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Is anyone aware of any steampunk or alternate history photoshoots? I looked on the Alt. History track's website, but their schedule did not yield the desired result. Thanks in advance and I hope I'll see y'all at con! :]
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This is where you post all the wonderful photos you took of anything steampunk at the 2011 Dragon*Con.

If you took photos of panels at the Alt History track http://www.alternatehistory.dragoncon.org/ or just got some great shots during the con of the wonderful steampunk wandering around, this is where you post them.
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Thank you to all who came and enjoyed our panels. Please let me know what you enjoyed (and conversely, did not enjoy) so that we can improve your experience for next year.

And for my part, thank you to the best volunteer staff ever!
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Hi, folks,

Once again, the Alternate History Track is opening its doors to all crafty types!

You are hereby invited to bring your on-going projects to the Alternate History Track Sewing and Craft Circle, Sunday (September 4th), at 10 AM in Westin, International C (the Alt History Track room).

All fandoms are welcome and discussion is encouraged!
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Hmmm. So apparently the Alternate History Track link on the D*C website doesn't work anymore. Is there a new website for the AHT, I ask myself?

Also, I had let y'all know that my husband got an email from the Abney Park mailing list saying they would be at D*C this year, but it isn't on the D*C website as attending performers so now I'm paranoid that my beloved AP jumped the gun in announcing their attendance to their fans.
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I wanted to give a shoutout/thanks (again!) to the 2 ladies who helped my cousin out. She had cut her foot on the curtain thingies by the stage during the Time Traveler's Ball and was bleeding badly. Since I am funny around blood, I was sent out to find first aid...still looking for the "woman with the black parasol" as instructed by a DragonCon volunteer... Luckily, these ladies came around and helped her stop the bleeding and dress her up when after 1/2 hour the security dude at the Westin showed up with a first aid kit. If anyone knows who these wonderfully ladies were, please let me know. Thanks!

p.s. better security and hotel presence needed at Westin...shouldn't have took a 1/2 hour to find official help.
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...and you, and you, and you!

If you wish, follow this link to a slightly more specific post, where you can leave comments/suggestions: http://community.livejournal.com/anachrodragon/25560.html

And I hope to see everyone back in September, 2011. :)
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Saturday, September 4th at Dragon con (http://www.dragoncon.org/)
The Steampunk meet up and group photo shoot.

Steampunk meet up

Are you going to Dragon con?(http://www.dragoncon.org/) Will you be there on Saturday?
Are you planning, plotting, spending hours and months putting together your ultimate steampunk get up? Do you want it to get shown off in photos amongst other steampunks all dressed to the 9s as well? Do you want to get photos by some of the convention's best photographers? Want a shot of maybe getting in the Guinness Book of Records? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you need to be at Westin Peachtree Ballroom at 4:00 PM Saturday the 4th of September dressed in your steampunk best. You will be able to meet up with others dressed their best, photos will be taken, and then I will take on the task of posing you in the most epic, biggest steampunk group shot ever attempted in the world. We have a good hour and I know it can be done and look fabulous.

The FB event page : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=143583059015386

What is steampunk, you ask?
And here are some steampunk style suggestions:

Are you a photographer going to Dragon Con?
Do you have a camera of some sort? Do you want to take photos of the steampunk at Dragon Con? This event has been made just for you. This is your opportunity to have them all in one spot to shutter bug to your heart's content. So bring your camera, hand held lights or what not and come take photos. Get award winning shots, meet some of the best costumers and set up shoots for later on. Take this great opportunity to have fun and make art.

If you said yes to these two things then on Saturday, September 4, be at the Westin Peachtree Ballroom at 4pm bring your cameras and your best steampunk dress. At AROUND 4:30ish I will start to mold you and shape you into a mass of wonder so that the most epic steampunk group photo can be taken to rival any ever taken before anywhere in the world! So come one, come all and meet people who like the same stuff you do and take part in the photo fun!
Great photos from last year http://www.flickr.com/groups/dragoncon_steampunk_2009/pool/

Saturday, September 4th, 4pm-5pm
The Westin Peachtree Plaza, Atlanta
210 Peachtree St
Atlanta, GA 30303
United States
Google maps tells you where to go here!

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Hi, folks,

Bring your on-going crafty projects to the Alternate History Track Sewing and Craft Circle, Sunday, 10 AM in Westin, International C (the Alt History Track room).

