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Hi everyone:
I will be at Dragon Con this year as a regular guest working on my blogs by shooting interviews of regular attendees and of main events.   I am an amateur and I just started doing my blog work last year at Dragon con and I had loads and loads of fun.

What I would like to do is to show you some links of the stuff that I am working on.  If you would like to meet up at the convention to do some blog work with me, please be sure to send me a PM and we will meet.








Please be sure to check these out and subscribe to my youtube channel
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Newer version of the Community List for 2011 )

Keep the adds, changes, and deletes coming....final version Tuesday evening
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The Unique Geek (www.theuniquegeek.com) has more podcasts up in the 50 Days to DragonCon countdown - MMO, Costuming, and many more to come.

Go and give a listen as a way to get (even more) excited.

(full disclosure: Co-host with Jon of the podcasts :) )
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Very Late On the Community List this year, so putting up the final from last year just as a starting point to allow comments on needed additions, corrections, and deletions.

Please keep adds and corrects to currently active communities and such only...we have enough of those to keep track on without throwing in dormant or archive ones.

Will work to have a cleaner list Sunday with a final one on Tuesday...

Again my apologies on the late start this year...

VERY preliminary version of the Community List for 2011 )

EDIT: Finally had a bit of quiet time where I was able to clean off a lot of dead stuff. Also took care of stuff listed in the comments. I went and removed any comments related to things I fixed. Let me know if I removed something in error.

I especially need info for the brand new tracks starting up this year.

Thanks again for your help everyone.
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For those who are interested in creating a new account on Dragonconforums.org, I could use your help.  

I am trying something where people have to answer a crazy simple question in order to register and for their first post on the forum. If no problems with it, I will remove also having to have admin approval to activate (sending me an email).

If some people could try it out, let me know.  I will deactivate the admin approval for tonight, but if we have spammers overnight (which we might), I'll have to turn in "requires admin approval" back on while I try to figure out another way to combat these spam bots.   

- Trathor -
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I have been very remiss in not updating this LJ with this info.  The "50 Days of DragonCon" countdown podcast on The Unique Geek site has been updated for the past 26 days with links, interviews and other D*C related information.  Go and have a look. :)


Last year it was a "40 Day" countdown but this year it's bigger!  TEN DAYS bigger. :D  Also, we've got interviews with track directors AND many of the behind the scenes staff who make D*C the great place it is.  

Hope this ups your anticipation for D*C and looking forward to seeing everyone!

XTrack Director and guest host for The UniqueGeek podcast

Fit for Con

Jul. 5th, 2011 02:15 pm
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I know lots of folks like to do some exercise or otherwise try to drop a few pounds for con, so I figured I'd throw this out there: Fitocracy is a fitness social network where you can keep track of your exercise, earn points, level up, do quests and more.

I've got six 449 invites available, just click this link and sign up: http://ftcy.co/kvsMZx

Once you sign up, you should get 10 invites of your own, so be sure to come back here and spread the love by posting your own invite link.

I've also set up a Dragon*Con group (http://www.fitocracy.com/group/629/) where we can commiserate and encourage each other.
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Sometimes I feel like I'm down here all by my lonesome, and all the people that have the same interests as I live in ATL. So I started my own group to find people that like to geek out in the Savannah area.


I know you all are around here. I can't be the only one :)
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Look alive, Sunshine!

A few months ago, I posted about having a group at Dragon*Con based around the universe of My Chemical Romance's Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. I haven't been able to seriously put the group together until now due to life being a complete whirlwind of family issues, finals and touring.

But for those still interested, our Facebook group Zone 42 - The Killjoys of Dragon*Con is up and running! My roommate and I will be continuously updating, so we hope that you'll join us over there and help us bring it all together!

78 days and counting, motorbabies!
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OK, So Dragon*Con changed my life.  To normies out there that might sound odd, but I know there at least a few who will know what I mean.  I found a sense of camaraderie and belonging like no other, a feeling of wonderment and excitement and a feeling of home.

I also felt the need to squeeze into teeny tiny costumes and show off in front of cameras.

Dragon*Con (and the lovely lady cosplayers/costumers who inhabit it) became my fitspiration.  I wanted to look like a superhero.  So I got my butt into gear and have lost 43 lbs and can now run 3.5 miles without stopping and lift some serious wieght.  Since my goal was so unconventional I couldnt find "5 Moves That Will Make Your Ironette Costume Flattering!" articles in any fitness magazines and felt sorta alone in my quest to be as toned as Wonder Woman.

