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Hello everyone! First time DragonCon goer here.

I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences staying at the Holiday Inn Atlanta Capitol Conference Center, and getting to the host hotels?

Much appreciated.
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The Hyatt opened up  a block of rooms today due to yesterday being the last day for cancellations. Just letting people know just in case at this very late date someone still needed a room or wanted to change from overflow to host.   I think they said they had approx. 30is rooms available.

*****BUT I have a question about parking , last year I parked at a parking garage at the end of the street from the Hyatt, if you walk out the front it was to the right.  they charged 18 a night.  Does anyone know the name of this garage and / or are they still charging 18 a night or has the rate gone up???   anyone who has knowledge of this garage could you give some info please.
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I'm linking to my two con tips posts here. Please reply to the individual posts with any further suggestions, updates, changes in info, that sort of thing. :) As I see the replies, I'll edit the info into the post, with credit given as always. :)

Dragoncon tips (and con tips in general) here:


And part two is here:


As always, I hope that these tips are of help. :) Enjoy the con!
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Has anyone parked at the Andrew Young Blvd Parking garage? I think it's the closest one to the Westin.
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We just reserved our room for the Marriott and I was curious about how they do their parking. We are in a group and some of our group will arrive earlier than the other. My question is, for one room has anyone had to have 2 cars to park and do they allow that? 

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Map of Peachtree Center Complex from the official site

Downtown Google Map from The Daily Dragon

STREET RENAMING: The City of Atlanta just last week renamed Harris St., the street that runs to the south of the Hyatt, Marriott Marquis, and Hilton, to John Portman Blvd. at Historic Harris St.(how's that for a mouthful). Basically John Portman Blvd. and Harris St. are the same name. The Google Map somehow already has the new name, but other ones will still say Harris St. Most likely the street signs will still say Harris St. as well.

FYI: For those wondering who John Portman is, he's the designer/builder of several of the D*C hotels(Hyatt, Marriott Marquis, Westin) and the Peachtree Center complex with the Food Courts and the older Hamster Tunnels.

Downtown Atlanta Interactive Parking Guide

Downtown Atlanta Interactive Dining Guide

Downloadable General Downtown Map:

Downloadable Downtown Dining Map:
(I realize its dated 2008, but its still the current map CAP has on the website)

D*C Photoshoot Location Map...thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sparr0 for putting this together
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I'm currently going to just live under the assumption that when I check into my hotel on Friday morning, the valet parking provided by my hotel will no longer be available due to all the people who checked in on Friday. This may be inaccurate, but again, we're just going to assume this.

Now, with this being the case, what are some preferred methods of overnight parking that you guys have? The Lindbergh Marta place has been suggested to me, but I'm just curious what else is available in the area that is at least somewhat safe? I'm also living under the assumption that someone in a parking garage will not attack 4 nerds with swords, fake guns, and a sonic screwdriver, but you never know.... 

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I'm staying in the Sheraton this year, and it'll be my first year every utilizing hotel parking.  Can anyone shed light on what the options are and how much they cost?  We're checking in on Thursday, and checking out on Monday.
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Does anyone remember which garages hike their prices up for D*C? Last year I parked in the open lot beside the Marriott, which was a HUGE mistake. They went from $10 a day to $20 for 'event parking'. What other lots do this? I was thinking of parking at the covered one at 60 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue. It seems to have the best rate and it's not immediately at a hotel. Has anyone parked here before? It's about 2 blocks from the Westin (where I'm staying) and three from the Marriott.

To make it easier I guess I should ask where I shouldn't park instead of where I should. lol! Thanks!

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Okay my friends and i are coming for one day only! So where should I park my car if I am not staying at a hotel?? Anyone have any suggestions?
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Anyone attending with a car who is driving in and out each day, watch out if you park at the Georgia-Pacific Center. You can NOT get back in any of the garage entrances late at night to retrieve your car; you must go to the building's main walk-in entrance and be buzzed in by the security staff at the front desk, then cross a bridge behind the lobby to get back into the garage. Then you may find the payment machines' bill sliders non-working and have to buzz the intercom to be let out with your vehicle. Try one of the open-air lots instead if you can find one with space available, or a garage with clearly posted hours of operation. CORRECTION: This turned out to be true only on the night before the con (Thursday); the Courtland St. entrance is open and staffed 24 hours each day of the con itself. Apologies for the error.