All fandoms are welcome and discussion is encouraged!

For those of you who don't have a craft project and would like to work on one, the following kits will be available for FREE at the panel on a first come, first served basis so that you can make accessories for the Grand Pirate and Time Travelers' Ball...or whatever else you'll be attending on Sunday night (*wink*):

Available kits )
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Howdy All,
I haven't seen much regarding the Steampunk Guinness attempt at D*C, and the information on the page is still empty. (Though on the schedule)

Is this gonna happen? Are there any more details? Is there life on Mars?

I'm planning my packing and suitcase room is at a premium, so any information would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Updated subject with time info. Thanks, all! 
PS: If you require Ocular Protection (aka goggles) your attention to my LJ post is appreciated
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Sorry I haven’t gotten back to this thread in so long. Anyways, someone on the Alternate History track invited us to attend their version of a craft meetup on SUNDAY morning at 10 am. There is a panel/room devoted to it.

A group of 10 or so met up last year at Pulse, the Marriott’s bar, but there was barely any room to sit- we were at the high top tables by the bar. I think there are some armchairs in the vicinity that we could grab.

I want to gauge your opinions on meeting at the AltHistory panel for crafting or having a separate event. My DC schedule is relatively flexible so I have time to devote to making us visible (a poster, stickers, passing out invites the day before, tshirts, what-have-you) and could put together a separate event, but we’re not guaranteed a workspace.

Sooo… I throw this out to y’all and what interests you more.

Here’s the poll:

1. Alt History panel vs. other space (please offer an idea if you choose other)
2. Preference of Con day (Th-Mon)/time of day
3. Interested in swag? Stickers, tshirts, etc. (It’s easy to get stickers; tshirts may be $5 depending on who I use)
4. Thursday night meet 'n greet to exchange contact info so people can meet new crafters & hang out over the weekend.

I’m really excited about trying this sort of thing. I wish I’d been more proactive about this earlier in the year. I’ll certainly be better about getting things together for DC 2011.
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As you know that time is here once more.
The time where we are less then 20 odd days away from.

So as you know you have the wonderful Alternate History Track http://www.chronotrack.org/ it is here for all your steampunk needs.
Cindy and the rest of us have been working all year to give you great things to see, do and take photos of.

Below the LJ Cut is your PRELIMINARY Steampunk schedule

Read the magic here )
Official Dragon*Con Guests who will be on the Alt history track.

Doktor A
Raised by the military and monitored by men in white coats until he was 16, Doktor A has always scribbled monsters. "You will never make a living drawing little men" said a teacher once. They were nearly right. He has to draw, design and build little men to make a living. These dubious skills have seen him work in theatre, TV, advertising, magazines, toy design, merchandising and the music industry. He lives under a hill in the UK. From there he monitors the world's off-kilter-culture and produces his dark twisted dreams. Character driven clashes of urban pop culture, classic children's stories and neo-Victorian industrial neverlands.

Carole Nelson Douglas
Carole Nelson Douglas's 54 genre-crossing novels include SF/F, mystery, and romance bestsellers. Current titles include the Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator urban fantasy series (Dancing with Werewolves, Brimstone Kiss).

G. D. Falksen
G. D. Falksen is the author of several serials, including The Strange Case of the All-Seeing Ear, as well as An Unfortunate Engagement and The Mask of Tezcatlipoca, both of which are appearing in Steampunk Tales (http://www.steampunktales.com/). He is also a speaker on the steampunk subculture, having given interviews on the subject to The New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and MTV. He is also the lead writer for the video game project AIR: Steampunk (http://www.airsteampunk.com/). He has given talks on history, the neo-vintage movement, and the steampunk subculture at various conventions on the East Coast.

Diana Gabaldon
Diana Gabaldon's OUTLANDER novels have been described by Salon magazine as: "The smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance ever written by a science Ph.D. with a background in scripting Scrooge McDuck comic books."
Cherie Priest
Cherie Priest is the author of seven novels from Tor books and Subterranean Press, including Boneshaker, the award-winning Eden Moore series, Dreadful Skin, and Fathom.

Eric Flint
Eric Flint is a science fiction and fantasy author as well as an editor. As an author, he has published about thirty novels. As an editor, he has issued about as many anthologies.