SO I created "Action Figures".  Its not about dieting, or looking like Kate Moss, or even bulking up like SheHulk.  It's about reaching your individual fitness and health goals by sharing information and support with other GEEK girls in a place where wanting to work out your thighs so you can wear a Red Sonja costume isnt wierd at all.  Dragon*Con is my goal and I'm kicking my training into high-gear, so if you want to join me, trade recipies, workouts, costuming tricks, or even just give me some (greatly appreciated) words of encouragement...

join Action Figures!!!!!! 

Remember ladies, We Arent Dolls, We Are Action Figures!
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We can help!
Dropbydragoncon is a group of people working toward several goals weightloss, getting healthier, and getting in better shape.
A lot of members are working to fit in costumes.
Some just want to feel better.
We are down to the last 14 weeks - make this the DragonCon where you are happier with yourself.
Make these 14 weeks really count!


May. 24th, 2011 12:21 am
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If you're in the mood to do a good deed while playing video games, check out the Dragon*Con MMO website (http://www.dc-mmo.org)

We're doing a fundraiser on July 9th at Battle & Brew, and we could use your help.


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I remember posting an interest-post for Hetalia-enthusiasts attending D*Con a while ago. I'm just doing a refresher post, seeing if anyone is still even moderately interested in this. If anyone is, please contact me either here or at HetaliaDC.
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I misplaced the old list of the various local communities for D*C goers and fans; going to go ahead and rebuild from scratch since the old list would prob require a lot of updating anyway

Here's the community for Atlanta D*C goers as submitted by [livejournal.com profile] rbrav:

[livejournal.com profile] dragoncon_atl - LJ community for fans of Dragon*Con who live in the Metro Atlanta area.

Go ahead and submit your ACTIVE local communities (LJ or otherwise) in this entry and I'll compose a list up before Thanksgiving.

Thanks everyone!

EDIT: On this list, looking for communities relating to D*C fans in a specific geographic area as opposed to the big community list, which lists communities about the con/groups/genres/shows with members not bound by geography. Sorry for the confusion.
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I've started a community to try to get a group of women (and/or crossplayers) together as Disney Princesses (and other good-aligned female protagonists) in steampunk.

If you're interested in joining (or even just want to keep up for curiosities sake), you can find the community here: http://community.livejournal.com/steampunkdisney/
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Greetings, wastelanders.

Are you planning on going to Dragon*con 2011? Do you plan on dressing as a character from the Fallout universe? Do you want to march in the parade with other people who answered yes to the first two questions and also this third, recursive question?

In line with brand new Vault-Tec regulations our gracious lord and saviour The Overseer requires you to click on the following link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=145216912183503&ref=mf
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I wanted to give a shoutout/thanks (again!) to the 2 ladies who helped my cousin out. She had cut her foot on the curtain thingies by the stage during the Time Traveler's Ball and was bleeding badly. Since I am funny around blood, I was sent out to find first aid...still looking for the "woman with the black parasol" as instructed by a DragonCon volunteer... Luckily, these ladies came around and helped her stop the bleeding and dress her up when after 1/2 hour the security dude at the Westin showed up with a first aid kit. If anyone knows who these wonderfully ladies were, please let me know. Thanks!

p.s. better security and hotel presence needed at Westin...shouldn't have took a 1/2 hour to find official help.
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At this year's Artist Trading Card workshops, attendees expressed interest in having a forum where we could talk and swap cards all year long. I have set up a forum here:


You don't have to have attended the workshops to sign up. Just be a geek who's interested in ATCs. :)
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On Sept. 10 Dropby is starting a new challenge to kick start all of us out of the post-con funk.
Do you want to be supported by fellow DragonConners while getting healthy, tightening up, or losing weight?
Who else knows your pain? Seriously. You wanted to fit into that great costume this year and didn't? You planned to be thinner for this year's DragonCon and were not?
Or you just wanted to be in shape to take the stairs, when the elevators and escalators were packed, and ended up passing out early each night because you were out of shape?
Or this year's Con had you really enjoying the food court and all it offers? ;)
Trust me we understand.
The food court is evil-y goodness. They have baklava and pizza!?
Here is your chance to join a free group that cares and understands.
We are starting a 14 week 2 part challenge to help us start 2011 thinner and closer to our Con goals.
The first 7 weeks will take us to just before Halloween and let you meet others who are working toward weightloss or just wanting to get healthier.
Everyone is different and everyone is welcome.
If you have 10 pounds or several hundred to lose everyone is welcome.
Just bring your desire to get healthy, make new friends, and fit into those long planned costumes.
Don't forget your towel.
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Final version of the Community List for 2010 )

This is the final list for 2010. Will fix any typos; otherwise post in and check the comments for any adds or updates or deletes.

Thanks everyone.


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