Aug. 29th, 2016

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Hey everyone...

major apologies this year...two back to back family weddings and assorted family stuff have really slowed me on con prep...and when I was free of family was also free of good net access which didnt help....

I'm going to blow thru most of our pre con standard postings this year over the course of this evening.

First off of course is my annual announcement that Wayne Newton will NOT be playing Atlanta this year during DragonCon weekend...hes currently in residency at Ballys Las Vegas....

EDIT: I have also updated the Pocket Program link.

Daily Dragon at present seems to be farked. Will post meetup update from it as soon as I can.

Thanks everyone.
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Due to haste, this will be the only list posted.

Post any modifications or additions in the comments(I know there will be a few).
Will correct if I get the info before Wednesday. Wednesday and after check the comments for corrections.

Thanks all.

Final Community List for 2016 )
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Once again my favorite posting of the year in here: taking the annual poll to see where everyone is coming in from... NOTE: As usual for the sake of the poll, Metro Atlanta is defined as anywhere within 50 miles of the downtown core. I know its reached out way past that, but it still makes a nice round number. Maybe I'll change it when it hits 100 miles. ;)

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