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Looks like the start of a good schedule for all photoshoots. I suspect that one needs a Google account to access this?

ETA: seems that one doen't need to be logged in to Google to view the spreadsheet.
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I did a new blog on Dragon Con last night stating that as of today, we are three weeks out from the convention.  I also gave an update what I have been doing.  I also created a convention playlist all about my blogs.  

Please be sure to check these out

1.My latest Vlog


2. My Convention playlist.  I have some stuff from last year's show

I am still looking for people to interview for the show.

What would you like to see me cover this year without bother the major panelists?
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Hereos and Villains ball Flyer 2014

It's back and tentatively scheduled! The Heroes and Villain's Ball at Dragon Con is the place to be. Hosted by the Video Gaming Track and BritTrack with DJ Jennocide spinning!

Come out for a night of fun, photos, dancing, and mixing with goodies and baddies alike, as we call a truce for an evening of fun! PHOTO SELFIE Contest Details TBA!!

Sheraton, Grandballroom

Time: 10:00pm

Show up in a costume! You'll get pictures taken of you!

RSVP: Click the Link --> https://www.facebook.com/events/312627795561017

When you are done RSVPing....do this....
Invite Friends
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Post your Photos and Photo Requests under this post. If the pics are not work safe, post them elsewhere, and post a link back to them with appropriate warnings. You can also use [livejournal.com profile] dragoncon_photo and the DC Wiki. Please avoid crossposting...use links instead
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Cosplay.com thread:


D-C Photo Shoots Facebook Group:


Downloadable Excel Spreadsheet with the photoshoots listed:


There is also an online spreadsheet, but I got errors when I loaded the address provided...if anyone has a fully working address for that spreadsheet, list it in the comments...
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Andy Teal, who runs the Pyrdon Academy board for the Doctor Who'verse costumers/cosplayers who hang out at Dragoncon (march in the parade, have video-and-photoshoots, a big group dinner, etc.) and other cons, has an appeal for any DW, SJA, and TW fans and costumers in the Atlanta area right now, and any DW'verse fans and cosplayers who are arriving early for Dragoncon next week: basically they need help finishing up the parade float.

If you are a DW'verse costumer and attend Dragoncon, please consider joining the Pyrdon Academy board here:
http://www.prydonacademy.com/ . It's free and takes only a minute to sign up. Once you are on the PA board you can contact Andy direct about helping in the Dragoncon Parade Float thread. There's a direct link below for those of you already on the PA board.

Under the cut, is Andy's request for help w/ the D*C parade float:

Read more... )
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I'm linking to my two con tips posts here. Please reply to the individual posts with any further suggestions, updates, changes in info, that sort of thing. :) As I see the replies, I'll edit the info into the post, with credit given as always. :)

Dragoncon tips (and con tips in general) here:


And part two is here:


As always, I hope that these tips are of help. :) Enjoy the con!
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Hey everyone,

As a lot of you remember, a few months back I posted about this photography project that I'm going to be starting at D*C this year. The project is still going on, don't have any fear.

I'm getting ready to send everyone so far involved an email with all of the details but I wanted to try and get any last minute Con goers a chance to get involved.

At this point, please only e-mail HeatherMairiPhotography@gmail.com if you're interested in joining and all information must be included:
Badge Name:
E-mail address: (I know you're sending it to me, but better safe than sorry.)
Costumes: (and if you know it, what days you'll be going as what.)


THE PROJECT HAS EVOLVED A BIT! BEFORE EVERYONE STARTS EMAILING, PLEASE CLICK HERE as I have added some more to it. (All of this information will be sent in one e-mail as well).
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Dragon*Con is, among other things, that time of year when internet memes become costumes.  As a habitual last-minute costumer, I was thinking of something fun and easy when something hit my Facebook page.  Behold!  The Grumpy League of America!  And the best thing is, cheap store-bought costumes (plus signs) are actually better for the cartoony look of the meme.  Who's in for some or all of these cats?


Green Lantern Cat
Wonder Cat
Martian Cathunter
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Okay, so I swore I wasn't going to costume, but after a discussion with a friend, I have an idea that just won't leave me alone. Basically, we were talking about fic tropes and the whole Omegaverse thing came up. Soooo... would anyone be interested in having shirts made that refer to either an Alpha Beta Omega sorority/fraternity or getting 'Alpha Girl' 'Beta Boy' etc shirts so we can form our own little fandom Omegaverse pack?
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Hello everyone! To all the fans of Defiance we have started a Defiance Dragon*Con Group. It's a group for all the Defiance costumers, and fans out there! A place to talk, lend support, get help, and share our creations. We have albums setup with sections on: 1) Reference photos for costumers filed by the races. 2) You can also make your own album on the progress of your costumes. 3. You will also be able to upload any photos you take from Dragon*Con 2013!

