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Due to haste, this will be the only list posted.

Post any modifications or additions in the comments(I know there will be a few).
Will correct if I get the info before Wednesday. Wednesday and after check the comments for corrections.

Thanks all.

Final Community List for 2016 )
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Hey all.....

Guess i shouldnt be surprised but some jackwipe posted a big SW spoiler in one of the major DC facebook groups...

To guard against that happeming in here, which admittedly is very unlikely, ive switched moderated mode back on for a while so i can at least stop one in the queue. Our preapproved folk are good enough folk to avoid doing things like that. My worry is a troll wandering in.

Well prob stay in mod mode till at least after the new year...

Thanks everyone.
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Sorry for the slowness in keeping up with things this week. Will get standard stuff done this weekend.

Thanks everyone for your patience and sticking around.

One thing to do right now is the usual announcement i do every year:

Once again, I regret to inform everyone that Wayne Newton will not be playing anywhere near Dragon Con this year.

If the con keeps growing, we just might someday attract him yet.

Thanks again everyone.

Still here

Aug. 1st, 2015 10:12 am
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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the slowmess on my end. As the pattern has been the past few years, real life keeps interfering with con readiness. This year, my brother is getting hitched next weekend and have had to deal with that and other less pleasant family stuff.

As memtioned in past years, weve quieted back down to olden days with social media now run by Facebook and Twitter and eclipsing LJ; in a few years theyll likely be succeeded by something else. Despite that, this place will continue.

Since its much quieter and we domt get the outside spam post we did back in our high traffic days, ive turned the community back into open mode where your post shows immediately. Of course moderated mode can be reinstated at any time and while ive eased off a bit on the graphics limits, i still reserve the right to pull posts if they get too graphics heavy, beyone PG-13, etc., but i wont be quite as strict especially when we get out of con time.

Over the weekend, ill do the usual annual postings and set up for con. Even with our new traffic reality, well still prob go the master post route post con.

Thanks everyone.
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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay on our usual pre show stuff. Have had to deal with some family stuff.

As said before, much as LiveJournal has gone, so has this community gone as far as activity.

Even with the quiet, the place is still open and we'll carry on. Over the next days I'll get the place up to speed.

In the meantime, I have a little assignment for you.

As everyone now knows, the con now has a new logo to reflect recent changes. Obviously there will be a new corresponding color scheme for the con.

Years ago group members helped to find a new style for the community page that reflected the colors and desired information. Now it's time for a new style for the community that reflects the new color scheme and that's where I need help from you to find or make one.

Due to our short time frame, we may go with something immediately then go another direction after the postcon period.

Thanks everyone and looking forward to this year's show!
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Post anything that does not fit under the other master posts here. Please remember that a moratorium on For Sale Postings is now in effect. Such posts will be yanked from comments. If abuse becomes a problem this master post will be removed.
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Post under here for Lost and Found items
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Post your Photos and Photo Requests under this post. If the pics are not work safe, post them elsewhere, and post a link back to them with appropriate warnings. You can also use [livejournal.com profile] dragoncon_photo and the DC Wiki. Please avoid crossposting...use links instead
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Hey everyone....sorry for my being quiet as we ramp up into con mode...past month has been full of tech and real life problems...think I have things stabilized (relatively speaking)

I'll repost more formally tomorrow after I get some sleep, but the for sale moratorium is lifted.

Obviously, since there are no longer badge transfers allowed, no posts on such will be allowed...

Will talk more on new rules for crowdsourcing posts(Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and similar) later on. Quick and dirty version:

- Posts need to be short teaser paragraph with link to the crowdsource page where the main stuff resides...as in for sale posts, short and sweet is the best way to go...
- Project needs to DIRECTLY involve D*C in some way...decisions to allow will be pretty much on a case by case basis
- Full responsibility resides with the party running the crowdsourcing....as with for sale posts, its buyer beware....maintainers/mods/community/the con/livejournal make no guarantees or accept any responsibility on any crowdsouring posts
- as in for sale posts, crowdsourcing posts may be routed into master posts or banned altogether with no warning...

more to come tomorrow....thanks everyone....
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If you received any mails this morning from dragonconlj (at) yahoo (dot) (com) they are spam and may have malware. DO NOT OPEN OR CLICK ANYTHING ON THEM!!

The account was hacked this morning. I never do any mass mailings from that account.

Have updated password and looking at alternatives.

