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I heard today that the tunnels connecting the Hyatt and the Marriott and the Hyatt and the food court will all be one way during the convention, counter clockwise, which I assume means that when using them you must go out through the tunnel toward the Hyatt and to return you must go from the food court to the Hyatt. Do I have that right? Anyone else heard about this? Did this make any sense at all?
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I go to the Marriot passkey page about 9:05 eastern. Put in my info, got a room. Got a confirmation. Go to check it online and its there but then I see on the page that reservations open at 10:00 eastern! Wow, its really messed up.
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My friends and I talked Party Hard Cart tech with you after we bailed on that god-awful rave around 3:30 AM Sunday night (Monday morning). Your portable rave cart was undeniably awesome. I'm hoping to get tips and info on how to build our own for our local Cons.

And add a fog machine.

/fingers crossed
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Hi everyone:

We at Dragon Con Bronies will be hosting yet another Pizza party and meet up on Friday night at 5:00 in the Marriott on the 10th Floor.  This time, we hope to order our pizzas earlier so that we can have them hot and ready.

After dinner, we will gather the largest group of Pinkie Pies for a photo shoot and then a Flash mob of the same Pinkies between  the Sheraton and Marriott

- Note: Please bring

$5.00 to chip in for the pizza
Snacks and drinks to share
Plates and Napkins

Other notes:
-If we can't get the pizza delivered, I am sure we can get pizza from one of the vendors
-If the 10th floor is in use, we will move the party to either the pool side at the Sheraton or to the lower lobby area of the Hilton as it is not as crowded in either hotel.
- Be sure to go to Facebook.com and like our page "Dragon Con Bronies."

I hope to see you there...
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I discovered a couple of years ago that, for a single $10 monthly subscription fee that could be turned off at any time, Boingo Wireless would get me online in the hotels and airports I was going to be in for Dragon*Con, where I'd otherwise have to pay separately.

Boingo works in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis and the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, as well as in the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport and many of the connecting airports I travel through. So, I could pay $78 to the Marriott for six days of Wi-Fi connectivity, plus whatever fees are charged at the Detroit and Atlanta airports during my sojourns there, or I could just pay Boingo $10. Not a tough choice. You should join me. (No, sadly, I don't get any benefit from you signing up from Boingo, other than the warm glow of helping someone save their money for something better than handing it to the Marriott or Hyatt.)

My blog post on the subject: http://upgrd.com/blogs/trebuchet/boingo-saved-bucks.html

Boingo's web site: http://www.boingo.com/
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Valerie Hampton and Scarlet Steward are to be brides. What better time to have a Hen Night (or Bachelorette party) than at Dragoncon? We have a sorta British Theme. Lots of favors, and prizes. And three fun games.

Thursday Night 8:00(8:30)pm to 10pm at the Marriott SkyBar level so it'd be hard to miss.

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I'm not completely sure how it is decided WHICH room you get at the Marriott upon check-in. Like, is it possible to say 'Can I get a room that's as high as possible?' or vice versa? I'm assuming it's based on what is available/clean when you get there and are ready to check-in. I'm mainly asking because I'm arriving Thursday (to avoid the Friday madness!!!!) and would love to be able to have a room that's fairly close to the ground (just in case the elevators were annoying and I decided to use the stairs instead) or one that's extremely high up because, if I remember correctly, the elevator bay in the Marriott for the upper levels goes to a smaller number of levels than the other elevators bays, thus the odds for shorter elevator wait times would be increased. 
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Saw several posts in the mod queue and on Facebook concerning email messages from Passkey concerning Marriott reservations along the lines of this:

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 16:49:36 -0400 (EDT)From: Dragon Con 2012 Reply-To: xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for selecting the Atlanta Marriott Marquis for your stay during the Dragon Con Conference.

At this time I am getting ready to cancel all reservations with declined Credit cards, please contact Marriott reservation TODAY July 19th, at 866-469-5475 to update your credit card information are your reservation will be cancel. Once your reservation is canceled it will not be reinstated at the group rate.

So we dont have umpteen different posts on this same subject, I'm going to consolidate things under this master post. If any solution or resolution is found on this matter, I'll update this post and/or post another to get the word out.

If you have a post waiting in the mod queue on this, it'll be rejected but with a message directing you here. This way the discussion will be in one place rather than a dozen.

UPDATE: From the comments and from Facebook, apparently this email was sent out in error; as you could see from the poor grammar on it, it wasnt even finished before it was sent out. I would strongly urge that if you received this mail to go ahead and call and reconfirm your reservations and related charges and make sure all is in order if you havent already done so.

Thanks everyone.
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A few months ago, I wrote a short (and honestly, rather angry) post here asking that someone from Dragon*Con explain the continued use of the Passkey reservation system for booking hotel rooms.

There were a few people who gave some insight (and I thank them), but none of them were representatives of the the convention.

