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This is my yearly posting to remind you that If you are planning on buying a multi-day membership for Dragon Con ONSITE at the Convention, please consider filling out the Pre Data Entry form located here http://www.dragoncon.org/dc_pde_barcode.php
This will save them time entering your data into the system and dramatically reduce the time.

Also, bring cash. I mean actual dollar bills and such. Preferably in exact change. This will save you the time of dealing with the credit card machines which puts you at the mercy of Yet Another Digital System That Can Fail.
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Hey guys! While this isn't my first Con this is my first time going to Dragon* Con.
I was wondering if tickets for just Friday are sold at the door in the afternoon. I will be traveling down Friday morning and would like to go to some Con events on Friday but I am unsure about the ticket situation. Or even if there are any events that don't require badges to go to.
Any advice would be helpful!
Thanks in advance.
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Hi everyone:

I am happy to announce that I will be doing a series of videos at Dragon Con this year for my new video blog,  "Hello World with Miyah Sundermeyer."  Also be sure to check out my first videos premiering this week as I talk about Dragon Con.

If you have an interesting costume or just plain wish to chat,  be sure to look for a girl dressed as Twilight Sparkle with the camera man.

If you want to be a part of the Pinkie Pie Flash mob between the Sheraton and the Hilton,  that is where you will be sure to put your lovely face on camera.

 Note that the Pinkie Pie Party will be on Friday August 30th at 5:00 PM in the Marriott on the 10th floor or so planned.  Please stay tuned...

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I have a bit of a silly question, as this is only my second year attending and my husband and I bought tickets far in advance last time - is it possible to buy the four day weekend passes on Thursday at the Sheraton? Or do they only sell single-day passes on site?
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Two of us are arriving the Tuesday before D*C. Two others are arriving the Thursday evening before D*C. In order to speed things along, the Tuesday folks would like to see if we can pick up badges for our Thursday-arriving friends. They've already purchased their D*C badges for the whole weekend, and their flight doesn't arrive until 5pm on Thursday, and we wanted to go grab dinner.

In past years I think I remember a mechanism where people could pick up badges for others, provided certain conditions were met. Does anyone know if that's possible this year?
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Hey guys and gals! I am so excited to be going this year after a three year absence. I've been unemployed for just as long and was getting pretty depressed, especially since my mom died in November. So I re-enrolled in college and am waiting to hear if I was accepted into the program I applied to. As a sort of reward and a gift from my father, he bought me a ticket to this year's convention.
So I have a few questions since some things have changed since I last attended. The registration line has been moved correct? And is no longer at the Hyatt? Was it different last year and how did everyone find that experience?
I had surgery on my knee a few months ago and I am doing much better, but it still hurts if I sit at certain angles for too long. Standing doesn't really bother me too much. Would it be a bother to make an inquiry to Disability Services about seating on an end seat so I can shift my leg if I need to? Sitting in the middle of a row sometimes locks up my legs and they can become very painful. I don't want to bother them for something that might not seem to be a big deal. I would even be fine with sitting in the back, but I know that they usually try to push everyone as close to the front, which squashes us all together.
Also, when I went there was a vendor that sold Lovecraft inspired items, such as books, toys, games, and art. Does anyone remember what their name is and if they are going to be there again?
Finally, I noticed Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) is going to be there as a vendor! Did anyone from this community visit their booth last year and did you notice if they were selling any of their shirts that they usually sell through the Trading Post?
Thanks for any replies! Also if I don't answer right away, it's because I have a test in the morning (which I should be studying for), but I will be back in the afternoon.
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Our two postcards have arrived.  They came a few days apart, Dragon Con 2013 here we come!  Now to get airline tickets.  Any suggestions on when the best (cheapest) time to book them are?  Sooner the better?  Thanks!
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Hey, can a friend pick up my badge with a faxed copy of my postcard or does she need to original?

I know she needs a copy of my ID and a letter saying it's okay, but can I just fax her my postcard/barcode or do I need to mail her the original right quick?
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This is going to be my first time attending the con by purchasing a membership and getting pre-registered.  One of things things I heard about the pre-registration line is that it goes faster.  How long does it usually take?

What is the best time to pick my badge up?  If I could get my badge before the big rush, what would be the best time to get in line?
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I have 1 full-attending membership to the 2012 DragonCon convention. It is $80 plus the $20 transfer fee = total $100 paid through Pay Pal. I have the transfer form that we can fill out. For details, comment with your email address.
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I always do the full Con but my wife may want to join for one day and get a Single-day badge. How long did it takes folks last year to get these (assuming you still can not purchase them in advance).
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Many of y'all have prob already heard from the website or Facebook but for those who havent:

"Due to a decrease of usage, childcare will no longer be offered effective with the 2012 show. If you have already purchased a badge for your child to utilize childcare, please contact the Dragon*Con office to request a refund."
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I bought my 2012 D*C membership at the Con this year. The young lady who rang it up said that I would be getting an e-mail and Pre-Reg postcard. I haven't received an e-mail. So:

1) Has anyone here who bought their 2012 membership at the this year's Con received an e-mail regarding it? If not, does anyone know when the e-mails will be sent out?

2) Does anyone know when they'll start sending out the Pre-Reg postcards?

Thanks in advance for any info!
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After a little vacation, we are back and digging out our office. So I am here to tell you about my week ahead.

First I am going to work on Lost and Found. I make a list of what we got sent back, and then we check it against the e-mails that we have. To make it easier on you, email me at chip@dragoncon.org. If I can locate it, I will send it back.

Next, I am going to work on finding the pre-registration paperwork of all those who pre-registered at the show. If you took the little white sheet home with you, I will not have a record of you for next year, and your badge will not print. Please send them in as soon as possible.

I would like to say thank you all for bearing with us on Thursday. It was a new system, and it will only get better next year.

Any questions feel free to e-mail me.

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Quick reminder that memberships are on sale for the con rate of $60. They will be going to the $70 rate next week.

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Marriott decided it'd be cute to charge $50/day for "incidentals" -- like if we ordered room service or decided to use the internet.

We didn't use much by way of incidentals, so Marriott told me I get money back to my card. It has not showed up yet, and I checked out on Tuesday.

Anyone know the general timeframe to expect it back? I'd like to use it to buy my 2012 membership before the price goes up.


Oh, also?

We regged on Thursday -- how was the line for regging on Friday?

UPDATE: Money showed up on Saturday.

I'm hearing the registration went just fine on Friday.
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I'd like to thank the Dragon*Con and hotel staff for the badge/card-key checking this year. I didn't see any problems like we had last year, and the staff checking the badges was for the most part polite but firm. I really appreciated it and fully enjoyed the vibe of the con this year.

Also props for the bar code scanning system for badge pickup. I waited in line for about an hour which was tons better than the last 7 or so years :)

Please do it again next year!
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Dear Dragon Con,

THANK YOU FOR THE BARCODE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!! When I first got in line for registration the line was all the way around the building. I was almost in the exact same place that I started standing in line last year. Last year I stood in line for four hours. This year, I stood in line for 50 minutes!!!!! :)))))))))) THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey everyone,

Just published at the Daily Dragon some important hints and tips straight from the folks at Registration to get you in, badged, and out to enjoy the convention as quickly as possible.  Please read and spread the word.

Thank you and have a great Dragon*Con!

Director/Editor, Daily Dragon


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