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I did a new blog on Dragon Con last night stating that as of today, we are three weeks out from the convention.  I also gave an update what I have been doing.  I also created a convention playlist all about my blogs.  

Please be sure to check these out

1.My latest Vlog


2. My Convention playlist.  I have some stuff from last year's show

I am still looking for people to interview for the show.

What would you like to see me cover this year without bother the major panelists?
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I had to cut it down to one this year instead of three, but I am indeed hosting a "Harry Potter" photoshoot. It will be Sunday at 7:30pm in the Sheraton Lobby (will move from there just like last year and in 2010 )

Also, the "Geeks of Primetime Crime" (i.e. live action crime drama- think "Sherlock", "Hannibal", "Law &Order", "CSI", "NCIS", 'Criminal Minds", shows like that- photoshoot) returns, still Saturday and on the 5th floor of the Hilton but at 9:00pm this year so as not to have to deal with the crush of people going to get dinner (as I do suspect that caused some problems the previous years, having it right at 5 when the mad rush for dinner began).

I guess I can also mention the "Wreck-It Ralph" gathering, Sunday at 2:00pm on the Marriott 10th floor. I'm not hosting it but as of right now it hasn't been added to the Cosplay.com list, either.

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Seeking GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) participants from any year(s) as well as their friends/family/enablers to come see how many Sock Monkey aficionados we can get in one photo. You are required to wear something sock monkey themed - a full costume, your own sock monkey high fashion, or just a hat or paper plate mask. Cosplay is welcome as long as you have a sock monkey somewhere on you; as are kale dragons, GISHBOTs, etc. Hopefully we can get a BIG crowd and send the pics to the GISHWHES crew (including Misha Collins of course)! Plus as a bonus you get to meet up with other participants - I'll be meeting one of my 2013 teammates for the first time! (You can come to the meet just to watch or take pics if you don't want to be in the photo or don't have anything sock monkey. But we're GISHWHESians - we laugh heartily at being weird in public and/or making DIY sock monkey gear!)

Here is the FB event for ease but you do not have to RSVP there if you don't use FB.
Location/ Date/Time: Hardy Ivy Park, Saturday 12:30 pm
The time and location are open to change if there are significant problems for multiple attendees. If you have questions etc feel free to ask me. I'm looking into having some 1" buttons available (at cost, with any excess donated to Random Acts) if that's interesting.
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Hi everyone:

We at Dragon Con Bronies will be hosting yet another Pizza party and meet up on Friday night at 5:00 in the Marriott on the 10th Floor.  This time, we hope to order our pizzas earlier so that we can have them hot and ready.

After dinner, we will gather the largest group of Pinkie Pies for a photo shoot and then a Flash mob of the same Pinkies between  the Sheraton and Marriott

- Note: Please bring

$5.00 to chip in for the pizza
Snacks and drinks to share
Plates and Napkins

Other notes:
-If we can't get the pizza delivered, I am sure we can get pizza from one of the vendors
-If the 10th floor is in use, we will move the party to either the pool side at the Sheraton or to the lower lobby area of the Hilton as it is not as crowded in either hotel.
- Be sure to go to Facebook.com and like our page "Dragon Con Bronies."

I hope to see you there...
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I'm working on a human-form Gipsy Danger costume and my friend is working on a similar Striker Eureka. Anyone else doing Pacific Rim costumes and interested in a meetup? I'm down for whatever, though there is a restaurant in the area also called Pacific Rim that seems like the obvious place to meet. ;) Respond here or to my lj name at gmail dot com if interested.
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Now that the dust has settled a bit, this is a follow-up to [livejournal.com profile] zarathud's post on running at Dragon*Con.  I'm curious to see how many people braved the heat, humidity, and hills of Atlanta over the weekend, and who might like to get together to run next year.  While I wasn't able to meet up with anyone through LJ this time around, on Monday morning I asked someone who was heading out for a run if I could join him, so I did get at least one D*Con running partner.  

I would head up to Piedmont Park and around midtown Atlanta, doing 4 to 6 miles a day on Thursday, Friday, and Monday (Saturday and Sunday were just too busy, although I know a group of folks runs the parade route before thing kick off).  Doing a half marathon's worth of running over the long weekend is pretty straightforward; it might be a good goal for an informal Dragon*Con running club, maybe even something we could use to benefit a D*C charity.  Thoughts?

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I've been hosting a "Harry Potter" gathering/photoshoot for each day of D*C (except Monday) since 2007 and plan to continue the tradition into 2012. This time, I will be sharing hosting duty with a friend with both of us dressed as the Weasley Twins, so I guess you could say this year's shoots are sponsored by Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. :D

Okay, enough jokes. The times and locations are as follows:

There are Facebook events for these; just click on the corresponding times listed and feel free to join.
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ETA: this meetup will be Sunday at noon, in the Hilton lobby (there are these "conversation nooks" there for potential actual gaming). If the group gets too big, we will simply go upstairs to the 5th floor of that same hotel. Also, there's a Facebook event page for this: http://www.facebook.com/events/214788265315130/

Oh sure, there are gatherings/photoshoots for video games and MMORPGs, but what about games of the non-electronic variety? You know, card games, board games, pen-and-paper RPGs, that kind of stuff.