So please, [livejournal.com profile] dragonconoffice, can you or someone else with the authority to speak for Dragon Con / ACE Inc. please discuss the origins of how this service came to be used, why they've continued to use it after nightmare-like results, and if steps are being taken to remedy this extremely unpleasant issue for the future.

I love this con.  I started coming when I lived in North Carolina in 1997, continued when I lived in Atlanta, and now do my best to attend even though I now live in the Netherlands.  All said and done, I've only missed on *Con since I first began attending.

But while I (and I dare say, we) love Dragon*Con, I really believe we deserve answers on this topic.

Thanks and Best Regards,

[identity profile] blowdry.livejournal.com
Does anyone know around when the reservations will be transferred from Passkey to the Marriott? I should know the answer to this question as this isn't my first rodeo with Passkey, but alas, I don't remember. I'm just curious, since I'm not seeing it on my Marriott account yet. Thanks, lovelies!
[identity profile] scott-st-james.livejournal.com

I really wanna know who is responsible for the decision to use Passkey.

I'm not kidding around either.  I want someone in the D*C offices to answer this question.

Every year, it crashes.  I don't know who's paying these incompetent jerk, but it needs to stop and better solution found.
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We just reserved our room for the Marriott and I was curious about how they do their parking. We are in a group and some of our group will arrive earlier than the other. My question is, for one room has anyone had to have 2 cars to park and do they allow that? 

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My credit card number was compromised and my credit card company alerted me to the issue. After the usual song and dance, it was mentioned that similar issues were reported after card holders had reserved rooms at the Marriott.  As a result the matter is being investigated byt the credit card company and Marriott Corprate. The number for Marriott Corprate is - 1-800-535-4028
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Have there been any up dates regarding Marriott reservations for 2012?  I don't have a clue who to call (unless the number on the D*C site is correct), what site to use...nothing except October 3rd. I feel like we knew stuff sooner than this last year.  Bad memory? Wishful thinking?  I don't know but I was just curious if anyone knew of any developments here.
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Is the Passkey website for the Marriott up yet? I know they wer not booking reservation until October 3rd. I saw the Hyatt was up-just not accepting as of yet.
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I have a question about suites at the host hotels?  My group of D*Con friends and I are attempting to find the easiest way for all of us to be in one place together, and we think a suite is the answer.

1) Availability:  are suites open to reservations at this early point for 2012?  Should I be prepared to fight tooth-and-nail as I do for in the "Marriott Room Rumble" each October, or is the demand lower for suites?

2) Previous Experiences:  have any of you out there among the Interweb had a suite for DCon?  If so, please share your experiences with me and let me know if you think it is worth it.

3) Which Hotel Reigns Supreme:  Should I consider one host hotel over the others for trying to get suite accomodations?  We are aiming for one among the Hilton/Hyatt/Marriott hotels.

Please, any information you can offer would help me out!  Good luck to all of you getting good rooms in 2012; may your reservations be held and your elevator bank empty.
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Hello! While staying at the Marriott Marquis this past Dragon*Con, I had a less-than-pleasant experience with one of the Marriott security guards. He yelled at my husband and me because we were bringing a small cooler in the hotel (with TWO bottled of beer!)... At first he wasn't going to allow us into the hotel. After presenting my room key, he growled, "you need to take that up to your room immediately!" and then barked "If I see you in the lobby with that we're going to have a problem!' as we walked away.

It is totally uncalled for to yell at a hotel guest. Especially since we were not told ANY policies about having our baggage inspected!

I talked about this in the elevator on my way out, and several other people reported that they had been treated very rudely by Marriott staffers, or the staff seemed to make up policies about alcohol in the rooms, or room guests. 

I think the Marriott needs to be made aware of the problem and insist that their employees be POLITE to guests, and COMMUNICATE any policies they may have in place so we can either follow the policies, or elect to go to a different hotel. 

I've looked on the LJ pages, and there doesn't seem to be a thread about reporting problems with rude staff... there are just stories embedded into other threads.  Please post your thoughts and stories here, and we can submit them to the Marriott. 
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Marriott decided it'd be cute to charge $50/day for "incidentals" -- like if we ordered room service or decided to use the internet.

We didn't use much by way of incidentals, so Marriott told me I get money back to my card. It has not showed up yet, and I checked out on Tuesday.

Anyone know the general timeframe to expect it back? I'd like to use it to buy my 2012 membership before the price goes up.


Oh, also?

We regged on Thursday -- how was the line for regging on Friday?

UPDATE: Money showed up on Saturday.

I'm hearing the registration went just fine on Friday.
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not sure if anyone knows, but why was the guy set up at the "up " escalator of the Marriott taking pictures or ever single person going up? I avoided that  escalator ever time I saw him there.
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I'd like to thank the Dragon*Con and hotel staff for the badge/card-key checking this year. I didn't see any problems like we had last year, and the staff checking the badges was for the most part polite but firm. I really appreciated it and fully enjoyed the vibe of the con this year.

Also props for the bar code scanning system for badge pickup. I waited in line for about an hour which was tons better than the last 7 or so years :)

Please do it again next year!


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