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This is Miyah Sundermeyer again and I am posting a vlog on youtube for people coming to Dragon Con for the first time.  I had some tips.

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Hi everyone:
As I said before I am working on a series of vlogs on youtube.  Every year I like to do a series of episodes at Dragon Con.  I have been promoting my blogs on twitter and facebook.  I am also starting to promote them on this communities because it revolves around the above.   So here is a link to my latest information on Dragon Con.

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I'm linking to my two con tips posts here. Please reply to the individual posts with any further suggestions, updates, changes in info, that sort of thing. :) As I see the replies, I'll edit the info into the post, with credit given as always. :)

Dragoncon tips (and con tips in general) here:


And part two is here:


As always, I hope that these tips are of help. :) Enjoy the con!
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I KNOW you all have your brand new shiny apps, but some of you love to have PDFs on your tablets and laptops, or maybe you just hate trees and want to print this monster out, so for all of you die-hards the Pocket Program is NOW ONLINE for your downloading pleasure!  And for you tweetie-birds, I have included the TinyURLs.

Advertising Website

TinyURL version: http://tinyurl.com/3tv354o

Direct link to Pocket Program (Approx. 9.5 MB)

TinyURL version: http://tinyurl.com/8qoyo9d

Direct link to Grids (Approx. 450 K)

TinyURL version: http://tinyurl.com/8uvkarb



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I just noticed the diacritical marks in the D*C 2011 book - before or after the first letter of guest names, and no discernable pattern scattered throughout the movie titles in the independent film festival section.

What does it mean?
(Probably nothing, I know, but I'd love to hear everyone's conspiracy theories.)
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The Daily Dragon's been getting some questions about the Pocket Program and schedule changes. Eugie's tied up with a whole bunch of stuff, so I told her I'd post some info that might be helpful. I'm the layout guru. :)

First, here's the link to the Daily Dragon online. If you have a question, checking there is a good place to start.

The links to the most recent Pocket Program and grid can be found HERE on the Daily Dragon website. Any updated versions will be posted there. NOTE: The Walk of Fame information on page 58 is currently incorrect. The whole Walk of Fame will be in the Hilton (not in the Marriott).

Schedule changes are HERE. This page will be updated throughout the weekend. Most of these changes will also appear in the print version that's distributed at the con. They'll also be included in The D*C Late Show broadcast each morning on D*CTV. Also, the schedule in the D*C mobile app will be updated as often as possible.

Keep in mind that we don't make the schedules; we just report 'em. When it comes to complaints about schedule changes, we're not the droid you're looking for. ;)
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Is there somewhere that I can find a list of what tracks are being held in which hotels? I could look at some of the posted schedules but I want a list that says Alternate History- Westin, Star Wars- Marriott, etc. Anyone have a clue where I can find this simple info?

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By any chance will Dragon*Con or indiviual tracks but utilizing The Conventionist App this year? I much as I love the program guide, it began to be somewhat of a pain to deal with when I was in costume. Eventually I ended up adding stuff to my Google calendar on my phone to over come carrying the booklet around.
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 This is will be my first Dragon*Con, but I haven't heard about them using the Conventionist app last year. Does anyone know if they will be using it this year?

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Hi Everyone,

I am a little behind with the iCal version of the schedule this year, but in the mean time, here's the link the the Tournament Gaming Guidebook! For those that may have missed the earlier posts, you can also download the regular Pocket Program at the "Publications Website" listed below.

Publications Website: Tournament Gaming Guidebook

The direct link to the Guidebook PDF is: Tournament Gaming Guidebook (1.8 Mb)



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Just wondering if there's going to be an IPhone app for the con this year? I heard about one last year but didn't have an Iphone then. Thanks.
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As promised, I have some more formats available now.  The iCal and CSV are still forth-coming, however, you can download a CSV of your own from the Google docs version. And Scribd allows you to download mobile versions for just about everything there is - iPad, iPod, Andriod, Nook, Blackberry, etc. etc. etc.

  • Google Docs (Spreadsheet and list views available. List view is filterable. Each page can be downloaded in CSV, HTML, text, Excel, or Open Office format.)

  • Issuu (Full book available)

  • Scribd (Full book available)



Previous post with links to PDFs and the Publications home page located here: LJ Post: Without further adieu... (ado! :D)
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Hello Everyone,

This has been such a whirlwind year! Everything seems to be getting here faster than expected, well at least from my point of view!  I am sure from out there, time is ticking s-l-o-w-l-y... especially when you want a schedule! 

No more waiting!!!  The Pocket Program is now available for download in PDF format only.  Other formats coming tonight and tomorrow (see the website for details).

Dragon*Con Publications Website

2010 Pocket Program FULL (7.5 Mb-PDF)

2010 Pocket Program Grids ONLY (1 Mb-PDF)

Apologies that our iPod/Driod apps will not be ready for this year, but look for them in 2011 (for our 25th Anniversary no less!)  However, I strive to provide a wide array of formats so you can make them work on whatever your PDA weapon of choice is.



Senior Director
Publications & Public Relations

EDIT: The Gaming Schedule will be in a separate booklet this year.  It will be added to the Publications website when completed as well.

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I, like everyone else, am waiting with growing impatience for the Pocket Program to be released, but how can they IF THEY KEEP ADDING GUESTS! Today they added Lou Ferrigno. Enough already. We're all duly impressed with the length and breadth of this year's list -- now stop it and release the frakkin' program.
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 Hello, im very intrested in attending this year but what are the pannels and im a bit confused on everything thats going to be offered here. Is there Harry Potter related pannels? and where can i purchase tickets?
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D*C will post it in here as soon as its available; it's preapproved to post so there will be no waiting in the mod queue for it; it'll be posted in here immediately. Links back to it will be added on the sidebar and header of the community when it is posted.

If it's not posted in here, it's not ready nor available yet.

Thanks all.
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Hey, gang! This is a repost of my schedule, just 'cause we're actually close to the con and all. :) After missing last year, I'm back at D*C, with five count 'em five sets. The pocket program has most of them listed in Filk, rather than Live Concerts, so I thought I'd put them all here for those who care. :) Remember that the musicians' tables are at the Marriott this year, but all of these performances are at the Hyatt.
  • Friday 8:30 p.m., Intl N
  • Saturday, 7:00 p.m., Awards Banquet, Regency VI-VII
  • Saturday 10:00 p.m., Intl N-South
  • Sunday 3:30 p.m., Concourse Stage
  • Sunday, 7:00 p.m., Regency V
It's a little frustrating that the filk concerts are not automatically lumped in with the live concerts, given that [a] we're not dead and [b] if you don't know to look for 'em, you'd hardly know that such excellent performers as Marc Gunn, Pandora Celtica, and the Bedlam Bards are here. The pocket program has all the Filk information on pages 24 and 25, and I heartily recommend you check us out.

Many thanks, and see you at Dragon*Con!
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Hey Everyone,

In my rush to get the grids up yesterday, I apparently forgot to turn the "span across pages" off on the rows for the tables.  

They are fixed (and they are portrait now instead of horizontal), and can be found here:


Sorry for the inconvenience!


EDIT: I have the schedule grids in Google Docs now!  You can find it here:  dc09-grids.


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