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This is Miyah Sundermeyer again and I am posting a vlog on youtube for people coming to Dragon Con for the first time.  I had some tips.

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Hi all,

I read through all the recent tips posted and they were great. I've been to DragonCon the last 4 years and this is my first time staying at a host hotel. Can anyone tell me any tips about the Hilton? I read through some guides I found but anything else would be greatly appreciated. Is there a fridge included? Can I bring a mini cooler/fridge? What else should I know?

Thanks all... see you soon :)
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So we managed to snag a King room at the Westin, because that was all they had left at the Con rate back when we booked. The problem is, we've got two couples. Have you stayed at the Westin? Is there room for a double or Queen size air mattress on the floor? For the last 6 years we've only stayed at the Hilton, so this is completely new to us.

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Hi, I have a question about full hotel rooms. I am staying in a room of more than 3 other people and most hotel rooms are not that big.  My question, what would be the best solution to finding floor space so I am not fighting over space on the floor with other roommates?

I could use some suggestions and tricks that might help.  
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Taken No takers yet even though there has been some interest.  Was asking $350.  What about $300 (We pay transfer fee) or make us an offer we can't refuse?  Willing to transfer room at the Hyatt too.  Two bed room reservation..  Not offering the room reservation separately.  Alaska Airlines direct flight.  Leave Seattle Thursday morning at 8am (8/30/12), Leave Atlanta Monday 5pm (9/3/12).  Cheapest flight on Expedia was $448, just saying....

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No takers yet on my companion ticket on Alaska Airlines for R/T to Dragoncon. Your cost: $350 for the plane ticket.  ALSO will either provide room/share (sharing with just 1 other person) or let you take over the room reservation for a 2 bed room at the Hyatt for Thurs - Sun nights. (Room costs totally separate from the airline ticket price)  

Alaska Airline:  Leave Thursday, 8/30 and arrive Atlanta about 4pm,  Leave Atlanta, 9/3 at 5pm and arrive back in Seattle about 8:30 pm.  You do have to be on the same flight as me! 

Room only goes with the ticket or I'll release it through Dragonconrooms on Livejournal.  Trying to be fair.

Contact:  pinkyjean@aol.com
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Boosting the signal from the dragonconrooms comm, this is abt a hotel changing hands!

"IMPORTANT: The Holiday Inn Express Buckhead has changed ownership and is now the Quality Suites Buckhead Village. All reservations made under former management will be honored. Unfortunately, during the conversion there was a problem with their reservations system. Because of this attendees will need to e-mail John Welch at johnw@wxhotels.com with their original reservation confirmation number and the dates of their arrival and departure to reconfirm their stay. Please take action immediately, as the hotel will open up available reservations in 7 - 10 days."

This was on the D*C FB page.
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Saw several posts in the mod queue and on Facebook concerning email messages from Passkey concerning Marriott reservations along the lines of this:

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 16:49:36 -0400 (EDT)From: Dragon Con 2012 Reply-To: xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for selecting the Atlanta Marriott Marquis for your stay during the Dragon Con Conference.

At this time I am getting ready to cancel all reservations with declined Credit cards, please contact Marriott reservation TODAY July 19th, at 866-469-5475 to update your credit card information are your reservation will be cancel. Once your reservation is canceled it will not be reinstated at the group rate.

So we dont have umpteen different posts on this same subject, I'm going to consolidate things under this master post. If any solution or resolution is found on this matter, I'll update this post and/or post another to get the word out.

If you have a post waiting in the mod queue on this, it'll be rejected but with a message directing you here. This way the discussion will be in one place rather than a dozen.

UPDATE: From the comments and from Facebook, apparently this email was sent out in error; as you could see from the poor grammar on it, it wasnt even finished before it was sent out. I would strongly urge that if you received this mail to go ahead and call and reconfirm your reservations and related charges and make sure all is in order if you havent already done so.

Thanks everyone.
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No takers yet.
Have a companion ticket as my husband was going to come with me this year as a special treat after cancer treatment.  Long story - treatment was delayed and he can't be among crowds/germs until much later this year. Now have a companion ticket to be used in conjunction with mine.  Alaska Airlines direct flight, leave Thursday morning, return Monday evening. Their website has increased the cost to about $550 per person, looking for $350 and we pay the change fee; Flight 742 Sea to Atl; lv. 8:10 am, ;Arr. 3:55 pm9//3/12 Flight 741 Atl to Sea lv. 5:00 pm, Arr: 7:28
May be able to work out some room accomodation as well (depending on compatability and working out arrangements with some other friends. Right now we've booked  2 rooms at the Hyatt Regency we may be able to free up one.  You can email me at pinkyjean@aol.com

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I'm looking for advice on getting a room for DragonCon at this late date, since I've never had to reserve a room this soon before the Con.  I'd prefer a host hotel room, of course, but would be okay with any overflow hotel (official or unofficial) within walking distance.  I'm familiar with dragonconrooms and will post there.  Does anybody know what their success rate is like?  Is there any other advice that you can provide, based on your past experiences?  Please let me know.
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Anyone stay here last year during the con? I managed to snag a room when they opened up more; the past two years we stayed at the Hilton Atlant Airport, so the prospect of being able to stay downtown and enjoy more of the con night-life is quite exciting!

