Dragon*Con aware that it is happening again with this years fan photos. As an artist and being familiar with the process, the only way for these people to sell a photo is to have the person in the photo sign a model release and that subject be paid. Well as we all know that did not happen and these people are violating the rights of subjects/people by trying to sell said photos.

On the back of of our badges it states:   The badge holder  (iii) understands they are prevented from taking, recording or creating film, or digital pictures, videos, tapes, sound recordings, or any other visual or auditory recreation of any kind whatsoever, of any Dragon*Con guest, member, volunteer, or employee, or of any Dragon*Con event, including  but not  limited to the Dragon*Con parade, any Dragon*Con forum, seminar, session, dance, or performance for any commercial use, or for the solicitation of funds for any commercial or other purpose, without the express written permission of Dragon*Con/ ACE, Inc.

If I'm not mistaken these people have violated this by trying to sell snapshots of con attendees and without the consent of Dragon*Con or the people in which are the photos. These people have created something that is expressly their own since any one of us could take the same photo. I beseech those in charge to take action of these heinous actions and do what is right and what is stipulated on the back of our badges. I  have done the foot work and found that at least three links are asking for money for photos and they are:  Blood of my Enemies Photos, Blues Edge Lane Studios, and Mark's Photo Album. 

If you as a Con attendee are not outraged by these people's actions and they might have a photo of you, you are not getting the compensation from the what they sell and I'm sure you didn't tell them they could sell a photo of you.
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If you have swords, guns (even toys guns with an orange tip), or any sharp pointy object for your costumes at Dragon*Con, you will have to them peace-bonded!

Come to Marriott M101 to have this done! We are open 24/7 so you can come by at anytime after 2pm-ish on Thursday afternoon.

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The first set of my D*C tips is here:


Here's the second set, taken from all the great tips that I asked for, under the cut.

Thanks so much for all the tips, folks, and keep 'em coming! :)

One major rule that should assist you in most any situation is the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
In other words, politeness and common sense will go a long way to making your con experience more enjoyable, not just for you, but for everyone else. :)

Please do not STOP in the breezeways/skywalks, except for an emergency! If you see a friend heading in the other direction, do not STOP to chat! Turn and walk w/ them, or say something like, "Call me!". Do not STOP for photo opps! Go w/ the person you want to photograph, leave and get clear of the skywalk and THEN take the photo. Of course this applies in reverse, if you are the costumer. :) Above all, do not impede the traffic flow in the skywalks! At best, you will have dirty looks aimed in yr direction or get cussed out. At worst, someone may walk into you. And, don't run in the skywalks, or any time in a crowd, unless it is an emergency.

Note for 2013: the Walk of Fame is being moved to the Marquis Ballroom in the Marriott Marquis.

Also, the Dealers' Rooms are now at the Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart, Building 2, floors 1 and 2. This is located two blocks west of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta and one block north of the Westin Peachtree Plaza. Street level approach is to enter at the corner doors, walk toward the back, take the escalator up one floor and enter.

Read more... )

Again, please feel free to add tips! :)
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I am considering walking around D*C in uncrowded areas[1] carrying a significant static electrical charge. In what way might I label myself to unambiguously and immediately identify that touching me[1] would be a Bad Idea? A shirt that says "Danger: High Voltage" seems quite ambiguous (due to the song by the same name) and potentially interpreted as simply humorous.

[1] Sparse enough that I can guarantee that neither will I accidentally touch anyone nor will anyone accidentally touch me. It's intentional touching that worries me.
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Because I may have missed it and the situation just came up today I have to ask.

We have a friend who (Due to his insane girlfriend refusing to get a job and carry her weight)won't be able to afford the entire weekend. He's supposed to be in our parade group on Saturday (And is an important part). So, here is my two part question:

1) How much is JUST Saturday? (I looked on the website and could only find the whole weekend prices) Because we will most likely have to help him financially to attend.

2) Can you pick up Saturday passes on Friday? the reason I ask is because line up for the parade is 9am and I want to make sure we are ALL together in time for the parade.

If this question has already been answered, I apologize for those who have to repeat the answer, but there isn't a real search for this question on here.

Thank you!


Jul. 26th, 2010 05:19 pm
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Hi y'all!
It's going to be my first year at Dragon*Con and I'm very excited. I do have a small problems though. My husband and I are sharing a room with a very dear friend of mine who has just been diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension. This means that not only can he *not* skip meals, but he can't eat most fast food offerings. Trying to find a way to make this into a crisitunity I volunteered to make meals for him to pack in a bento and carry around. I have several questions about this, namely is carrying around lunch like this ok? We have no intention of eating it at panels or events, (That's just tacky) and we would not make a mess. Would the con be cool with this?
Secondly, I plan on bringing a small multicooker to the hotel to make rice, pasta and even steam heat precooked meals. Would that be alright as well, as long as it's never left plugged in unattended?
Thanks in advance!
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I've got a room in the Hyatt this year, and it looks like there are going to be five people sharing it.  The hotel's website lists four as the maximum guests per room, but the staff have to know that most of the rooms have way more than that during D*C. 

