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Hey!  If anyone needs transportation from Jacksonville, FL to the con and back - I have Megabus tickets that I won't be using. I paid 33.50 total, but if money's an issue, I'll give them away for free. It leaves Thurs morning, and comes back Monday afternoon.

Email me at my user name @gmail if you're interested.
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This is Miyah Sundermeyer again and I am posting a vlog on youtube for people coming to Dragon Con for the first time.  I had some tips.

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Anybody need a ride?

We're leaving from the Washington, DC area either very late Wednesday night or the crack of dawn Thursday morning.

We will depart from Atlanta at the crack of dawn on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, we do not have space in our hotel room, but of course we're willing to drop you where you need to go. I'm driving a Nissan Rogue so there is plenty of trunk space, especially since we are not cosplaying. You will be the only one in the backseat so you can stretch out, if you like.

The planned route is I-95s to Richmond then I-85S to Atlanta.

Be willing to pay your fair share of the gas, help watch out for cops (I drive fast) and add to the general ambiance of a road trip.

We have never been to D*C before so you can impart your wisdom upon us and we will greatly appreciate it.

Non-smoker preferred.
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I'm looking for a rideshare going through Jacksonville, FL.  I can use Megabus to get to D*C on Thurs, but their only return trip on Monday is very early in the morning.  I'd like to find another way back if possible.  The time is flexible.

If you're available both ways, that's even better, but not required.

I'm about 15mins off of I-95 & will gladly contribute gas money.
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I'm in Jacksonville, FL about 10mins off of I-95.  If anyone will be driving to the con along that route, I'd very much appreciate a lift.  My dates are flexible, but Thurs-Mon are preferred.

I will of course contribute to gas and parking at the event, and I would take up very little space as I will not be costuming.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in helping me out, please respond here or email me at my username@gmail.com.

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I usually drive myself to D*Con, but my car isn't what it usedto be and I no longer feel safe driving it so far. I'm coming from Columbus Ohio and crossing my fingers there are some people looking to share a ride :) I'm a 23 year old female, I only do light cosplay so one suit case will be all the space I take up. I'm able to pay my fair share of the gas and can bring snacks and such. If interested please respond to this on email me at tomoyochan83@gmail.com


-Tomo out
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Ok, I'll be staying at my friends house in White, GA (about 45 minutes north of the con on I-75) the Wednesday before the con. On Thursday, I could use a ride to the convention, getting there no later than 3. Of course, I'll throw a few bucks for gas at you and I am a good conversational partner and will regale you of tales of conventions past should you be into that sort of thing or any other topic.

Let me know, and thanks in advance!
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It's now two people who've bailed out of the ride. If I can't find some honorable person who'd be willing to take me from Orlando (Thursday the 1st) and bring be back (Monday the 5th), in exchange for shared gas money and perhaps a meal thrown in, I'll have to go by Greyhound. And I'd rather you guys get the money than them.

If none of you can do this, I'll be resigned to getting a Greyhound ticket Tuesday. It'll cost more, and be more uncomfortable, but I need to get there. If you think you might be able to take me, one large suitcase and one smaller bag, please send an IM to me. Thanks!
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I have a shared room, and my membership. However, I have just heard that the person I was going to drive from Orlando to Dragon*Con (on Thursday the 1st) and back (on Sunday afternoon the 5th) may not be able to go. Is there anyone who would be willing to share a ride to and from Orlando? My own car probably can't make it, and a rental would kill me, and it's probably too late for a bus/train/plane. I will be glad to share gas money. Please help a somewhat-strapped conventioneer! Respond by personal message or by email to tomreed1@earthlink.net - Thanks.
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Hey all! Are you ready? I know I'm not!!

I wanted to offer up a ride share from the northeast Florida area. We have a Saturn wagon (with A/C and leather seats, woo!) that we'll be driving up from the Jacksonville, FL area around 8-9am on Thursday and then leaving Atlanta around noon on Monday. We can take on one extra passenger (possibly two if you're not bringing a lot of luggage) for the trip there and back. Asking for you to pay your share of gas and any parking fees (divided among all passengers equally) in exchange. Total amount will probably be around $40-$50 per person, much better than having to pay it all yourself, huh? ;) We'll be staying at the Hyatt, but guests of any area hotels are welcome to ride-share with us.
The only thing we ask is that there be no smoking in the vehicle. Getting one in at a rest area is fine but the car has been smoke free and we'd like to keep it that way. :)
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Ride needed from Knoxville Tn. to Atl.(Dragon*con) on Sept. 1st. will be staying at the Marriot host hotel. Will gladly help with gas.
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My car recently died and now I'm in desperate need of a ride to Dragon*Con. Is anyone coming from, through, or somewhere near Hattiesburg, MS? Hopefully I can find a ride or all my money will go towards renting a car because by damn I'll make it there.
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My friend needs a ride back from DragonCon on Tuesday. She needs to go St.
Petersburg, FL to pick up her car. She is willing to pay her share of gas. She
is a long time D*C volunteer and has worked for the YA lit track (she is a
librarian) and the Saturday morning parade. If you know of anyone looking to
save some gas money, please pass this info along. Thanks!

email lieran at gmail com with a good subject

- Zan/ skzb73
Eternal Member
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Hi everyone, I just found out that I may have a room to stay in for D*C* and I would really really love to go this year but I don't particularly want to drive all the way to Atlanta by myself and pay for all that gas and parking on my own (and it's better for the environment if I hitch a ride...)