I'm asking because a friend and I plan to be cosplaying characters from the card game "Red Dragon Inn" for the earlier part of Sunday (read: before 3pm). While of course other "Red Dragon" characters and characters from, say, "Magic: the Gathering", "Warhammer", or "Munchkin" are welcome, this shoot would be open to anyone from any non-video game. The Clue suspects (e.g. Colonel Mustard) count, as do Uncle Pennybags (the Monopoly mascot), characters from Candyland (e.g. Queen Frostine, King Kandy, Princess Lolly, Mr. Mint), face cards from a standard deck (whether it's one like this or more like this), and chess pieces (this for example). Yes, even those dartboard, Twister, and checkerboard costumes (as dresses or otherwise) count. And of course, any "Dungeons & Dragons", "Shadowrun", "World of Darkness", etc. characters are welcome. Would anyone be interested?
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For those of you cosplaying from televison crime dramas/detective shows/police procedurals/whatever else you wanna call 'em, your gracious hosts Penelope Garcia (my friend) and Abby Sciuto (me) are hosting a photoshot on the 5th floor of the Hilton, Saturday at 5:00 pm. For those interested, dinner at Southern Elements in the Hilton will follow. 

Also, a reminder that this is not just for "Criminal Minds" and "NCIS" cosplayers- anyone from any television crime drama ever made in any country counts (yes, this even includes BBC's "Sherlock"), and duplicate characters are welcome.

Oh yes, the link is to the Facebook page, but there's also this thread here.
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For those of you who are interested in BJDs the BJD panel will bet at 11:00 on Friday at the Hyatt peadmont room, also will have two mini meets each day so feel free to come by if you can! (Obitsu, Pullips and Bythe dolls are welcome to!!)

this is what the tentative "schedule" looks like

7:00 Mini Meet - 10th floor Marriot
(feel free to come early or just swing by if you can.)

11:30 Doll Panel - Hyatt peadmont room
3:00 Mini Meet - 10th floor Marriot
6:00 Mini Meet - 10th floor Marriot

1:00 Mini Meet - 10th floor Marriot
6:00 Mini Meet - 10th floor Marriot

12:00 Mini Meet - 10th floor Marriot
6:00 Mini Meet - 10th floor Marriot

12:00 Mini Meet - 10th floor Marriot

As more information becomes available I will post it here to keep everyone updated, so check back to see if there are any changes or updates.

I hope to see everyone there!!


Jul. 29th, 2012 09:28 pm
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Is anyone interested in a Pullip/Dal/Byul doll meetup? :)
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Hi everypony, I had spoken to someone on LJ and they suggested that I create my own FB page for other bronies going to dragoncon can join and meet up.   This is a page where you can meet others in advance before the convention starts.  So check it out and get chatting.


MLP events

Jul. 11th, 2012 06:55 pm
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 I was wondering if anybrony was going to throw a room party with a MLP theme this year.  I know there will probably be some meet ups where I can mingle with other bronies.  If anyone has any information, let me know or I will throw a brony party.

Okay everypony, that was a bad comment.  In the words of Derpy, "My bad."

Anyway, I posted an announcement to the Daily Dragon about throwing a party at the Hilton on the lower level patio outside.  The name of my party is "The Best Night Ever."  It will be held at 7:00 PM.
  1. We will be ordering pizza so please bring money for that
  2. Bring snacks and other beverages to share
  3. We will talk about all things "My Little Pony."
  4. Sing songs from the show
  5. Maybe have an amateur costume contest.  Please look for the details at the Daily Dragon. 
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It's getting to be that time of year again - Dragon*Con time! As usual, Prydon Academy is gearing up with an assortment of Doctor Who related meetups and activities. So if you're interested in hanging out with other Who fans and costumers, come on over to the Prydon Academy forums! Plans include:

The Doctor Who Parade Group! If you're planning on marching in this group, if you can sign up through PA rather than directly with the parade, it will make things smoother.
Photoshoots and videos!
The Prydon Academy dinner! (And don't forget the Brittrack dinner, too!)

See you there!
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Hello fellow Avatar fans!!! I'm a dedicated Katara cosplayer and was wondering if there was going to be some sort of meetup of ATLA / LoK cosplayers this year. I remember there was one on Sunday last year, but I completely missed it. :(
I'm hoping someone more experienced might have information about a possible meetup or photo shoot for this year. I would love to actually get in on one and meet other Avatar fans. All I've really seen in the past is a few cosplayers at random times while we wander around between panels and such. It sucks, cause we missed an excellent Aang and Blue Spirit cosplay the first time we went.
I plan to go as Fire Nation Katara this year and have my trusty plush Appa in tow. (Appa will be bringing a friend with him as well: Foo Foo Cuddlypoops!) So, if there are any Avatar cosplayers out there that are planning a meetup or photo shoot at some point, I would love to join you! :)
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Come to an intimate evening with Art Nouveau artist Echo Chernik on Sat at Courtyard, 7-11pm. Courtyard is next to Westin and is the same bldg as Cafe Intermezzo.
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Tuesday, September 6 · 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Atlanta City Hall - Council Chambers Room
55 Trinity Ave.

More Info
So the Convention is over and you already have the Post Con Blahs.

FEAR NOT for Dragon*Con comes to your rescue. 

Please join us, in costume, at Atlanta's City Hall for the General Council Meeting where they will recognize Dragon*Con for 25 years. Lets show the City of Atlanta that we appreciate all the hard work they do in accommodating the Convention and appreciate the recognition they are bestowing upon us.

Given the nature of this event though, it is advisable that if a costume does normally incorporate any type of weapon that you leave said weapon(s) at home.

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I know this is kinda late, but is there anyone out there who'd like to do an informal Leverage meetup?  I was thinking Sunday, as I'll be wearing my Parker costume that day.  Just reply here if interested, and we can work out a convenient time/place.

"Mr. Kirk Picard...Mr. Kirk Picard..."


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