Jana Oliver
Jana Oliver is best known for her Time Rovers® Series set in 1888 London during the reign of Jack the Ripper. A combination of steam punk, science fiction and historical mystery, the series has won ten awards. The author still wonders if someone didn't add the scores correctly.

S.M. Stirling
Stirling is best known for his Draka series of alternate history novels and the more recent time travel/alternate history Nantucket series and Emberverse series.

And more to be listed.

For your last moment outfit and costume needs go here.

also this ebay thing where you can get something cheap

So who is going to go to what?
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Jon and I interview William and Cindy, the Alt History Track Directors, for the 40 Days of D'Con podcast.

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Please follow the link to our 2010 track schedule...noting along the way that it is subject to change both before (and possibly at) the convention:

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Hi everyone! I'm running the fashion show for the Alternate History Track at Dragon*Con this year, and this post is an open call for designers.

The show is an alternate history fashion show, and so the focus will be primarily steampunk. However, designers of other anachronistic fashions are welcome. For example, if you know someone who designs awesome retro inspired pin-up looks, please encourage them to apply.

More information for interested parties... )
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Some update/scheduling information is now currently available at our LJ:


Can't wait for the show!!!
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I’m organizing a panel on the challenges of adaptation of modern supers into the Steampunk/Neo-Victorian universe. Do you draw a comic? Are you a fan who cosplays a super hero that you admire or have you created a character of your own (nudging at the Emperor of the Red Fork Empire) then this is where you can show off your stuff!

I’m looking for about four to six panelists and a room full of attendees. If you’re interested on being on the panel, drop me a note and we’ll start brain storming!

(please forgive the cross posting)
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I know next year there will be even more of you running about in the land of Steampunk for Dragon con 2010.
First of all, keep an eye on this site: http://www.chronotrack.org/ as Track Director Cindy MacLeod is already starting to put together the best panels and events for the track of your wildest dreams.
There will also be an epic come one and all Steampunk group photo shoot on Saturday of next year at Woodruff Park in Atlanta. I will post the spot and time sooner rather than later. I hope we break the number San Diego Comic con set on their group shot. It will be a great deal of fun and I will have candy for all who show.
But since we have almost a good year till all this and some of you I would guess are already working on your outfits, costumes or whatcham dodles. You might need some help, resources or just fun eye candy. Thus, here is a short list of handy dandy links for Steampunk and its Fashion.

The best spot to ask questions, find cool stuff, see eye candy and know about events and meet ups is
The Steampunk Style suggestions for beginners:
The basics on Steampunk
The world of Steampunk
Steampunk 101

Some places to get clothing, among other things:

Tor.com has this month as Steampunk Month so keep checking there site for tons of Steampunk content and they're about to have a great many contests to win some great stuff for the last two weeks of the month.
They have free stories to read as well.
The Strange Case of Mr. Salad Monday, by a guest of last year's Dragon con:

Photos from this past years Dragon con Steampunk fun
Hope you who are going to dip your toe in Steampunk at Dragon con next year find this helpful and that you do have fun with all the great stuff that Cindy and the rest of us the staff of the Alternative History track http://www.chronotrack.org/ are working hard to put together just for you.
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Dragon Con, for me, was a blast this year. Granted I spent most of my time sick and, well, utterly being a slug, I was still able to go out and have  a good time. My favorite thing was the Alternate history track. Seeing Doktor A and G.D. Falksen was really amazing and made my whole trip worthwhile. Most of the panels were great, I loved the costumes and Time Traveler's Ball was fun, but small. I hope to see this track and those guests back again next year. Well, It would really be the only reason I'd come back next year!
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Thanks to all of you who attended the events we presented this weekend!

First, I'd like to apologize to those who weren't able to attend some of the panels due to the overwhelming response. Since we were just starting out, we were assigned a small room and a fairly small amount of staff.

The Time Travelers' Ball also got assigned a fairly small event space. Further, due to a medical emergency, some of us weren't able to be there managing the line as well as we should have. (Several volunteers stepped up and donated their time and energy to the cause, and I thank them!)

And, although I said it many times this weekend, THANK YOU to all the awesome staff folks...without you, we couldn't have done any of it!

We'll be back again next year with more events as well as others which have already become fan favorites...so, polish up your storytelling skills, pimp out your Nerf Maverick, and come see us in 2010!


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