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Hey!  If anyone needs transportation from Jacksonville, FL to the con and back - I have Megabus tickets that I won't be using. I paid 33.50 total, but if money's an issue, I'll give them away for free. It leaves Thurs morning, and comes back Monday afternoon.

Email me at my user name @gmail if you're interested.
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Are you tired of how fashion and costume boot manufacturers don’t seem to understand that sometimes larger feet come with plus-sized calves too?

If you’ve struggled to find costume boots in your size that you can actually wear, you might be interested in this pair: )
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Hello all, I am a published Illustrator/Sketch card artist (see link below for examples of style) looking to fund some of my Dragoncon fun with custom sketch card artwork.

Astound your fellow congoers with professional trading card sized cosplay portrait artwork of yourself!

I also create one of a kind paintings/or drawings of your favorite characters which are a perfect and totally unique place for your prized autographs.

They are sure to impress your favorite celeb when you meet them for their signature (I can leave plenty of room at the bottom for the signature)

They make great conversation pieces when you are standing in those long lines! Each painting or sketch measures 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches and can easily be carried around in a pocket during con.

All cards come in a plastic display holder, like the ones sports cards are displayed in and I charge a very very reasonable rate. I guarantee my work and if your are not satisfied I offer a full refund.

I can either ship or deliver card to you at the con. Feel free to send me an email or reply here on LJ if interested and we can discuss details! Thanks for looking and I hope you all have the best con ever!

You can see my work here


my email contact is john@johnhatton.com or you can leave a comment here on Livejournal.
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So I'm selling my utilikilt that I bought last year.
Would You Like To Know More )
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Hi i finally got around to opening an etsy shop, right now I have two different kinds of custom shoes you can order: one Doctor Who themed and one Minion Themed: Thanks for looking

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Once again the The Missing Volume will be having authors signing at their booth in the Marriott Marques ballroom at booths 614,615  against the back wall of the room. 


3 PM                 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Noon                 Brandon Sanderson

2 PM                 Alethea Kontis

3 PM                 Tim Zahn

4 PM                 Jonathan Maberry

5 PM                 Carole Nelson Douglas 


11 AM               Cinda Williams Chima and Jana Oliver

1:30 PM             Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris

4 PM                 John Ringo


11 AM               Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta

We will have books available for purchase for all the writers listed and for lots of other writers attending the convention. Drop us a note between now and Monday night if you see a book on our website you want us to bring for you to buy. And yes once again we will be joined by our friend, Pop Culture Caps by alternativeXchange so if books are not your thing come by anyway and check out the cool stuff they have. 

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If you want a DragonConForum's T-Shirt... make sure you let them know in the forum thread here: 

There are only 50 shirts, and many are already claimed, so don't miss out.  
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I'm selling over 700 items from my personal collection, circa 1980s through today. Sci-fi, fantasy, con exclusives, anime, animation, toys, figures, DVDs, books, animation art, cards...I could go on forever. Jump through the cut for sample pics and info! )
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I've given up on the business I wanted to start, so if anyone wants to buy a Serenity maquette (https://store.qmxonline.com/Serenity--Serenity-Little-Damn-Heroes-Maquette-6_p_152.html) or Mal's pistol (https://store.qmxonline.com/Malcolm-Reynolds-Metal-Plated-Pistol-Replica_p_160.html), let me know. I'm selling them for $90 and $70 respectively. Both are sold out and the maquette is limited to 1500. I also have an Etsy store.

Email for licensed items is nalaserenity@gmail.com and the Etsy store is www.etsy.com/shop/nalaserenity. I will bring items to DragonCon for delivery which will be a set time/day.

Please spread the word. Seeing the boxes just depress me. Thanks, Kimber.

(Apologies for the links. I don't know how to make them fancy)
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I haven't forgotten about posting the schedule for this year, I'm just waiting on a few more writers to confirm signing times and crossing fingers that a few new releases will make it to the show on time. We will have several new writers signing for us along with writers that have signed with us before. We will have flyers available at the show so stop by the booths 614, 615 along the back wall in the Marquis Ballroom for the full and most up to date signing information. 

Also if you are looking for signed books by writers that will not be at the convention you can hit my website  The Missing Volume and see what I have available and I will be happy to bring it to the convention for you to purchase there. 
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Howdy all...I find myself with more art than wall space.  Would you like to buy some fantasy or sci-fi art?  :)  All pieces are framed and the measurements include the size of the frame.  I will happily bring anything you want to Dragon*Con.  I would prefer payment in advance or at least 50% in advance and the rest in cash at the con.  Prices are negotiable.

There are also some DVDs listed at the bottom.  While I didn't test them all to make sure they work perfectly all the way through, I CAN promise you that they've all been properly cared for and probably only used a few times.

Hop over to my LiveJournal...
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To help pay for con, I am selling my vintage Bill The Cat doll, from Berke Breathed's Bloom County and Outland comic strips. Hit the jump for auction link and picture.

ACK! )
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Pop Culture Caps by alternativeXchange will once again be vending at DragonCon. We'll have a great assortment of various charms of pop culture icons available, but here's your chance to ask for the obscure ones. Want a specific character? Let us know and we'll try to have one in time for the show. We can usually fulfill most requests; however, all items are made with original images so there has to be something out there that can be cannibalized (cards, stickers, magazine clippings, etc).

So, check us out: http://www.popculturecaps.com

We'll be at booths: 614, 615 - Marquis Ballroom with our good friends at The Missing Volume.
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Hello everyone! I have a few items for sale in an attempt to get some more cash for Dragon*Con. I have full and partial costumes, lots of wigs, shoes, fabric, con clothing, and merchandise. All terms/conditions and contact information is in the gallery description.


Thank you!
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Take down the undead in style while sporting a replica of Woody Harrelson's necklace from Zombieland.

For more information, double tap the cut.

Nut up or shut up. )

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Attention action figure lovers and petite ladies who enjoy clubbing! To help fund my Dragon*Con hotel room, I have just put up eBay auctions for two items. Click the cut for pictures and auction links.

This way to the goods! )
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Looking to help fund my trek to Dragoncon this year. I have Retro Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Pin Up art prints and original artwork on sale in my Etsy shop. Everything from Metropolis and HP Lovecraft to Bettie Page with a jetpack. Thanks for taking a look!

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My website isn't up yet (grrr), but my Etsy store is. :)

I'm sure I'm posting this wrong and I apologize in advance. My store is www.etsy.com/shop/nalaserenity. I also have the replica Mal Reynolds pistol that is sold out, the Serenity maquette, and a bunch of shirts that would work for a Kaylee costume. Those can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.408239945866941.99090.215138361843768&type=3

If you order the Serenity maquette from me, I'll give 10% off the listed price :)(which is $100 so you'd save $10!). Contact me about the non-Etsy items at nalaserenity(dot)gmail(dot)com.

[identity profile] fritzlang1927.livejournal.com
High quality Retro Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Pin Up art prints and original artwork on sale at my Etsy shop. Everything from Metropolis and HP Lovecraft to Bettie Page with a jetpack. Thanks for taking a look!



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