Apologies for any inconvenience.
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Official statement from the Convention concerning recent events posted yesterday on the con's Facebook Page in italics below:

There has been a great deal of discussion as of late in the community regarding our continued financial connection to Edward Kramer. Please know that we are as troubled by this circumstance as anyone else, but please also know that there is no simple, legal, solution to this matter...if there were, it would have been resolved long ago.

For the record, Edward Kramer resigned from the Dragon*Con convention in the year 2000. Since that time, he has had no role in the direction or management of the convention; however, he remains a stockholder despite our desires otherwise.

Since Edward Kramer’s arrest in 2000, we have made multiple attempts to sever all ties between Edward Kramer and Dragon*Con including several efforts to buy Edward Kramer’s stock shares. Unfortunately, Edward Kramer's response to our buyout efforts was repeated litigation against Dragon*Con...thus our buyout efforts have been stalled. The idea proposed of dissolving the company and reincorporating has been thoroughly investigated and is not possible at this point. Legally, we can’t just take away his shares. We are unfortunately limited in our options and responses as we remain in active litigation.

The current flood of “information” about this litigation appears to have been taken from the multiple lawsuits against Dragon*Con filed by Edward Kramer and his lawyers (i.e., Edward Kramer's arguments and allegations, not documented facts). To our dismay, much of this misinformation is being quoted as pure fact despite the reality that a court of law determined that many of the facts and figures provided by Mr. Kramer in his law suits were false, inaccurate or completely fictitious.

It is our sincere hope that the end is in sight and that the upcoming trial(s) in Gwinnett County will provide a resolution of Edward Kramer’s guilt or innocence, and therefore a cause of legally divorcing ourselves from him once and for all.

Since 2000, Dragon Con has been managed by three of the original co-founders, Chairman Pat Henry and board members Dave Cody and Robert Dennis. In that time the convention attendance has grown from less than 10,000 to over 52,000 fans. Our goal has been and will continue to be, to provide the greatest fan driven science fiction/fantasy convention in the world.

We do hope that everyone understands that due to past, present, and possible future lawsuits we find ourselves unable to comment further on any matters concerning Edward Kramer. Please do not construe any future silence on the matter as a lack of concern on the part of the Dragon*Con staff and more specifically, our board of directors.

We will continue to strive to provide the best possible experience for our attendees, volunteers, partners and invited guests alike.

We are, and will remain, for the fans, by the fans.

Please keep any discussion civil. This will be the last thread on this subject for the time being. Thanks everyone.
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If you received any mail today from the community address dragonconlj (at) yahoo (dot) com, disregard it...its spammer mail.

The mail addy was hacked from Brazil today and I got back several mailer fail notices. I have updated the password and such.

I havent sent out anything from that addy in over a week and a half, so if you've received anything today from that addy, dont click any links in it and remove such mails immediately.
I also dont use the address for any kind of mass mailing whatsoever.

Apologies to all for any inconvenience.
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Post under here for Lost and Found items
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Post your Photos and Photo Requests under this post. If the pics are not work safe, post them elsewhere, and post a link back to them with appropriate warnings. You can also use [livejournal.com profile] dragoncon_photo and the DC Wiki. Please avoid crossposting...use links instead
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Doing a little better this year, but not by much...

Starting on the Community List for this year...Inside the cut is 2011's list which I havent done anything to yet...just posted as a starting point to allow comments on needed additions, corrections, and deletions.

Please keep adds and corrects to currently active communities and such only...we have enough of those to keep track on without throwing in dormant or archive ones.

Google+ Groups will be included this year.

Biggest things I need will be Groups, Twitters, and communities and groups for the new tracks added this year.

As usual for every year, I'll post updated lists every few days with a
final version just before con.

Thanks everyone.

EDIT: Took care of some early commenters. I also removed LJ communities that havent been updated since before D*C 2011. I'll put them back on the list if you want, but someone will have to request such first.

As always, this will be a work in progress right up to the con.

Final Community List for 2011/ Startoff List for 2012 )
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Saw several posts in the mod queue and on Facebook concerning email messages from Passkey concerning Marriott reservations along the lines of this:

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 16:49:36 -0400 (EDT)From: Dragon Con 2012 Reply-To: xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for selecting the Atlanta Marriott Marquis for your stay during the Dragon Con Conference.

At this time I am getting ready to cancel all reservations with declined Credit cards, please contact Marriott reservation TODAY July 19th, at 866-469-5475 to update your credit card information are your reservation will be cancel. Once your reservation is canceled it will not be reinstated at the group rate.

