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RL is a PITA at the moment, hence the late post. I'm linking to last year's post w/ the 2 links here:


As always, suggestions, updates, corrections, additions, subtractions are welcomed! I'll edit asap and give credit, of course. :)
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This is Miyah Sundermeyer again and I am posting a vlog on youtube for people coming to Dragon Con for the first time.  I had some tips.

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I just downloaded the app for Android.  This looks like it should be very useful.  Can anyone tell me how it worked out last year?
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I sent a few comments and suggestions to the feedback address provided in the nice-looking Dragon*Con app for iPhone and iPad, and got a thoughtful response back, very quickly, from the developers.

One of the nice pieces of news is that they expect to release an update, probably this weekend, that will enable users to have their schedule and other settings synced between their devices. That means we'll be able to browse and make selections on the iPad where it's easier to see everything, and then carry around just the iPhone (or iPod touch, if you're going that route) with your info automagically transferred.

A cool new feature (at least, if it was there before, I don't recall it) is the "Friends" tab. You can give your friends a code, and they get access to your schedule and whatever contact info you choose to share. Note that you have to generate a new friend code for each person you'd like to share with. I suggested that a) I'd rather be able to generate one code and give it to everyone, and b) if they can't do this, they should make it crystal clear that that won't work, but they quite reasonably responded that they want to err on the side of security.
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This is the first year I've gotten to use the mobile app--I didn't have a smart enough phone last year--and may I say it rocks my world up, down, and sideways.  Question: is there any way to access the information on a laptop?  I'd like to see my schedule of favorites on a larger screen. :)  Also, if I favorite something, and the schedule for it changes, does my favorite update automatically, or does it become un-favorited, or what? 
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Hey guys, 

This thread on Dragon*ConForums seemed too good not to share:  
It's all about Apps that you could use on your iPhone/ iPad/ Android device to enhance your Congoing experience.  

I'll include the original post from the thread here, although I don't think I can go back and forth and maintain the updates in live journal.  

I don't have an android device, so I will have to let others post that here, but here are a few tips and tricks to try to get the most out of your iPhone/ iPad at Dragon*Con.  

(1 ) Should your iPhone/ iPad get lost, put information on it in a way that an honest person could get it back to you.  This could be a sticker, or for me, I take a picture of "if found, please call XXX-XXX-XXXX and say you found Trathor's phone" where XXX-XXX-XXXX is the number of a buddy who I plan to be around most of the con.  Then I make this the screen you see when you press the 'home button' (without having to log in).  Not saying a lost phone will make it back to you, but at least gives a chance to get it back.  

(2 ) Enable location services on your device, so apps can use them (and you can find your phone it if get's lost): 

(3 ) Install 'Find my iPhone' (Free):
If you loose your iPhone, you can ask anyone else to install this app (or maybe they have it installed already), and you can log into the app on their phone with your information - it will tell you where your phone is, let you send alerts/ sounds (in case you lost it under your bed/ etc), and even remote wipe.  

(4 ) Install Find my Friends:
You can set up temporary (or permanent) rights for friends to see where you are on a map.  
Trying to meet up and not sure where in the heck anyone is?  Perfect App for that.  Remember you can set it to expire anytime, and you can disable visibility of where you are with the touch of a button.  

(5 ) Install Phream:
Want to take pictures at Dragon*Con, but only want to share them with a limited group of friends (and not everyone you know on Facebook, including your parents)? Phream lets you join and share pictures to specific groups, and even let's you retract pictures the next morning when you realize you have shared more than you intended.  

(6 ) Install Bump: 
To be honest, I always do this manually, but bump let's you add contact information between new people you want to add you your contacts list with low effort.  

(7 ) Facebook:
OK, so maybe you do want to share your Pictures with the world, or just do general updates:

(8 ) Install Photosynth
Cool/ easy app for taking fully panoramic pictures.  