We hope to see you there!
~Dako Guyver (Andrew J. Garza)



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I want to know how many of you are going to D*C and how many of you are cosplaying this year and what you’re going as. You don’t have to reply to this, you can send me a private message or even an e-mail to HeatherMairiPhotography@gmail.com.

Part A: For the ladies:
I’ve been to Dragon*Con the last few years, this will be my.. 4th year I think. May be 3rd. I don’t remember. ANYWAY! I love taking pictures of cosplayers, but there’s always so many, I miss a lot. Especially when I do panels, but I don’t know if I want to do any this year, unless something really catches my attention.

However, this year, I want to shift my focus from taking pictures of just really great costumes, to having an actual theme and I want it to be Female Cosplayers of Dragon*Con. I’m sick of all of us getting shit for being female and dressing up as amazing characters and being grilled over and over again about how much we know about said character and being forced to prove ourselves over and over again because of our love.

Being a fan of video games or comics/graphic novels/manga, anime etc. does not mean we have to know every little detail of every little universe. Unfortunately, there are many who dont’ agree with this.

I'm looking for a multitude of costumes and fandoms, but I really want to aim for video game/comic book cosplays. This is the one area, where as a female, we are given the most attitude.

Even if you're not cosplaying as a comic or video game character and you want to be involved, please, get in touch with me. I will not reject anybody! (kids are also welcome)

Which brings me to

Part B of the Objective: For the guys

I would also like to find some guys who will be attending DC13 who don’t give a shit if a female knows every single detail of a character, game, comic, movie etc. etc. but loves the fact that they (the females) are willing to show their love for something, regardless of the ridicule and crap dealt out by those that are too insecure with themselves to open to the idea that females can be gamers - whether table top, card, RPG, first person, or comic nerds.

If anyone is willing to help out with this, please send an email to HeatherMairiPhotography@gmail.com for more details or any questions you might have. I’m still planning this out, but there’s quite a few things I would like to do with this project.

Heather Ryan

Just a quick note: I've been getting a lot of responses for this project (yay!), so I have to ask if you want to be a part of this, please don't just post in a comment to someone else. I might miss it, and I don't want to do that.

Also, if you've noticed I haven't checked in with someone yet, please keep chatter to a minimum. Once I've checked in with a person, chat to your hearts content. I just want to make sure everyone who says they want to be a part of this, gets checked in.
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There was recently a discussion going about Walking Dead/Walking dead style zombies going on in one of (if not the?) main Dragon*Con Facebook groups - so a few of us got together and started a costuming group for Walking Dead characters and zombies!

It's an open group, all are welcome to join. We'll hopefully have some kind of meetup at D*C, but even if not we're trying to get up some makeup discussions (for zombies) and reference photos (for specific TWD characters) and whatnot. Should be a great group! (Seems to be so far, anyway :) ) So if you're planning on doing a costume of a specific TWD character, or even just a zombie, come check it out....or even if you're just interested in the show and are going to D*C, come check it out! :)

Oh, and don't worry about costume/character doubles or anything like that. We're just in this to hopefully get a big group together and take some great pictures and all that jazz :)


(I've tagged this with "photoshoots" as well because it's very very likely that we're going to schedule a TWD photoshoot at D*C...as in, at this point I don't see why we WOULDN'T do so, haha)
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Does anyone with the Colonial Fleet or any other BSG cosplayer have good resources for commissioning or making the dress gray uniform? My friend is getting married next year and she wants the wedding party to dress in various military dress uniforms from various series (Starfleet, Rebel Alliance, Imperial Navy, etc) and since I'm the major Battlestar Galactica fan, I want to dress in the grays. Plus, I figure it could be a costume I could use for Dragon*Con again and again after the wedding. However, I'm having a hard time finding resources on the gray uniform. Can you help this poor nugget live up to her maid of honor duties?

The Master

Nov. 27th, 2012 01:48 pm
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Anyone know of a good place to get a Latex version of The Master from Buffy ? I've looked on the interwebs but no go (sold years ago, discontinued).
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I know I am wayy in advanced and posting an early costuming group for next year but I would love to get a Spaceballs group together and walk in the parade! I already have a few ppl in on it but is anyone else interested?
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Post your Photos and Photo Requests under this post. If the pics are not work safe, post them elsewhere, and post a link back to them with appropriate warnings. You can also use [livejournal.com profile] dragoncon_photo and the DC Wiki. Please avoid crossposting...use links instead
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Brandon Sanderson's on the guest list this year and I was wondering if anyone else was going to be doing costumes based on his books. I will be wearing my Elantris costume one day and possibly my Mistborn another day (though I've worn that one a couple of times before; it's just I don't have a lot new costumes this year). I would love to meet up 


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