So, if we want to get five room keys, will there be any fuss?  Will they gasp and clap their foreheads and kick us out of the room, or just raise an eyebrow and hand us another key?  (I've broken plenty of hotel rules before, but I generally do it without making it obvious to the staff.)

ETA:  Many thanks, everyone, for your suggestions.  :)
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Now that DragonCon’s world record attempts have been announced, there has been a flurry of questions about what is and what is not acceptable for costuming. I hope this helps answer some of those questions. Please, please remember that these are rules put down by Guinness and not me, the event staff, or DragonCon. Since we can't be on every forum, I ask the word to be spread far and wide. The information booth at the con will also have a hand-out, and any changes will be posted. Thank you.

Superhero record:
1. Everyone that wishes to participate must be in FULL costume. This means that a Superman t-shirt, jeans, and a cape are not acceptable. Anyone not in full costume will not be counted.
2. Although participants must be in full costume, this does not mean if part of it is “off” you will not be counted. If the boots aren’t exactly perfect or the color is a bit darker than the original character’s, please don’t sweat it. This is not a costume contest, so don’t sweat the small stuff.
3. Do feel free to go buy a pre-made costume store outfit. We need numbers! We will not be judging you. We just want to get into the book.
4. What exactly is Guinness’ idea of a superhero? They weren’t very specific, so we need to keep in mind they are not con-goers like we are, therefore we need to keep this simple. Guinness’ requirements state the heroes must be instantly recognizable, so let’s stick to that point.
5. Does instantly recognizable mean nothing but Superman and Batman? No, not at all. We’re all very passionate about our costumes, and I have never seen a more creative bunch of people than those that attend DragonCon, but let’s remember the Guinness people are not as into the costumes and lore as we may be. If you have to carry a biography of your character, you might want to rethink the costume for one a bit less obscure.
6. There are sometimes different versions of characters where the costumes have changed. The costumes from the graphic novel version of The Watchmen and the movie version are acceptable as are the various incarnations of Batman, so don’t sweat the difference in any character you choose. (Using The Watchmen and Batman was just for example’s sake)
7. We’re going to stick to Westernized characters. Basically if it was popular in the States and England, we’re good to go. I understand manga and anime are huge, but unless the character is well known (Powder Puff Girls, Sailor Moon, Power Rangers to name a few), please save the costume for another event.
8. The superhero can be from TV, movie, or published book and comic.
9. This leads to what exactly is a superhero? I know to some The Joker is a hero, but in this case we’re going to stick to the good guys. The men and women who battle crime, villains, and threats to the world with or without superhuman powers are what Guinness wants. Perhaps another year we’ll be able to do generic comic characters or something that encompasses villains as well, but this year is just for the good guys.
10. If there is still any doubt as to whether your costume is ok, show up to the event anyway. Honestly, unless your character is really, really obscure and we have to Google it, you’re most likely able to participate. Come and be counted!!
11. No, alter egos will not be accepted. We want the hero, not his or her boring every day self.

Star Trek record:
1. Participants must be in full costume. A generic red t-shirt and black pants will not be accepted. You must have the proper attire with as much detail as you can get. We need the Star Fleet symbol, the Klingon forehead ridges, or the Vulcan ears or whatever race you choose to represent to be obvious and well done.
2. You must choose a character/alien race from official Star Trek movies, TV shows, novels, and comic books.
3. There will be an expert there to check out the costumes, but please don’t worry about the very small details. Again, if the color is slightly off or the shoes tie instead of buckles, please don’t sweat it. We are not judging your costumes, but we do need you to try to be as close as you can. The details that make the character recognizable are necessary.
4. Again, feel free to buy a costume store pre-made outfit to wear. As long as it is Star Trek, we want you.

General information:
1. Everyone that participates will be counted individually, therefore we appreciate your patience. It will take time to get everyone into the room, so please understand you may be in line for a while.
2. Everyone will be photographed and video-taped. This is for evidence that we will turn into Guinness World Records, and will sadly never be seen by anyone but Guinness. Other photography will be done for those participating, though, and you will be able to take your own photos before and after the event.
3. During the actual event, everyone must remain in place for ten minutes. Yes, all you have to do is stand in your assigned spot for ten minutes while we take pictures. No dancing is involved this year. Can I get a “hurray”?
4. There will be no registration table for either event, although DragonCon may ask that people register online from the www.dragoncon.org site between now and the convention to get an idea of numbers.
5. Please listen to staff’s instructions during the event. We need to get everyone counted so we get an accurate record of participants, but we also don’t want to take hours out of your con time to do this. Listening will make this go quickly and smoothly for all of us.
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Roller Skates

Allowed or not?

(for cosplaying)


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