Those were some of the top ones I recommend.  If you have ones you like, tell us here and why you like them. 

mobile app

Jul. 17th, 2012 12:46 pm
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Are they going to use the same mobile app from last year ?
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The Daily Dragon's been getting some questions about the Pocket Program and schedule changes. Eugie's tied up with a whole bunch of stuff, so I told her I'd post some info that might be helpful. I'm the layout guru. :)

First, here's the link to the Daily Dragon online. If you have a question, checking there is a good place to start.

The links to the most recent Pocket Program and grid can be found HERE on the Daily Dragon website. Any updated versions will be posted there. NOTE: The Walk of Fame information on page 58 is currently incorrect. The whole Walk of Fame will be in the Hilton (not in the Marriott).

Schedule changes are HERE. This page will be updated throughout the weekend. Most of these changes will also appear in the print version that's distributed at the con. They'll also be included in The D*C Late Show broadcast each morning on D*CTV. Also, the schedule in the D*C mobile app will be updated as often as possible.

Keep in mind that we don't make the schedules; we just report 'em. When it comes to complaints about schedule changes, we're not the droid you're looking for. ;)
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Not sure if this was posted here yet. Figured some may not have seen the Facebook post. I assume most everyone knows about the smartphone app that has the schedule in that can be downloaded now. But Friday, DragonCon announced on Facebook that if you don't have a smartphone, you can access the early schedule online with this url: http://m.core-apps.com/dragoncon11/

I've tried it out a lot. It is really, really slow and doesn't always work as planned. Try clicking things multiple times. But it is seriously awesome to have this the week before the con.
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A friend has tickets to the GOH banquet and is trying to determine whether he can also manage the Georgia Aquarium night.

However we cannot seem to find anything on the Dragon*Con site that indicates where the GOH banquet is, when it starts, how long it runs, etc.

We know Georgia Aquarium opens as early a 7 PM and runs until 11 PM and are trying to figure out how much, if any, overlap there is with the GOH banquet.

Does anyone have details on the banquet or know where to find them. The site only seems to list the price and date and nothing more.

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With Dragon*Con now less than 2 weeks away (YAY!/ACK!) and no sign of an app for schedules, I'm curious as to what others are using to keep track of the panels/events they want to attend. Granted, pencil and paper always work. :-) However a more technology advanced solution is nice.

Google calendar?
Yahoo calendar?
Is there an app that can be utilized?
Maybe loading a PDF of the scheduled on one's smartphone?

Other ideas??

EDIT: Thanks for all the great ideas! And for the app link. I had no idea an app had been added. Am getting it now. Depending on how useful it is, I may still use the Google calendar idea as a back up.
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With all of the tech/geek people that are part of Dragon*Con I am surprised that there is not a mobile app for the iphone. I would love an app that would let you create your own Dragon*Con day right on your phone instead of having to flip through the Dragon*Con book constantly to know where to go next. Plus think of all the trees that we could save! :)
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Favorite iPhone/Android apps (that you find useful) for Dragoncon?
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By any chance will Dragon*Con or indiviual tracks but utilizing The Conventionist App this year? I much as I love the program guide, it began to be somewhat of a pain to deal with when I was in costume. Eventually I ended up adding stuff to my Google calendar on my phone to over come carrying the booklet around.
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I know that many of us would love to have the Dragon*Con Pocket Guide or something similar in an electronic format we can use on our smartphones such as the iPhone and Android phones which is why I wanted to share this cool app that I recently found in case any of the Dragon*Con PTB are looking for a solution.

The app is called Conventionist (http://www.conventionist.com) and they have several con guides already available in their free app if folks want to check it out.

I don't know if the PTB are already working on a custom solution but if not this app and company seem like they already have a nice solution ready to go.

Only 232 days until the con starts. ;)

Take care,

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Just a reminder if you were not aware Google offers exchange server access for its account holders.

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I stumbled upon this trolling twitter.



Thanks to the person who made it, I'm just sharing the wealth! <3


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