Also, if you are looking to use free WiFi to get on the Net, the food court at Peachtree Center is the only place you can find it. The hotels' WiFi access in their lobbies is NOT free unless you are a paying hotel guest. With the exception of the Sheraton's Internet café, you will have to pay to get beyond the hotel's website if you don't already have some sort of cellular access.
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Hey guise! A few questions...

-Parking. Where can I park if I don't have a hotel? Are there any super cheap or free places around?

-I read in someone's guide you shouldn't sleep in your car. What if you have no other option? I have no where to stay and no money for a hotel.

-Showers. Is there a place for people without rooms to shower?

-And lastly.. I THINK I asked this before, but can't find my old post. I need a definitive price for Stan Lee's autograph. I would ask about Kristin Bauer's, but I'd pretty much pay almost anything for that fierce HBIC's signature.

OT, any Digimon cosplayers showing? : ) I'm gonna go as Taiki!
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I only know the parade as a con-goer. Some friends of mine want to come to downtown Atlanta early on Saturday, park their car, and go watch the parade. Can anyone recommend a good parking lot or deck? I know they'll be able to find something if they drive around long enough, but it'd be great if I could direct them somewhere. Thanks!
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I have never been to DragonCon or any other convention before in my life, but I am hoping to come this year. I've always wanted to come but never been able to make it.  I'm really glad Brandon Routh has been added to the guest list, and I think I am going to bite the bullet now.

Since I have absolutely no idea what to expect, I have a few questions, if you kind folk would please help me. I'll only be able to drive up for one day of the events. Which would experienced attendees advise -- Saturday or Sunday? Is one less crowded than the other? Where do I go to buy admission the day of the event?

Also, are cameras allowed (still or camcorder or neither)? How do autographs work? Do you bring something for the guests to sign, or do you have to buy a photo there?

Another biggie -- parking? If I'm not staying at a hotel, will there be parking available or will I have to take the Marta (which sort of terrifies me actually)?

I know these are a lot of questions that probably sound lame to some of you, but I'd really appreciate any feedback I can get. I feel pretty clueless, but excited!

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Hello all,
I have stayed at the Marriott and Sheraton for the last two years but the need to save some money has made me decide to try something different. I am thinking about staying at a hotel on the perimeter near the medical center Marta station. I thought about driving in and parking every day but reading through the older posts makes me think this is not such a good idea. The catch is that I like to stay late at night but the thought of a late night ride on a public transit system over the weekend just doesn't sound very appealing or safe. I have been on rapid  transit systems in many other cities and countries but never ATL so I defer to your opinions. Is there anyone out there who thinks driving in and parking daily is a viable option? Has anyone used Marta late at night. How is the Medical Center Station? I am not too familiar with Atlanta so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


Aug. 5th, 2010 12:36 pm
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Hello All,

I've heard in the past people talk about reasonable parking at dragoncon but wanted to see if anyone has any tips on where to park... not really looking at paying 30/day for parking at the hotels...  Thanks in advance
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If you are driving to Dragon Con and planning on parking in a public parking deck, be mindful that the rate of break ins has increased over the last few months.  Please protect yourself and don't leave anything in your car.  I mean nothing..really.  Some damn fool broke into my car for an empty back pack last month at a parking deck in the area. 

Favorite things for idiots to steal:

chargers of any kind (cell phone, ipod, you name it)
GPS systems
ANYTHING resembling a back pack or laptop case

The last thing anyone wants is to have to come back to their car with a busted window.  It really sucks.  Be safe, friends, and have a great time  :)
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I, like most people, will be driving up to Atlanta, GA. For most of us who do not use the valet parking at the hotel which cost 'Butt Loads' of $$ where do you park in the ATL? Where are the good places to park?

I found this map service (zoom out a bit and scroll it to the left to see hotels to the right of the map) that locates all the 'P' places to park, but not sure which is the prime spot. I don't mind walking, but don't need to make a death march to my hotel. I have heard of some lots being closed on Monday, due to the holiday, which can make life difficult. Advice please :D
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To anyone who has driven to D*C w/ a cargo trailer:

Is the Marriott able to accommodate a sedan pulling a standard U-Haul 8x5x5 trailer?  Any other suggestions for parking over the weekend (Thursday through Tuesday) ?

We've driven down in a loaded minivan the past 5 years, but circumstances have changed a bit.

Thanks in advance!


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