Does anyone have any feedback on staying at this particular host hotel? I've only really heard that the views are pretty spectacular. Nothing much about the rooms, staff, or service. Thanks in advance!
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Anyone know if you book a reservation for 2 ppl but actually have 4 staying in the room... how will they know? I know if you book double beds and say you have 4 ppl the price goes way up. Any suggestions?
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I have a question about suites at the host hotels?  My group of D*Con friends and I are attempting to find the easiest way for all of us to be in one place together, and we think a suite is the answer.

1) Availability:  are suites open to reservations at this early point for 2012?  Should I be prepared to fight tooth-and-nail as I do for in the "Marriott Room Rumble" each October, or is the demand lower for suites?

2) Previous Experiences:  have any of you out there among the Interweb had a suite for DCon?  If so, please share your experiences with me and let me know if you think it is worth it.

3) Which Hotel Reigns Supreme:  Should I consider one host hotel over the others for trying to get suite accomodations?  We are aiming for one among the Hilton/Hyatt/Marriott hotels.

Please, any information you can offer would help me out!  Good luck to all of you getting good rooms in 2012; may your reservations be held and your elevator bank empty.
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I'd like to thank the Dragon*Con and hotel staff for the badge/card-key checking this year. I didn't see any problems like we had last year, and the staff checking the badges was for the most part polite but firm. I really appreciated it and fully enjoyed the vibe of the con this year.

Also props for the bar code scanning system for badge pickup. I waited in line for about an hour which was tons better than the last 7 or so years :)

Please do it again next year!
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Went ahead and booked for next year as we were checking out. Just a heads up that the Con price for the Hilton is jumping from 188 +tax per night to 202 +tax per night. With tax the total is $232 per night.

Edited to Add:  Since there is some confusion, I would like to say that price is for a room with one king bed and two people. I'm sure the price is more for more beds/people.
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Post here for last minute hotel needs and transfers.

Allowing hotel room transfer needs here since [livejournal.com profile] dragonconrooms will be shutting down Thursday. Despite that, crosspost your hotel needs there as well.

Since the deadline for badge transfers has long passed no need to bother with posting any.
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The recent post about etiquette at restaurants reminded me of something that I wanted to mention. People may get all cranky with me about it, but I thought I'd take a moment to point it out anyway.

Here's the thing: I know that many of you cram lots of folks into a hotel room that's meant for 4 people (or less). I understand this and have no issue with it. However, last year there were huge issues with getting new towels and bedding in the hotel.  When the hotel isn't just 'at capacity' but is actually quite a bit over due to people cramming more than expected bodies in a room, it puts a pretty heavy strain on the hotel. Yes, some of it is the hotel's fault, but not all of it.

If you are taking a 'floor space' in a room with 10 people when it's meant for 4, please consider bringing your own towels and definitely your own bedding. There are only 3 of us in our room, two adults and a child, and I bring towels from home because I hate fighting to get more. (We do ask them not to take them, but they don't listen.) I actually witnessed a few folks taking sheets from the rack of bedding when housekeeping wasn't watching. I can't help but assume this happens more often than that one time.

Last year, my daughter woke up sick at 3:00 in the morning, and made a complete mess of the bed. The blankets, the sheets, it all had to go. We called down to housekeeping and the manager apologized, said it could be a while, because they had a shortage on bedding. Good thing I'd brought extra towels, because that's what she slept on/under for 4+ hours.  This year, I'll be bringing a back-up set of sheets as well, just in case.

As I said before, I don't blame this completely on overcapacity rooms, I also blame the hotel. Still, if your room is going to help create that laundry strain, please consider asking the 'extras' in your room to come with their own towels and bedding. I'll be bringing my own, just to be safe!

ETA: Don't forget to tip! (Especially if you let your room get all grungy and not touched for the entire weekend. Think of the poor housekeeper having to clean up that mess!)
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I am volunteering on the Tolkien Track and I wanted to know where the room was going to be held this year.  Is it going to be in the same location and area of the Marriott near the entrance as it has in the past?  If so,  I find that the location would be convenient and easy for other guests to find.  If not, however, I would be happy to know if there has been a recent room change so that I can get downtown for a trial run sometime next week as I will be in the Atlanta metro area due to attending classes at Georgia State down the street.

Let me know,

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Just wanted to let everyone know that if you are looking for rooms at one of the host hotels that you may be in luck. Even though the DragonCon website says all rooms are sold out, I was able to get two rooms at the Hyatt for check-in Thursday and checkout Monday.
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How's everyone making out with Passkey and Hyatt this morning? I had no problems when I booked at 8am EDT sharp.


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