I'll be really honest, I'm a 23 year old female cosplayer and want to bring a suit of Wonderflex armor with me this year (aqua from kingdom hearts Birth by Sleep), it fits in one medium sized duffel bag, and I'm pretty sure I won't have a keyblade, but I will be bringing a second duffel bag or suitcase for the rest of my costumes (a huge array of Disney stuff and maybe some Star Wars if I can pull it together in time), shoes and regular clothes as well as a purse and a small make up case. I rode to Otakon with three other people and their luggage in a small car (they were all cosplayers as well) this year and we all fit our stuff fairly easily, I just wanted to warn people that I may be a little luggage heavy on this trip....

I am more than willing to pay my fair share of gas money as well as provide some snacks and drinks and things for the ride down. I'm pretty easy to get along with, usually I just read a book if no one feels like being terribly sociable, and I would be staying at one of the main hotels down there, the Hyatt I believe, so no out of the way driving to get me wherever it is I would need to go.

I believe that my friends are getting a room for Thursday evening through Sunday night, so anyone heading down Thursday afternoon or early Friday morning and heading back Monday lunchtime or later would be preferable....

So if anyone is leaving from (or passing through) the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area and have room in your car for a girl and her costumes, please leave a comment or email me at Lakefairycreations@gmail.com and we'll see if we can work something out!

Thank you so much!

-Sarah Kate
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Hey Dragons

Check it out. I know this is going to sound weird coming from me, but I'm in a bit of a predicament. I made a commitment to work the convention with (what I thought were) solid plans on transportation. I live in South Florida (Davie), near Supercon HQ. These plans fell through on me, and I'm desperately looking for someone driving from South Florida to Dragoncon, hoping I can tag along.

If anyone is willing to do so, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd be willing to chip in for gas money, as well.

Shoot me a message if you're willing! Thanks a bunch.

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With gas prices up and money down, Pixie and I thought we'd open up the idea of sharing the ride with someone  up to Atlanta from Mobile, Al. and back sharing the gas expenses, proportional to the number of people going. We can accommodate one, two or maybe even three (VERY CROWDED!!)  people. It will be a savings for everyone.
  We can fit one, maybe two people into our van with luggage. We'll have Pixie's power chair, with a small one for backup, plus our luggage (food, clothes, costume stuff, and now a small refrigerator). We ca put some onto the roof rack, too, if more room is required for a third person. Pixie is planning to use the DVD player on the trip up, so the front passenger seat, and one/two seat(s) in the very back will be available.
  We will be leaving early Thursday morning and leaving to arrive back in Mobile Monday night, with a break for gas and/or potty breaks, probably around Montgomery.
  No smoking at all is allowed. She's allergic.
  Contact myself at blanchard.guthrie @ mchsi.com, or Pixie at pixie4real @ mchsi.com. Our home phone number is 251-634-1629.

Blanchard and Pixie

P.S. I've listed/re-listed this several times. I can't believe we are the only ones who go to DragonCon from the Mobile area!?!?!?!
ext_3336: (geek choir)
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My girlfriend and I are looking for a third person to ride to the con from Michigan (we're starting from the Grand Rapids area), Chicago, Indiana, western Ohio, or the general vicinity. Our lodgings are already arranged; we're just hoping to split travel expenses and driving duties, and will pick up a fourth person on the way. Comment here or email vensre@gmail to talk it over! Non-smoker strongly preferred.


[ETA]: We've had to cancel on account of being too broke this fall otherwise. Good luck and have fun. :)
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So this is my first time going to Dragoncon. Its me and my boyfriend and we live in central NJ. We were wondering if anyone else around our area is driving down and if so, want to carpool?

Or, if anyone knows would it be cheaper to fly or drive there? I can get round trip plane tickets for about 250 each, but I feel that I probably wouldn't spend that much on gas.
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I have a friend who would be interested in a ride share from Chicago.   He wants to come down Thursday.  Contact him at Bargoth@aol.com.  He also has a double room at the Melia and is looking to find a roommate for the con.  Single nonsmoker male preferred

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 I'm looking to get a ride from Jacksonville, FL to D*C and back.  I'm 5mins off of I-95 and my schedule is flexible.  I'm a non-smoker, but I don't mind if you are.  You can reach me here or by email at myusername@gmail.com.

Update:  I have found a ride - thank you!


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