So we dont have umpteen different posts on this same subject, I'm going to consolidate things under this master post. If any solution or resolution is found on this matter, I'll update this post and/or post another to get the word out.

If you have a post waiting in the mod queue on this, it'll be rejected but with a message directing you here. This way the discussion will be in one place rather than a dozen.

UPDATE: From the comments and from Facebook, apparently this email was sent out in error; as you could see from the poor grammar on it, it wasnt even finished before it was sent out. I would strongly urge that if you received this mail to go ahead and call and reconfirm your reservations and related charges and make sure all is in order if you havent already done so.

Thanks everyone.
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4) Aside from a very short text only description of what you're selling, all details, graphics, videos, and any other constructs MUST be behind a link or lj-cut. Any work unsafe graphics within a link or lj-cut must be preceded with an appropriate warning.

Been getting a few for sale posts in the queue lately with graphics and videos outside a lj-cut or link.

Check some recent for sale posts(use the for sale tag) for some good examples on how to construct a for sale post that's short and sweet without being unduly intrusive on the community. They can provide templates on how to construct your own for sale posts.
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For Sale Posts are now allowed again.

Below are the rules; please read them before posting your stuff...

1) The subject header of your post MUST start with the words FOR SALE.

2) LEGAL items only, please

3) Items must be available at least nationally within the US.

Offline local garage sales=NO; available only in your home area=NO. Items must be available at least nationwide in the US. Less than that, you're better off using locally oriented LJ communities.

4) Aside from a very short text only description of what you're selling, all details, graphics, videos, and any other constructs MUST be behind a link or lj-cut. Any work unsafe graphics within a link or lj-cut must be preceded with an appropriate warning.

5) AUCTION/FOR SALE LINKS - A link to ONE auction listing or summary of stuff for sale PER SELLER with just basic text information is allowed outside of a lj-cut, but nothing beyond that. Members can get pictures and more in depth info at the auction/for sale page or behind the cut.

This rule is to prevent someone listing umpteen or so items on eBay or elsewhere then trying to make several seperate post for each item, thereby de facto spamming up the community. Get your stuff organized and then list or link it in one post; dont post some items, then try to seperately post more items 30 seconds later.

6) Caveat Emptor. Any and all promises and/or guarantees on for sale posts are the full and complete responsibility of the buyer and seller. The [livejournal.com profile] dragoncon community, all maintainers and moderators, Dragoncon the convention, and Livejournal are not and cannot be held responsible for any promises or guarantees made on for sale items.

This was one of the major reasons it took so long to reallow for sale posts a few years ago. Back when we polled on this, a few of you brought up the responsibility issue on for sale posts and trying to figure out a way to handle that has been a major roadblock.
In short, transactions on anything listed here are the full and absolute responsibility of the buyer and seller only. The community, the maintainers and moderators, the convention, or Livejournal will offer no guarantees or promises on for sale items listed in here. If you cannot work under that, dont post anything for sale in here or buy anything listed for sale in here. The first time a for sale post becomes a major problem for the community will be the last time it becomes a problem for the community because in such an event for sale posts will be then permanently banned.

7) After posting, Sellers must wait a minimum of fourteen(14) days before posting another for sale post. This minimum may be extended if conditions warrant

This was another stumbling block: how to prevent someone making a post of items one day then turning around the next day and posting another list. Since most eBay auctions(which are the primary exchange method of for sale items
in the community) run 7 or 10 days, 14 days was the number I came up with so that a few active sellers dont shut others out.

8) Posts may be yanked if the For Sale items fall outside the above perview. For Sale posts may be banned at anytime without warning or notice if they become a problem here in the community.

9) BADGES/MEMBERSHIPS: Since badges quite obviously affect the con directly, badge transfers are subject to their own rules as follows:

b) Account for the $20 transfer fee in your post
c) No graphics of any kind period(you dont need any to post a badge transfer
d) Keep it short and sweet...people sometimes get a lot wordier than necessary to explain a badge transfer...just stay with the heart of the matter and avoid extraneous stuff

When we get closer in to the convention and things really pick up in here, for sale posts will likely be herded into master posts placed at regular intervals since it will be quite busy in the community. After the con, there will likely be a moratorium reinstated to help with the post con crunch in here.

One method I recommend is post a short paragraph and link back to your own LJ for the main sales info.

Thanks again everyone for your patience.

Screened comments allowed.


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