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Join us at Hilton Atlanta Thursday - Sunday (September 1-4)

Live DJ | Friday - Sunday, 5:00 - 11:00 p.m. | North Courtyard/Outside Pavilion

Karaoke| Friday - Sunday, 9:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. | Galleria

Smirnoff Electric Vodka Shot Station| Friday - Sunday, 4:00 - 11:00 p.m. | Southern Elements (Located in the Lobby)

Dragon Con Local Brew Beer| Friday - Sunday, 4:00 - 11:00 p.m. | Southern Elements (Located in the Lobby)

Live Music| Thursday, 8:30 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. | Trader Vic's (Located on the Lower Level)

Live Music | Friday - Sunday, 8:00 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. | Nikolai's Roof (Located on the Top Floor)

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Hi all,

I read through all the recent tips posted and they were great. I've been to DragonCon the last 4 years and this is my first time staying at a host hotel. Can anyone tell me any tips about the Hilton? I read through some guides I found but anything else would be greatly appreciated. Is there a fridge included? Can I bring a mini cooler/fridge? What else should I know?

Thanks all... see you soon :)
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The folk at the Hilton made a video to commemorate the season..

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This is the first year I've reserved the hotel room myself, previous times I've stayed with friends who took care of it. I want to get a room on a low floor (good luck, I know ...) so I was wondering, what is the earliest I can check in on Thursday? And do I have to arrange anything with the hotel beforehand? Our schedule is free enough that we can arrive basically whenever we want.
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I have a question about suites at the host hotels?  My group of D*Con friends and I are attempting to find the easiest way for all of us to be in one place together, and we think a suite is the answer.

1) Availability:  are suites open to reservations at this early point for 2012?  Should I be prepared to fight tooth-and-nail as I do for in the "Marriott Room Rumble" each October, or is the demand lower for suites?

2) Previous Experiences:  have any of you out there among the Interweb had a suite for DCon?  If so, please share your experiences with me and let me know if you think it is worth it.

3) Which Hotel Reigns Supreme:  Should I consider one host hotel over the others for trying to get suite accomodations?  We are aiming for one among the Hilton/Hyatt/Marriott hotels.

Please, any information you can offer would help me out!  Good luck to all of you getting good rooms in 2012; may your reservations be held and your elevator bank empty.
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I'd like to thank the Dragon*Con and hotel staff for the badge/card-key checking this year. I didn't see any problems like we had last year, and the staff checking the badges was for the most part polite but firm. I really appreciated it and fully enjoyed the vibe of the con this year.

Also props for the bar code scanning system for badge pickup. I waited in line for about an hour which was tons better than the last 7 or so years :)

Please do it again next year!
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Went ahead and booked for next year as we were checking out. Just a heads up that the Con price for the Hilton is jumping from 188 +tax per night to 202 +tax per night. With tax the total is $232 per night.

Edited to Add:  Since there is some confusion, I would like to say that price is for a room with one king bed and two people. I'm sure the price is more for more beds/people.
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I have my membership, my flight and even my room at the Hilton!!(ALL PAID UP:))  I also know I can take MARTA to the Peachtree Center foodcourt.  Can anyone tell me how to get from the food court to the Hilton?  I know that escalators and habitrails are involved, but I'm not sure which way to go.  I would like to avoid going outside if possible for health reasons.

Thank You in Advance!!
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What was that all about on Saturday night? Somebody got hurt from the falling glass I hope they ended up all OK and released right away.

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So i got a king (2 people) at the Hilton for next year and this is the first time I've stayed there.  I usually have 4 or 5 people in  my room to cut costs (all friends) and the Hyatt has never been a problem.  Just wondering what experiences everyone has had with packing in some extra people on the sly at the Hilton.  We usually put the do not disturb sign up when we get there and leave it on all weekend and clean the place up when we leave, so i doubt housekeeping would notice us.

Might have to suffer through only 2 keys though, not sure. Curious about others attempts to save some cash there.


Sep. 26th, 2010 04:35 pm
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I was wondering if anyone has any photos of rooms at the Hilton? I'm just wondering what the rooms look like. I've stayed at the Marriott, the Hyatt and the Westin, but I've never seen a room at the Hilton, so I'm just wanting to compare them all. Google isn't helping me much....

Thanks all!
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H for Hyatt
Hil for Hilton
M for Marriot
S for Sheraton

What's W?

Specifically, where is P’tree Ballroom A-F [W]?
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Don't want pay the $100 on site badge fee?? Just donate 25 hours of your time over 4-5 days and only have to pay $20 for the first year. After the first year you wont have to pay for a badge again as long as you volunteer for 25 hours! We run 24/7 so you can work anytime and still have time to make all the panels you want to.

Come to Marriott M101 to fill out an application and to get more information!!

We volunteers keep Dragon*Con running for you!!!! Come help us out!!!
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I was looking up different transportation options to get from the airport to the hotel I'm staying at and noticed that the Link shuttles that I've used every year are no longer in service for the airport. I'd rather take a shuttle even though it costs more than MARTA. It's far more convenient for me to do so. If anyone knows if there are shared shuttles that run from the airport to the hilton please let me know. Thanks!
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Just a heads-up...In this thread I inquired about hotels and managed to secure a room at the Hilton. After looking at the rest of the convention expenses I have concluded that Dragon*Con is far too expensive for my budget to handle this year. I have recently canceled my reservation, so if someone out there would like to secure a room at the Hilton you may very well find one open!

I would still like to attend this con in the future, but for now the high cost has turned me away. Perhaps next year I will be in a more suitable situation to be able to attend for the first time.
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 Does anyone know if the bridges from the Hilton to Marriot and then the Marriot to the Hyatt are all on the "same floor"??  In other words, to make the three hotel journey, does one have to go up or down a floor to get all the way across??

Hotel Rate

May. 10th, 2010 11:24 am
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Would someone tell me how much the Con rate was for the Hilton? All I could find on the website were the words "sold out." I know it's pretty early, and it will assuredly increase, but I'm already trying to get a general budget going for next year. Especially since a lack of funds kept me from this year's D*C. *tragic sigh*

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just thought i'd mention that if you want to join hilton honors and have your d*con '09 stay applied to your account, you have next week to do it--they'll add retroactively for the previous 60 days.
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I'm curious. Are all people who register at the Hilton given the chance to upgrade? Thanks for answering. I guess I'm seeing what my chances are of actually getting an upgrade if everyone is given the same chance I was
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While at D*C this year, my hubby and I were speaking to a Hilton  HYATT hotel employee and he mentioned that he 'thought' that they were building a walkway between the HIlton HYATT and the Marriott.  The walkway would be through the "smoker's area", near the pool and would connect directly to the Marriott.  Anyone know if this is actually true?  It would be an awesome timesaver if it were.

Edited because I can't tell Hyatt from Hilton!  Der...


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